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Extraction Recap

Eph and Dutch return to the Cloisters and find the corpses of Creem and the decapitated Eichhorst. They find his head, and Gus comes in and says that Alex didn't make it. He takes them to Abraham, who is covered in blood and slowly turning into a strigoi. Abraham tells them that he doesn't have much time, and still has work to do.

The Partnership patrols the river, and pulls over a ship. Roman approaches them and they check his armband and then prepare to search him. The lights go out. Quinlan kills them one at a time. Vasiliy comes out and says that it's good to be home, and that it's his turn to drive. They drive into the city and Vasiliy wonders where all of the people are. Quinlan says that Rome was the same back in the 14th century, and Vasiliy tells Roman that he's taking them to the safest place that he can think of: the Federal Reserve Bank. As they take the nuke inside, Vasiliy tells roman to stand guard while he and Quinlan find the others.

Dutch tells Abraham that he needs to let them help them. She and Eph wonder if the White will slow down the worms, but Abraham tells them that it's useless against the parasite itself. Vasiliy and Quinlan arrive at the Cloisters and Vasiliy tells Abraham that they got him the nuke. He realizes that Abraham is infected, and Abraham collapses. They set him down and Abraham says that he's tried to write down all that he could. He tells the others that he thought the Lumen would show him a way to kill the Master. Now he understands that they have to separate the Master from all of his human collaborators. Once they cut them away and the Maser is weakened, they can destroy him. However, he warns that it will require an act of self-sacrifice. Abraham makes them promise that his work won't be in vain, and Vasiliy promises.

Abraham gets to his feet and gives his sword cane to Quinlan. Quinlan takes it and Abraham kneels. He nods to Quinlan, who cuts off his head. The group buries Abraham outside, and Quinlan says that Abraham was a beacon to all of them. He gives Vasiliy the sword cane to carry on Abraham's work/

Back inside, Eph and Gus check the blood thinner pills and realize that Abraham used them to kill Eichhorst. Gus figures that Abraham wasn't going to let them win, and says that by the time he got there, Alex was already done. Eichhorst made him see Raul's death, and tells Eph that it was better that he didn't see what happened to Alex. Eph says that when his father died of a heart attack, he was in India. He thought that if he could see his father one last time, it would be easier and he'd be more settled. Gus understands that Eph feels that he had them all back.

Dutch visits Vasiliy, and he says that he dreamed that Abraham was burning the pages of the Lumen when he was infected. Dutch says that maybe he was dreaming of what he's most afraid of, and hugs him.

The team goes over the Lumen notes, and Vasiliy doesn't see anything about using the nuke. Quinlan points out that Abraham wasn't in his right mind when he said that they should kill the Master's collaborators. Eph tells him that the last bomb killed thousands of people and plunged them into nuclear winter, and he's weary of setting off another one.

Gus tells his gang that they're putting everything that they've got into the fight with the strigoi. Marcus says that Gus can't tell them what to do and wants to know where Creem is, and Gus tells him that the Master turned him and then Gus killed him. He tells Marcus to go if he thinks that he's tougher than Creem, and he's not going to stop him.

Vasiliy tries to work out how to kill the Master, and Quinlan points out that the Master is afraid of the nuke. Dutch agrees with Vasiliy, but Quinlan says that setting off the nuke will kill the collaborators. Eph doesn't have any ideas and Quinlan goes to get the nuke. Vasiliy points out that they don't know where the Master is yet, and Dutch says that they can find the Master through Desai. She explains that he's one of the major collaborators, and they can grab him and find out where the Master is. They can also get everyone out of the maternity facility.

At the Empire State Building, Zach goes to see the Master. The Master says that their enemies are closing in, and warns that everything they have achieved is at risk. He tells Zach that there is a task only Zach can perform. Zach goes back to his quarters and packs, and tells the turned Abby that he has to go out for a while. The Master, speaking through Abby, tells Zach that he was born to do it. He leaves her and the feeler behind and walks out.

Dutch and Vasily gear up, and Dutch says that they should be ready for anything at the facility. She says that the place makes her sick, and Vasiliy puts a comforting hand on her shoulder before walking off. Meanwhile, Quinlan asks Gus what brought back his commitment to the cause. Gus says that Abraham told him that he can't avoid what he's right in the middle of. He explains that they found Abraham because of him, but Quinlan points out that they were hunting Abraham for years and tells him not to dwell on it. He warns that whipping himself will only distract him and walks away.

Quinlan drives a van to the facility and tells the guard that he has a load of prisoners for Drainage. The guard points out that prisoners are normally taken to the loading dock first, and Quinlan says that he's under special orders. Once the guard lets the van through the gate, a strigoi passes with a feeler. Once he leaves, the team removes their robes they split up to invade the facility. Dutch, Vasiliy, and Eph head to Desai's office and drop Eph off on the way.

In his office, Desai receives report about the ship and the dead patrol. Desai figures that the nuclear warhead was aboard the ship. The guard calls him about the van delivery, and Desai figures that something is going on.

Eph goes into the experimentation ward and a guard looks at him for a moment and then moves on.

Desai checks the surveillance cameras for Drainage and finds no one there. He grabs his gun and tells the security commander to lock the place down tight.

As the alarms go off, Eph makes his way to the monitor room, draws his gun on the technician, inside, and orders him to open the doors. The technician says that he's no traitor, and Eph pistol-whips him unconscious and opens the door.

Dutch and Vasiliy move through the facility, killing any guards in their paths. Vasiliy spots them outside of his office, and they break in. Desai and his guards return fire and Desai escapes out the back.

Quinlan and Gus enter the drainage room and kill the strigoi supervising the operation. Gus' gun jams and a strigoi move for him, Gus breaks his neck and Quinlan kills the others. They then free the prisoners from the cages.

Vasiliy and Dutch go to the maternity ward. Desai and his remaining men are taking out the women that they can and barricade themselves inside. He tells Dutch that he'll kill the women if she comes any closer, and Dutch warns Vasiliy that Desai will do it. Vasiliy warns that they can't wait, and Dutch tells him to go. As he tries to break down the door, Desai tells his man Murphy to shoot one of the women. The commander, Murphy hesitates. When Desai tries to do it, Murphy jumps him. The two men struggle and Desai finally kills Murphy and runs out as Vasiliy and Dutch break in.

Eph comes down the hallway and sees Desai. He fires at Desai and Desai retreats.

As Gus and Quinlan get the prisoners out, a strigoi arrives with a feeler. Quinlan draws his sword and attacks the feeler. Gus shoots the strigoi dead and then shoots the stinger off of the feeler, Quinlan finishes it off, impaling it on a hook, and Gus shoots it in the head.

Dutch and Vasiliy head out via the stairwell and run into a strigoi coming up. Vasiliy cuts off its head with Abraham's sword cane.

Desai runs into the drainage room and finds all of the strigoi dead. He runs back out, and Vasiliy and Dutch find him. Desai runs out of bullets and runs, and Dutch goes after him, telling Vasiliy that they need him alive. She chases Desai through the boilers and they're forced to crawl. She manages to stab him in the foot with her knife, and she manages to subdue him. Desai tells her that she'll end up tossed in the incinerator like her friend Rashinda.

Back at the base, Dutch glares at the hooded and tied-up Desai. She asks if Eph is okay, and he says that he was thinking about Alex. He explains that he'd still be in Philly if no for her. One of Gus' gang says that they found a kid in the market and describes him. Eph realizes that it's Zach, and Dutch warns that it could be a trap. As Eph leaves, he tells Dutch that she's probably right but he has to see for himself.

Eph arrives at the market and finds Zach.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 4, 2017

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