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Rising Recap

Superian confronts VLM and tells via signs that he's too big. He spots the military nearby and flies down to talk to General Julie McGinnis. She warns that VLM is getting close to civilization, and Superian tells her to move her people back a hundred miles. He insists that he'll do everything possible to protect VLM, a civilian. Superian then meets with his agent and complains that he's getting a headache.

On Dangerboat, Ramses wakes up and Overkill prepares to interrogate him. Tick wants to leave rather than hang around a killer, but Arthur figures that they're making progress at least. Overkill drags Ramses in and injects him with a truth serum. Under the influence of the drug, Ramses starts rambling and Overkill admits that there might be side effects if Ramses is taking Viagra. Arthur tries to get through to Ramses, asking him where Terror is. Ramses tells them that he's underneath the Sacred Mother of Infinite Misery Church.

At Ms. Lint's condo, Terror tells her that he faked his death to make Superian believe that he was dead. He needed Ms. Lint to believe it to convince everyone else, and she says that it was real to her.

Dangerboat brings up plans of the catacombs beneath the church, and Overkill says that they need to do on-site recon. Arthur is reluctant to go in, but Overkill insists that they can do it at last. Dangerboat warns that the mission is suicide, and Arthur says that they should take Ramses to AEGIS. He figures that they'll listen to him because they have Ramses as proof that Terror is alive. Overkill tells him that it's his moment to spill Terror's blood, and Tick insists that Arthur needs justice. He grabs Overkill by the shoulder, and then leaves with Arthur and Ramses.

Terror tells Lint that she's just mad at herself because she should have had faith that he was too smart to die. He's been waiting for her to find him. Derek comes in and Terror throws a platypus-venom dart into Derek. Terror remembers that Derek was his old IT guy, and Lint admits that she was in a bad place after Terror supposedly died.

Joan is cleaning the lint off of the hallway when Dot comes in. Her mother smells gun smoke on her.

As they head to AEGIS, Tick says that they should handle the matter and Arthur's destiny is upon him. Meanwhile, Ramses glances over at a hot dog vendor, who makes a call. Meanwhile, the heroes arrive at AEGIS and discover that it's closed. A pre-recorded message says that it's no longer in operation. Ramses points out that since there are no superheroes in town, there's no AEGIS.

Terror and Lint have dinner, and Terror says that he's been taking the last 13 years to focus on his grand scheme. He finally figured out a way to do the best worst thing ever. Lint wonders if he expects her to play whatever part he wants her to, and he tells her that she looks like shit.

Tick tells Arthur that Destiny wants Arthur to capture Terror. Dot calls Arthur and says that she's in, while Frank and his Pyramid Gang members pull up across the streets. Arthur tells Dot not to get involved because he won't let her get hurt, but she hangs up. Meanwhile, Tick drops Ramses and the villain crawls off. Frank fires a grenade launcher at Tick, blasting him back.

Terror tells Lint that she used to be bigger than life, but she's in a rut. He needed Ramses as a front, but figured that Lint would kill him and then they'd talk.

Ramses runs for his gang's SUV, and grabs the grenade launcher from Frank. He then fires at a bus and knocks it onto an overpass where it hangs on the edge. Tick runs over to hold it while Arthur gets everyone off. The bus starts to break apart, and Arthur reluctantly gets on the bus to help the last few passengers off.

Lint tells Terror that she didn't want to run the Pyramid Gang, and Terror tells her to start acting like the evil incarnate that she is.

Arthur carries the last passenger off but a woman yells that her baby is on the bus. Arthur goes back in, gets the baby, and flies out and up as the bus crashes down. Everyone takes photos as the mother gets her baby--dog-- and Tick hugs Arthur.

Overkill watches a newscast about Tick and Arthur saving the bus.

Goat and Kevin are at the bodega watching the newscast as the reporter announces that superheroes are back in the city.

Ramses returns to his lair and pours himself a drink. Lint comes in to confront him.

Arthur and Tick walk down the street and everyone cheers them.

Stosh tosses Dot a box of bandages and she goes to work.

Lint kills Ramses.

Tick and Arthur go to the bodega and Ouma has rice for Tick. Goat and Kevin congratulate Arthur on saving the dog, and Arthur steps outside to get a call. It's Overkill, who complains that Arthur lacks tactical skill. He also says that Dangerboat screwed up the translation on the video. The suit is part of a weapon system, but it was designed to fight aliens. Overkill can only think of one alien: Superian. As Arthur realizes that Terror plans to kill Superian, someone abducts Arthur and drives away.

Tick comes out and realizes that Arthur is gone.

Later, Lint removes the suit from Arthur. Terror plays ominous music and yells "cliffhanger!"

Written by Gadfly on Sep 9, 2017

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