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Cloudy, With a Chance of Mayhem Recap

The Past

Young Brady comes downstairs and sees Deborah and her boyfriend having sex. When Brady calls out, Deborah tells him to go to bed and Young Brady goes to the top of the stairs, sits, and watches.


Deborah is watching the morning news and Brady is eating children's cereal. She invites Brady to sit with him, and he reluctantly comes over and sits on the chair opposite his mother. Deborah laughs at the news and Brady glares at her.

Bill dresses for the day in a good suit, puts on his gun, and checks himself in the mirror.

The Mercedes turns up and Bill and Pete check it. An officer confirms that it's registered to Olivia, and Bill sees the happy face sticker on the steering wheel. He figures that Mr. Mercedes disabled the air bag deployment, and used bleach to erase any DNA traces.

Rob arrives at the store and complains to Lou and Brady that they didn't visit him in the hospital. They explain that they've been minding the store while Rob was out, and Rob asks Brady if he screwed his computer. Brady denies it and asks what kind of monster Bill thinks that he is.

Janey meets Bill with a bar, and he tells her that he's wearing a tie because he's on the job. She went to the storage space and discovered that Mr. Mercedes wrote Olivia multiple letters. Janey gives one of them to Bill, and he reads it. Mr. Mercedes describes his life and how he was raised in an abusive home. He got angry and decided to make the world pay on the spur of the moment. Bill tells Janey that Mr. Mercedes preplanned it, and she tells him to continue reading.

Brady dresses for his job as an ice cream driver.

Mr. Mercedes talks about how Olivia must be feeling guilt for leaving the car unlocked.

Brady drives to a school and sets up outside. The kids run out after school and buy ice cream.

Bill continues reading about how Olivia is the only one who can understand him.

Back at the store, Brady tells Lou that Rob has put him on probation. He complains about a migraine, and Rob comes in and complains that neither of them are working the register. Lou says that she's on her break, and tells Rob that Brady wasn't there because he's suffering from migraines and they're under investigation by their new HR department. When Rob complains that Brady was out selling popsicles and asks if he's a drug dealer, Brady snaps at him to shut up. Brady starts to defend himself, and Lou intervenes. Furious, Rob storms out and Lou asks Brady if he's okay. She tells him to go home and have a sick day, and Brady agrees.

Janey explains that Mr. Mercedes keeps cranking up the emotional voltage to make Olivia feel guilty. Bill figures that it is hard evidence, but Janey figures that they'll ignore it. He says that he has to go forward rather than withhold evidence, and Janey offers to pay Bill to make him officially a PI on the case. Bill agrees but says he's still taking the letter to the police.

Bill goes to the station and Pete asks him who told him. He says that they caught Donnie Davis, the wife-killer and Turnpike Joe. Bill unenthusiastically says that it's great and shows Pete the letters. Pete's new partner Izzy Torres comes over and Pete tells her about the letters. She's unimpressed and so is Pete. When Bill says that he's not on the team, Pete tells him that he's retired and no longer on the team, and they'll have an expert check them out... after they resolve the Davis' case. Bill insists that he's not making anything up, and says that the killer is sending him messages via his PC. He explains about the footage and how they disappear, but Pete and Izzy both figure that he's nuts. Pete tells him to go home and tells him to consider what he said the other day about finding something.

As Bill pulls out, Izzy comes over and tells him that Pete has his back. She warns Bill that he's still spiraling and he should get some help, and Bill tells her to fuck off. He drives off and honks at two officers that walk out in front of him. When they complain, Bill curses them out and they ask if he wants to be arrested. Bill gets out of the car and invites them to arrest him. The officers walk off and Bill pounds on his car. They tell him to watch himself, and Bill drives off.

Jerome is at home working on his computer when his sister Barbara asks him to help her with her posters for the gala. She finally walks off, disgusted, and their father Lawrence comes in. Jerome says that he's working on a project for Bill concerning Mr. Mercedes. Lawrence is less than thrilled to hear that Bill has enlisted Jerome to catch a criminal.

