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On Your Mark Recap

Bill watches a video via email link that Janice made of her daughter's one-month anniversary. Their eyes and mouths leaking blood, and he starts to replay the video. Bill hears someone outside and checks the surveillance cameras, but sees nothing and figures that he's imagining things. However, he grabs his gun and a flashlight and goes outside. Bill threatens to shoot whoever is outside, and finds Fred. Someone else is moving and falls off the fence when Bill hears them. Bill goes over and sees one of the boys, his arms bleeding where he broke it. Ida comes out and Bill tells her to call an ambulance.

The police and the ambulance arrive, and Bill tells Ida that the boy is a neighbor. She tells him to drink whiskey to cover up the beer on his breath, and says that she'll claim that she brought him whiskey to calm his nerves. The cop Schmidt comes over and says that the boy snuck out to go to a party, and snuck back in. Bill admits that he had a gun and has a permit, and Ida identifies who Bill is. Schmidt says that the boy said that Bill pointed the gun at him, and Bill says that he was scared for his life.

Ida accompanies Bill inside and he insists that he's fine. She tries to talk about his retirement, but Bill isn't interested and abruptly says good night. Once she leaves, Bill has a panic attack and then sits in a corner, gasping.

The next day at the store, Lou deals with a customer, Ryan Springhill. She points out that they don't offer warranties on used material. When she thanks him for his patronage, Ryan tells her that he doesn't appreciate people flaunting alternative lifestyles. Lou sarcastically responds to him and Ryan calls her a freak before walking out. Brady comes in as Rob comes over and tells Lou to treat the customers with respect. When Lou objects, Brady snickers and Rob insists that they have to rely on customer service to keep the customers back. Brady smirks and then apologizes, and Rob figures that he's not sorry at all. He says that they'll address it at lunch and walks off.

When Jerome comes over, Bill shows him the video and explains how he got it. Jerome warns that Mr. Mercedes is still covering his tracks, and notices the other emails that he's sent. Bill admits that Janice and Patti died at City Center. Peter calls Bill and asks if he almost shot anyone. He says that they have to have a little talk, and Bill insists that Danny was trespassing on his property. Unimpressed, Pete tells him to come to the station.

Bill drives to the station and looks at the officers going in and out. Pete watches from the window as Bill finally comes in. Pete asks Bill how much he was drinking and points out that he was out in his pajamas at 2 am. He asks what Pete was doing in the parking lot, and Pete tells him that he was just looking around. Bill finally says that he was just assessing his life and noticing things he never had before. Pete tells him to cut back on the drinking, warning that he'll die if he doesn't. Bill insists that he didn't nearly shoot a kid, but Pete says that he did. He tells his friend to find some kind of goal to keep him going, Bill ignores him and leaves, grumbling to himself as he drives off.

Brady is in his basement mancave spraying fake blood on a canvas. Deborah knocks on the door and persists until Brady opens it. He tells her that he has something to do and it's private, and refuses to let her into his workspace. Brady swears and then apologizes, and Deborah tells him that they need to talk. She asks about his secret project, and Brady says that he'll tell her when the time is right. Deborah tries to talk about their hardships, including the loss of Brady's father, but he refuses. She tells Brady that he's all she has and she agonizes about what he's doing in the basement.

Bill drives to the Trelawney home, which is on the market.

In the past, Bill and Pete talk to Olivia, who insists that she locked the car and there's no spare key. Pete points out that she seems defended, and Olivia takes offense.

A private security guard, Radney Peeples, pulls up and asks Bill what he's doing there. Bill asks to see his guard ID and his gun permit, and admits that he's a retired cop. Radney does so and Bill explains that his last big case was the Mercedes killer. The guard tells him that Olivia is dead and her sister Janey inherited it. Janey moved there to look after her mother.

In h is office, Rob tells Brady and Lou that the store faces challenges. He worries that they're not ready when the business goes digital, and complains about their contempt for the customers. Rob tells Brady that he's weird, even though he's popular with the customers because he can fix stuff. He tells Brady to dial it back to zero, and explains that in three weeks the Edmond Mills Art Center is having its grand opening. Rob will need either or both of the manning their booth there, and he tells them to shape up or he'll ship them out.

Bill buys Malasadas for Ida and takes them to her home. He thanks her for the previous night and she invites him in for tea. Ida won't take no for an answer and they have tea outside in her gazebo. Bill says that it's fastidious, and Ida assures him that he'll only throw herself at him once. He smiles and asks her why she's chosen him. Ida tells him that he's pleasantly charming and conveniently next door. She then points out that Bill didn't seem well the previous night and asks if he's seen a doctor. Bill refuses to discuss his fitness and excuses himself to feed Fred.

As Bill walks home, he finds an anonymous letter with the happy face sticker. He goes inside and reads it. Mr. Mercedes taunts him about the high suicide rate of retired cops and says that he'll keep a close watch on him. The letter ends with an invitation to chat with him on a website, Debbie's Blue Umbrella.

Jerome and his dog Odell arrive, and Bill says that Mr. Mercedes sent him a letter. He refuses to discuss it, saying that it's between him and the killer, but has Jerome check the invitation. Bill wonders how he can contact the website, and Jerome tells him that he just has to log on. The retired detective tells Jerome to come around because it's not safe and escorts the teenager out.

At home, Deborah is painting her toenails when Brady comes home from work. He goes downstairs to his workshop and comes back up a few seconds later with a remote. Brady explains that it's a super-remote that he calls Thing B, and it can intercept transmitter frequencies and activate and deactivate anything he wants. He says that it will make them rich once he perfects it and sells it to the Pentagon. Deborah wonders if it's legal, and Brady tells her that's why it has to say secret. He assures her that he's taking care of them in the basement, and he has it programmed to control traffic lights.

Bill drives to Janey's apartment after calling her to arrange a meeting. She lets him in and says that she wants to catch the killer that stole her sister's car. Bill warns that officially he's not there because he's retired, and Janey admits that Olivia didn't like him or most people. He explains that the killer contacted him, and Janey says that Olivia told her that the killer contacted her as well. She reported it to the police but they dismissed it as a nutjob and Janey figured that they were right. All of Olivia's things are stored in a warehouse, and she explains that Mr. Mercedes taunted Olivia to make her kill herself.

Rob goes to his office as Lou leaves for the night. \he watches porn on his computer but then the laptop bursts into flames. When Brady arrives, the EMTs are taking the burned Rob away. Lou tells Brady what happened and figures that the lithium battery overheated. She looks nervously at Brady as he jokes about it.

Bill tells Janey that he hasn't shown the police the letter he received, because he doesn't think that they'll act on it. He admits that he's going to act on it because it's a case that he can't shake. Janey wants to know who tormented Olivia until she killed herself, and says that her mother is the only one who believed Olivia. Now her mother is in the Sunny Acres Retirement Home, and Janey warns that she isn't always lucid but Bill can talk to her.

Later, Bill drives home.

Brady drives home.

Bill goes inside and looks at the empty beer cans.

Brady finds Deborah sleeping and covers her with a blanket.

Bill logs on to Debbie's Umbrella.

In his workshop, Brady discovers that Bill has logged on and sent him a message saying that it's time to play.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 2, 2017

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