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Fear of Flying Recap

Superian floats above the earth, and receives a news alert about VLM on a rampage. He flies down to take on the new threat.

Ms. Lint sneaks out of the Everest house just as the Pyramid Gang pulls up. She hides as they drive past, homing in on the suit.

Above the suburbs, Arthur manages to shut down the wings on the wing suit... and plummets toward the ground.

Dot notices Ms. Lint outside, while the partygoers watch Superian confront VLM. Tick, watching, figures that Arthur should see Superian.

Arthur manages to turn on the wings, breaking his fall, and pulls up to avoid a collision with a board.

On Dangerboat, Overkill eats Fo-Ham and watch Graham Dyckman interview the dog superhero, Midnight, who talks about his survivor's guilt after Terror killed the Flag Five. Dangerboat complains that Overkill is eating out of the can, and Overkill tells him that he's trying to hear the interview. The AI's radar picks up something over the city: the wing suit. Overkill realizes who it is.

Arthur sorts through the icons on the heads-up display and manages to bring up the phone. He calls Dot and asks her to put Tick on. Dot reluctantly does so and Arthur tells him what's happened. Tick says that he's on his way and Arthur tells him not to tell Dot anything while Dot listens in. Dot insists on going with him.

Dot and Tick drive off and try to find Arthur. Tick admits that he's with Dot, and Dot takes the phone and asks what kind of trouble Arthur is in. He assures her that he hasn't been arrested, and Tick spots Arthur in the sky.

Ramses realizes that Arthur put on the suit and is flying, and sends his men driving across a field.

Ms. Lint returns to her condo still covered in lint, and tells Derek that she's not in the mood to talk. He points out that she needs a towel and walks off.

Tick tells Dot that Destiny gave Arthur the suit, and Dot insists that he's going to get Arthur killed. He points out that she's trying to stomp out Arthur's destiny, and Dot figures that Tick is insane. Arthur switches off the autopilot on the suit and plummets toward a parking lot. He manages to turn the autopilot back on and pulls up, and Tick tells him to take control. Dot tells Arthur not to listen, but Tick insists that Arthur is the master of his own fate and he can do it. Arthur turns off the autopilot again and gets control of the suit, and flies to a nearby field.

Overkill shoots Arthur in the chest with a zip line and pulls him down. The vigilante figures that Arthur lied, and when Arthur says that Ms. Lint gave it back to him, wonders if she said anything about him. Overkill refuses to answer personal questions and says that he thought Terror was dead until he read Arthur's Reddit thread.

Tick and Dot arrive and Arthur tells Overkill that he needs him. Overkill draws his blades and tells Arthur to have Tick stand down. Before they can fight, Dot punches Arthur for not telling her the truth and then hugs him. Dangerboat tells Overkill that there are hostiles coming in, just as the Pyramid Gang pulls up. Ramses says that the wing suit is his property, and advises Arthur to hand it over. Arthur refuses, well aware of who Ramses is. He also knows why Ramses wants the suit: because the guy he works for wants it. Ramses denies it, but Arthur says that he knows Terror is alive and is close to proving it.

As Ramses orders his men to destroy them all, Overkill takes out their SUVs and then starts killing thugs. The survivors open fire on Tick, who shrugs off their bullets and punches them. Overkill kills more of them, and Tick gets Dot to safety. A stray bullet hits him but the suit protects him. Dot admits that Arthur was right about Terror, juts as a thug grabs Arthur. She hits him with a tire iron before he can say that he recognizes her from Stosh's.

Tick and Overkill take out the bad guys, and Tick stops Overkill from killing. Ramses runs for it, but Tick throws a tire at him, knocking him out. Overkill tells Arthur that they want the same thing and they'll have to work near each other. Tick isn't thrilled to work with a killer, but Arthur points out that they need his help. Overkill drags off Ramses for interrogation, gets him in a car, and hotwires it.

Dot tells Arthur that she can't go with them, telling her brother that they're just collateral damage. If he tries to fight Terror then he'll die, and she refuses to lose Arthur like she lost their father. Arthur refuses to go with her.

Overkill takes Ramses to Dangerboat with Tick and Arthur in tow. Arthur doesn't want to talk about Dot, and Dangerboat is thrilled to see that Overkill has made friends. The AI opens up the hatch, and inside they review the video of Dr. Karamazov and Dangerboat translates his Urmanian. Karamazov says that the suit, Project Achilles, is only classified to the operator. They realize that the wing suit is a weapon system, but it doesn't tell them how to get to Terror. Arthur figures Ramses can tell them how to find Terror.

Ms. Lint is brushing out her hair and finds Terror waiting for her.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 9, 2017

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