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Gods Who Fall Recap

Ryan Springhill prepares for his day.

In his basement workshop, Brady is playing with a toy fire truck.

Ryan looks at himself in the mirror and tells himself that he’ll succeed, then logs onto his computer. Brady is monitoring Ryan, just as a process server arrives at Ryan’s door and gives him a restraining order. As Ryan types out a letter to his ex-wife, Brady shuts down his computer by remote. He glares at Lou’s card as a computer specialist and says that she’s incompetent, and Brady goes back to monitoring Bill.

Bill is at home going through the letters that Brady sent Olivia. He cuts out key phrases and lays them out.

Pete tells Olivia that he doesn’t believe she left her car keys in the ignition. She insists that she didn’t, and admits that she doesn’t feel particularly concerned about the sixteen people who died at the city center. She refuses to admit her guilt or feel sorry. As Pete and Bill go, Olivia asks them when she’ll get her car back. She points out that she doesn’t have any other means of transportation, Bill tells her to go down to headquarters and fill out a stolen recovery form.

Later at the station, Pete is reading an article featuring Olivia demanding her car back after she fills out the recovery form.

Brady arrives at a railway crossing just before a train passes. He takes out Thing 2 and raises the gate, and smiles in satisfaction.

At the store, Ryan confronts Lou and complains that his computer is worse. He doesn’t remember her telling her that it would take a week to replace the hard drive and insults her. Brady watches and Ryan insults him as well. Rob comes over and Ryan complains about how his computer was improperly serviced. He says that he lost a big project and his company sends the store a lot of work. Rob tells him that they’ll get the computer back to him in 24 hours and he’ll put a rush order on it. Ryan walks out and Brady glares at him.

Jerome arrives at Bill’s door and asks for gas money for the lawnmower. He figures that Bill didn’t mean it when he fired him, and says that he won’t tell his father anything. Bill reluctantly lets him in and goes to get the money, and Jerome notices the strips of paper. He realizes that it’s Mr. Mercedes, and Bill tells him to get away from the table. As Jerome goes, he figures that Olivia didn’t leave her key in the ignition. He suggests that Mr. Mercedes might have had access to the car and found a spare set of keys in the glove compartment that Olivia didn’t know about, and Bill admits that it’s not a bad idea

Brady returns from lunch and finds Lou wrapping up Ryan’s computer per Rob’s orders. She says that she got it running briefly and found that Ryan visits white-power sites. Lou starts crying and Brady apologizes, and offers to get her something. She says that he’s sweet and shrugged it off when Ryan insulted him, and Brady says that he doesn’t initially remember Ryan saying it. He dismisses Ryan as a sad man, and Lou says that she’d like to set up the laptop to explode the next time Ryan uses it. She thanks Brady for cheering her up and leaves.

Bill is working when the video of the City Center deaths briefly playing on his TV. He looks around briefly to see if anyone is there.

Jerome is at the diner with Barbara and her friends, working on the schedule for the upcoming gala. Brady comes in and Jerome recognizes him from the ice cream truck. They nod to each other briefly, and Jerome tells Barbara who it is. They go back to laughing and chatting, and Brady glares at them.

Deb is sitting out on the lawn watching a mother and her two young children walk by. More children go by, and Deb remembers her life when she was in high school with her boyfriend.

Brady leaves the diner and sees a family of four petting Odell. He remembers that Odell is Jerome’s dog and that Jerome takes him to Bill’s house. When Brady notices the mother looking at him, he says that it’s a gorgeous dog and walks off. He drives home and sees Deb out on the lawn, and wonders what’s up. She says that she’s just sitting and asks if Brady is coming. Brady only says that he told her that they’d see and goes inside.

Jerome calls Bill and says that he talked to some friends who know how to break into a car without leaving a trace. He explains that someone can intercept the radio signal the key fob sends to the car, and someone could make an interception device with parts from any electronic store. Once he hangs up, Bill leaves and waves to Ida. She comments that he’s cheered up and Bill tells her that he owes it all to her.

Bill meets Officer Marlo Everett at the dock, who works in the records department. He asks Marlo to look into automotive break-ins in 2009, when there was no physical evidence of forced entry. Marlo take a drink and agrees to help him.

Deb and Brady go to the cemetery and lay flowers at the graces of Gerald and Deb’s husband Norman. Brady doesn’t see the point, and she says that it’s about the same time that Norman died. When she talks about how God killed Norman, Brady wonders what God’s plan was for Gerald “killing” him and then bringing him back. Deb pours some alcohol from a flask on Norman’s grave and says that he always stopped at one.

Ida gets her hair done and tells the owner that she’s going to treat herself to a martini. As she leaves, she sees Bill getting out of his car and goes into a bar. Ida runs across the street and sees him meet with Janey. Disappointed, Ida turns and goes.

At the cemetery, Deb tells Brady that Norman took a job with the utility company because it’s recession-proof. She talks about how they just wanted a normal life, and they drive home.

Bill tells Janey about Jerome’s theory and says that Mr. Mercedes hacked his TV. She wonders what Bill’s next move is, and he tells her that he’ll keep taunting Mr. Mercedes and winding him up. Janey points out that it might not be wise, and gives Bill a fedora so he’ll look like a real PI.

At home, Deb puts away her dress and she imagines Gerald running by, playing with his fire engine. She sees his throat cut from a tracheotomy and then notices Brady going down to the basement. Crying, Deb pours herself a drink.

Brady goes to a hardware store, and buys fertilizer and gopher poison. He goes to the counter and notices the surveillance camera, and his high school science teacher Mr. Mundy is working the register. They chat about what Brady has been doing with his life, and Brady says that his mother is gardening. Outside, Brady curses himself for not doing recon as he gets into his car.

As they walk down the street, Bill talks about his divorce. He describes his daughter Allie and how he let her down. Bill admits that he doesn’t see her since she’s in rehab, and Janey tells him to go see her. She tells Bill that he’s still a god to his daughter but he fell. He needs to get back up and see Allie.

Ryan comes in to get his laptop and Rob assures him that it’s all set. Lou says that it’s fine, and Ryan asks Rob where he keeps her leash. Even Rob is offended by that, and Ryan walks out. He gets into his truck and drives off while Brady watches.

At Janey’s apartment, Bill and Janey drink. She starts to kiss him and points out that their relationship is inappropriate because she’s his boss, but continues kissing him. Bill asks her to hold off, and excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He finally manages to urinate and comes out, and Janey admits that maybe he’s right. Bill tells her that it’s okay, kisses her goodnight, and then they kiss.

Ryan drives home and Brady follows him, muttering to himself about how Ryan is such a big man. They come to a stoplight, and Brady triggers the green light. Ryan drives safely through it.

Bill and Janey make love and he tells her that she’s flawless.

Brady stops a light ahead of Ryan. Ryan stops and Brady pulls up behind him. He triggers the green light and Ryan pulls out. Brady keeps following him and they come to another stoplight. When Brady keeps it on green, Ryan goes through the intersection and a truck slams into his truck. Brady laughs in triumph, gets out, and goes over to Ryan’s overturned truck. He peers at the dying Ryan, who tries to say something. Brady says that he can’t hear him and that he’s seen Ryan’s look before… and remembers the past.

Gerald is dying at the bottom of the basement stairs. Young Brady goes down and stands over him until he dies. Deb comes in as Brady picks up Gerald’s fire truck and puts it in his brother’s hand. She comes down and looks at her dead son.

Ryan dies and Brady waves goodbye to him.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 7, 2017

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