Brady is driving home when an ambulance goes by. He pulls over to wait it out.

Brady's younger brother Gerald is playing in the living room as Brady makes a snack for them. Gerald starts choking and reaches for Brady, who is busy drawing with the lesson on the TV and assumes that Gerald is goofing around. He finally realizes that Gerald is choking and calls to Deborah, who administers the Heimlich and tells Brady to call 911.

Brady continue driving alone.

Bill is drinking at a bar while the bartender, Cooper, tweets with two girls. Cooper finally comes over and Bill asks for another drink. When Cooper says "no problem", Bill points out that he's paying Cooper's salary and complains that the bartender is implying that serving the customer could be a problem. He starts swearing at Cooper, who just walks off while Bill continues complaining about the lack of manners. Cooper says that he's calling the police, and Bill continues complaining. Pete comes in and tells Bill that it's time to go, and Bill finally leaves with him.

Outside, Pete tells Bill that he's not driving home. He warns Bill that the case destroyed him and now he's out of control. Pete asks when it ends, and Bill says that it'll end when he catches the killer and with Pete, it already has.

Bill drives home and logs onto Debbie's Umbrella. A video of the morning show plays, and then Mr. Mercedes taunts him, asking if he's found any good clues. As the video turns obscene, there's a knock at the door. Bill turns off the video, figuring that it's Ida. The visitor continues knocking, and Bill finally goes to the door. It's Lawrence, who notices that Bill has a car. When he says that Jerome told him that he's helping Bill catch a criminal, Bill says that Jerome is just giving him IT assistance. Lawrence tells him that Jerome is smart and has a bright future, and he doesn't want to see Bill screw it up. Bill says that he'll try not to fuck up Jerome, and Lawrence says that he heard about the shooting. He's concerned that Bill isn't well, and Bill tells him that he won't do anything to screw him up.

After Lawrence leaves, Bill goes back to his computer and sends a message to Brady. He says that the actual Mercedes killer was taken into custody and the information hasn't been released to the public. Bill posts that Davis was Mr. Mercedes, and he had details only the real killer would have. He dismisses Brady as a fraud and a nothing, and advises "Mr. Nothing" to move on. Furious, Brady calls Bill a "dead fuck" and figures that he's screwing with him.

The next day, Bill and Janey go to see Janey's mother, Elizabeth. She's under sedation and Bill suggests that they wait in the hall until Elizabeth wakes up. They go out and Bill tells Janey that he has a condition about seeing dead people. Janey says that Olivia felt oppression rather than guilt, and insists that she didn't leave the keys in the ignition like Mr. Mercedes claimed. She wonders if they're having a fight, and Bill admits that he didn't like Olivia. Janey says that she didn't like Olivia, either, even though she loved her.

Bill returns home and Jerome comes over with Odell. Jerome says that he can't get into Debbie's web site. Bill tells him that Lawrence came around and is concerned that Bill has Jerome mixed up in something dangerous. He tells Jerome to stay away, but Jerome says that Bill will need IT help. Bill starts to go inside, but Jerome asks for one ice cream bar as Brady's ice cream truck drives by. He ignores them when they hail him over and drives away.

When he goes inside, Bill discovers that Mr. Mercedes hasn't sent him any messages. He meets later with Janey, who suggests that it wasn't Mr. Mercedes after all. Bill insists that it must be him, and Janey wonders what the two of them are up to. She points out that it feels like they're settling a score, and Janey asks him if he loves anyone. She asks why he left Ireland, and Bill tells her that he doesn't have a family. He and his wife had "creative differences", and he refuses to talk about his daughter. Instead Bill suggests that they talk to Elizabeth the next day if she rebounds, and Janey agrees. She invites Bill to dance to the music on the jukebox, and he joins her.

Brady goes upstairs and Deborah calls to him. She figures that he's having a migraine and invites her to join him in her be. Deborah unbuttons his pants and slips her hand inside.

Bill and Janey kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 2, 2017

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