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On Your Knees Recap

Eugene and Hitler land and a machine starts up above them. Hitler tells Eugene to tell the machine that he doesn't belong there, and Eugene relives his worst nightmare. He starts to kiss Tracy, despite Hitler telling him not to, and Tracy kills herself. The scene repeats and this time Hitler manages to resist the pattern. Tracy tells Eugene that he can kiss her if he wants, and Eugene refuses. She accuses him of thinking that he's too good for her and kills herself. The scene repeats and Tracy begs Eugene to kiss her. He says that he's not supposed to because she kills herself whether he does or not. Eugene insists that they're just friends and he wants her to be okay. Tracy tells him that's all she wanted to hear and hugs him, and Hitler tries to open the window.

Tracy asks if Eugene likes her, and when he agrees asks him to show her. He unzips his pants and Tracy moans and then goes to the mirror and checks her hair. Eugene tells her that she's mean and conceited. She prepares to kill herself, saying that it's Eugene's fault, and Eugene tells her that she won't. He says that it'll be her fault, not his, if she does it, and Tracy falls to the bed laughing... and shoos herself. Troop Leader Pedro comes in wearing a mascot's uniform and hugs Eugene, and Eugene says that he told Pedro never to touch him again. He grabs the shotgun and shoots Pedro dead, sand Hitler isn't able to get the window open.

Eugene realizes that there's someone else, and his father Hugo comes in. His face is scarred like Eugene's, and he says that Eugene has scarred him and his mother. Eugene wonders how he can fix it, and Hugo hands him the shotgun and tells him to finish the job. After a moment, Eugene refuses and says that he's just a kid and was scared. He refuses to apologize for being Hugo's son, and Hugo says that he loves Eugene. He turns and walks out, and the window opens for Hitler. The two of them climb out. and the machine stops.

The Past

Jesse sinks the Cowboy in the armored car The Cowboy pounds at the doors without stopping. After a week, the Cowboy stops and remembers the past.

The Cowboy's wife to tell him to stop drinking and killing. If he stops then they can be in Heaven for all eternity with her and their daughter. He goes to be baptized, and the preacher tells him to get on his knees in the creek. The preacher tells him that they reap what they sow. Later, the Cowboy and his family have a picnic. They laugh and eat together.

A light shines through the armored car window. Men in white scuba suits pull it to shore where Hoover is waiting. Hoover then drives it away with a tow truck and the Grail's men sink another armored car in its place. He takes it to a hanger and then speaks to the Cowboy via the intercom. He introduces himself and welcomes the Cowboy to the Grail's custody. There's no response, and Hoover tells him that they can give the Cowboy the next best thing to Heaven. All he has to do is work with them.

The Cowboy rides to get medicine for his daughter, after his wife tells him that his soul is where his goodness is. He fails to get the medicine and kills everyone in Rockwater.

The Cowboy pounds on the doors with his bare fists.

Another week later, the Cowboy stops and Hoover tells him that he's gotten weaker. He advises the Cowboy to consider their offer so that they can make him strong again. Hoover asks him what more does he have to lose.

Jesse sits in the room where Ma-dog was/

Hoover tells the Cowboy to do what he does, unlocks the rear doors, and runs. The Cowboy steps out, and then goes to a bar and orders whiskey. The bartender tries to make conversation, and the Cowboy says that he's there to kill a man.

Cassidy finds Denis in his room looking under the bed. He tells him to get out, and Denis goes. Cassidy closes the door and checks to make sure the puppy Banjo is safe in the cupboard. As Cassidy goes out to the kitchen and finds Tulip sitting there. She says that there's a finger under the stove, and says that she doesn't care if Jesse comes back. Cassidy tells her that he's just as angry with Jesse as she is, and they argue about who is in charge of the group.

Lara and Hoover watch from their apartment. Hoover gets a call that the Cowboy is on their way.

Cassidy asks Tulip what they should do, and she says that the two of them should go to Bimini alone. He looks at her throat and hears the blood pulse, then gets control of himself. Cassidy says that Jesse will come back and he always comes back, and Tulip that isn't always the case. Jesse comes back and says that he doesn't want to talk about God. He asks for a drink and Cassidy goes to get some in his room. Cassidy leads Jesse off to get some from his room.

Tulip looks at the finger and then goes over to get it. She puts it in a garbage bag and takes the garbage out, and when she comes back the Cowboy steps out of an apartment and demands to know where Jesse is. Tulip refuses to tell him, and the Cowboy hears Jesse and Cassidy laughing. He demands his weapons, and Tulip tells him that they're in Rio. The Cowboy walks away, and Tulip grabs him by the shoulder and tells him to leave the others alone. He throws her into the wall, knocking her out, and continues to the apartment.

