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Dead and Married Recap

A couple, Barry and Daphne Scott, are returning from a reunion. Their car crashes in the swamp, and Daphne complains that Barry fell asleep at the wheel. As he insists that he didn't, Will leads a tour group over. Barry calls to them but Will doesn't see or hear them. He does see the car, and priest it open to reveal two skeletons inside. The male one has a Rolex on its wrist just like the one that Barry has. Barry realizes that it's his, and Daphne realizes that they're dead.

Sheriff Andrews and Will return that night, and Andrews says that the couple disappeared ten years ago. A recent storm turned up their car. When they take the bodies away, Barry tries to go after them but halts and tells Daphne that he can't go on. Daphne figures that they're stuck with the car, and Barry remembers that someone was tailgating them and deliberately ran them off the road. He points out that there are dents on their rear bumper indicating where the other car hit them.

Swamp Thing arrives and asks who they are. He explains that he can see them because he is of the swamp as well, and they must have some unfinished business in the world. Daphne points out that the reunion is being held in Houma that weekend, and suggests that their unfinished business is finding out who murdered them. Swamp Thing says that he'll see what he can do.

The next day, Will salvages the car and tells Andres that it belongs to him under nautical law. Barry and Daphne can see him, having come with the car, but he can't see them. The couple tries to work out which classmate killed them, but Barry insists that all of his classmates loved him. She says that she didn't know anyone except Mildred and the Pickens. Daphne says that they should practice their mantras, and Barry tells her that he doesn't have one.

Will goes to work cleaning up the car. Once he's done, he catches a glimpse of the Scotts in the rearview mirror. He can't hear what they're saying, and tells them that Swamp Thing has thought of a way to nab their killer.

The next day, Will prepares to drive into town. Will's girlfriend Barbara comes over and asks for a ride in the car. She suggests that they make out in the back seat, and comes into the car and makes out with him.

At the reunion, Will works as a bartender. There's a commemorative poster up for the Scotts next to their car, but some of the attendees are talking about how big a jerk Barry was. Barry listens in and realizes that they all 124 of his classmates are suspects in their murders. Daphne points out how intolerant he was and that's why they wanted him dead.

Clarence and Barbara Perkins come over to get drinks and Will explains that he dug the car out of the swamp and he's writing a book. He figures that the Scotts were murdered. The other classmates come over and know all about Will's supposed book. When Will says that they need to leave their keys, Bennie says that he was the former quarterback and knows his limits. His friends lead him off and Will goes outside to tell Swamp Thing that no one is reacting to his story. Swamp Thing tells him to trust him and the judgment of the swamp.

A drunken Bennie and his friends are playing football, and Swamp Thing tosses them their football back and tells them not to drive in their condition. They soon go back and leave their car keys off with Will.

Will drives the car back with the Scotts in the back seat. He apologizes for not finding their killer and goes inside. Daphne tells Barry that he was as bad as they say, and she married him because he stopped when she told him not to make out with her on their first date. She knew then that she found someone special, and figures that their arguing means that she's worth arguing with. Barry tells his wife that he's grateful that they died together, and they kiss.

Clarence comes over and examines the car, and sees the dents on the rear bumper. He realizes that it's the same car and draws a gun. Barry and Daphne see him go into the house, and they realize that Will can't hear them. The couple realizes that the car is their link and they manage to push the horn. Will comes out and Clarence holds him at gunpoint and tells him to come with them.

They drive off in the car, and Will asks Clarence why he did it. Clarence says that Barbara spent his money, putting his career in debt. He was the executive of Barry's estate, so he gained control of a lab's stock and made millions when the company merged. Daphne admits that she's buying the stock for years with their Christmas money, even though Barry had no idea what she was doing.

Clarence has Will drive to where Barbara is waiting, and Swamp Thing causes mist to flow out of the waters. Meanwhile, Clarence prepares to kill Will with a blow to the head and make it look like an accident. The couple manages to turn on the headlights, and they appear projected onto the mist. Will tries to disarm Clarence, who knocks him down, gets into the car with Barbara, and drives off.

Swamp Thing confirms that Will is okay, and tells the Scotts that they're no longer with the car because justice has been done. Barry wonders what he means.

As Clarence and Barbara drive down the road, a truck slams into them.

Swamp Thing tells the Scotts that there are wonderful things to see. They tell each other that they love each other and fade away.

In the swamp, the ghosts of Clarence and Barbara stand next to their car and argue about what happened.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 10, 2017

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