The Cowboy enters the apartment kitchen and gets a knife. He close the window and then prepares to go after Cassidy and Jesse. However, he hears French music playing from a bedroom and looks in. Denis is checking his laptop, and quickly closes it.

Jesse and Cassidy drink Cassidy's liquor, and Cassidy yells for Tulip to get them beer. Cassidy finishes off Denis and Cassidy goes to see why Tulip didn't respond. Jesse goes to the living room to smoke a cigarette, and notices the blinds are closed. Cassidy goes flying down the hallway, and the Cowboy walks in. Jesse asks where Tulip is, and the Cowboy says that he's not there for her. When Jesse asks if the Cowboy will beg or make him, the Cowboy says that he was chicken shit. Jesse gets up and orders the Cowboy on his knees using Genesis, but the Cowboy says that he didn't hear him and punches him.

Cassidy runs in and attacks the Cowboy, who easily knocks him aside. Jesse recovers and punches the Cowboy, who grabs him by the throat and punches him into a wall. He continues to throw Jesse around the room, unphased by Jesse's punches, and finally slams Jesse halfway through the floor, knocking him unconscious. Hoover, watching, figures that the Cowboy will kill Jesse but Lara says that he won't yet because he's taking his time.

Tulip arrives and hits the Cowboy in the back of his head. He shrugs it off and attacks her, and finally grabs her. Jesse recovers and reminds the Cowboy that he's not there for Tulip. The Cowboy tosses her away and easily catches Jesse's punch, and tells him to get on his knees. He ties Jesse up and says that he talked to a man about scalping heads. The Cowboy sharpens his knife and describes the noise the man told him about. He shot the man dead with all the rest, but has been curious about the noise ever since. Jesse tells the Cowboy to go ahead but he's never going to see Heaven, and the Cowboy figures that he never was anyway. When Jesse says that any man can change himself, the Cowboy says that he tried to but it's a lie

As the Cowboy starts scalping Jesse, Jennifer arrives with her guards and tells him that it's time to come back. The Cowboy refuses and Jennifer says that if he doesn't fill his cell in Hell then she'll fill it with his wife and daughter. When the Cowboy says that she can't do it, Jennifer points out that God is gone and there's no one to stop her. She says that her orders are to leave Jesse, and the Cowboy tells Jesse that they'll meet another time. He tosses away the knife and walks out. Jennifer tells Jesse that he's lucky to have Starr looking out for him and cuts Jesse free. Jesse tells her that Starr has his soul, and Jennifer tells him that she's sorry to hear it.

Jesse calls an ambulance for Cassidy and Tulip, and Cassidy says that he's just going to get some blood. Tulip is staring into space, and Jesse apologizes and says that he thought he could stop the Cowboy. She just says that it worked out in the end, and the ambulance--belonging to Grail Industries--drives off.

The ambulance drives to the Grail headquarters, and Starr introduces himself to Cassidy and Tulip. He says that he and Jesse have had dealings, and Cassidy talks about how ugly Starr is. Tulip tells him to shut up, and Starr says that Jesse is heading for big things. He knows that the two of them aren't ready, and asks how they should proceed.

In Rome, the Pope appears to the masses and says that God is gone... from their hearts. He has left them to grapple with the question of what comes next, and the Pope says that His promise remains and his son will return to them. Jesse is watching the broadcast as the Pope says that Jesus or a reasonable approximation, is coming. Cassidy and Tulip return, and Jesse tells them that he gave Denis some blood. He asks what happened, and Tulip asks him what happened to him. Jesse suggests that they get something to eat. When they leave, the Grail surveillance camera knocked loose by the fight drops to the floor.

At the restaurant, Cassidy tells Tulip and Jesse about seeing a unicorn. Once he finishes, he tells Jesse that they met Starr and he told them that Jesse would be the Messiah. Jesse says that he doesn't have a choice, and he already found God. He explains that God was Man-dog, and he doesn't know if it's worth finding God like that. Jesse figures that worse is being sent to take God's place, and Humperdoo can't be savior of the world. Cassidy says that Jesse being the Messiah is the stupidest thing he's ever heard, but Jesse says that he was given the power of Genesis. He asks them to come with him, but Cassidy figures that they'll soon be bowing down to Lord Jesse. Jesse admits that he doesn't know, and asks them to come with him. Tulip tells him that she loves him, but wonders why he needs them.

The Cowboy enters his cell in Hell and tells the guard that he wants to talk to Satan. The guard says that he'll want a word with the Cowboy as well, and the machine begins. Meanwhile, Jennifer tells the guard to find the escaped prisoners.

Eugene and Hitler climb through the air vents and see the other prisoners' visions. When Eugene hesitates, Hitler tells him to keep moving.

Jesse sits alone in the restaurant. He finally gets up and goes to Starr's office, and tells Starr that his friends couldn't make it. Jesse asks what happens next, and Starr kneels and places Jesse's hand on his head.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 5, 2017

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