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The Bad Seed Recap

Rowena casts a spell and addresses three members of the Grand Coven, offering them membership in her new Mega Coven. They point out that the head of the Grand Coven disappeared, and figure that Rowena just needs backup against the Winchesters. Rowena points out that she compelled an angel to kill the King of heaven, and one of the angels says that her friend recently cut a deal with Crowley. When they dismiss Rowena as delusional, she casts a sell and they burst into dust. Furious, Rowena takes in the fact that her son lives.

In the Bunker, Dean remembers his encounter with the Darkness. Sam interrupts his chain of thought, and Dean insists that he's fine. Castiel warns that the missing baby is a time bomb rather than a baby, and the Darkness has infinite power. The brothers point out that God defeated the Darkness once before, but Castiel warns them not to count on Him. The angel confirms that he's still manacled to the wall, and Dean points out that they're still not sure what's going on with him. Sam suggests that they need Metatron to deal with the Darkness, as Castiel has a sudden seizure from Rowena's spell. Dean points out that they're trying to find her, but Sam warns that Castiel's condition is getting worse.

A demon tells Crowley that his mother has been found. Young Amara is watching video on a laptop, and Crowley tells the demon to eliminate Rowena. The nanny tells Crowley that Amara is making amazing progress, and Crowley tells her to keep an eye on her. He then goes over to Amara and tells her that she can take a break if she wants. Crowley insists that she can have anything want, and Amara says that she wants Crowley to save her from God. He wonders how God sealed her away, but Amara refuses to discuss it.

Rowena meets with two witches at a restaurant in Denver. She accuses the Grand Coven of being cowards, and explains that she wants the best of the best to join her Mega Coven. The witches are less than enthused, and Rowena says that she has the Book of the Damned. She warns that she's a force of nature and is willing to share the secrets with her Mega Coven. A demon takes over a nearby waiter and kills one witch, and Rowena walks out, telekinetically blocking her retreat with furniture.

At the bunker, Dean leaves another voice mail with Crowley. He figures Crowley is up to something, and Sam has no luck finding Metatron. Castiel spaces off momentarily and then suggests that they try waffle places since Metatron likes those. The angel has another seizure and collapses. When he recovers, Castiel explains that he feels like his soul is being pureed. He warns that he can't control what is consuming him and there are angel voices in his head. Castiel explains that the angels have been scouring the world for Metatron. Sam checks the Internet and finds a reference to the attack at the restaurant.

In Hell, Amara brings up photos of disasters. She then looks at herself in the mirror and sees a reflection of her adult self. The adult Amara says that her younger self must stay fixed on their purpose because they can't undo what is already done. As the young Amara grows stronger, her destiny will become clear. Crowley comes in and Amara says that she thinks she's learning interesting things.

An angel meets a demon at a bar. The angel flashes his demon-killing knife, and the demon's eyes briefly turn black. They then sit down together and complain about something big emerging. Nobody is admitting that anything is wrong, and it's the grunts like them that get squeezed. They worry that they could be out of work and figure that someone has to do something. They drink to the little guys and order another.

Sam and Dean arrive in Denver and question the surviving witch. They tell her that they know all about demons, witches, Rowena, and Crowley. The witch is so scared that she doesn't want to leave the situation, and Dean warns her that Crowley will kill every witch that associates with Rowena. Sam checks her handbag and confirms that she has spell components. The witch starts to cast a spell against them, but Dean warns that they're her only defense. Sam tells her to scrye for Rowena, and once she's out of the picture then Crowley will stop hunting witches. She says that she doesn't have her crystals, and Dean offer her the compact from her purse. The witch starts scrying and conjures an image of Rowena packing a bag.

Crowley returns to Amara and offers her two gifts. One is a bloodstained dress and the other is a pop-up book. Amara shows him the book that Nanny gave her: Dante's Inferno. She says that she will do things differently but refuses to give specifics. Nanny brings cupcakes over, and Amara grabs the demon and sucks her soul out.

Rowena has put on a blonde big and calls a taxi. Dean arrives as the driver and Rowena slams him into a wall. She reminds him that she removed the Mark, and Sam grabs her arm and manacles her. He explains that they don't have to hold her for long and take her away.

At the bunker, Castiel does a web search for his car that Metatron stole. He finds one of Dean's bookmarked porn sites and quickly shuts the computer down. The angel has another seizure and relives his attempt to kill Crowley.

In Hell, Amara feeds on another demon's soul. Once she's done, Crowley returns to the topic of God screwing up humanity. Amara says that God created a world where humans suffer and die, and Crowley agrees that God's plan is flawed. He suggests that they reshape the world and eradicate virtue. She asks if he would be happy if everyone was evil, and Crowley concedes that it wouldn't be much of a challenge if everyone was evil. He prefers humans fighting against the darkness and giving in, and Amara says that it's all unimportant. When Crowley disagrees, Amara says that she's hungry and Crowley summons another demon.

The brothers chain Rowena up in a bunker cell, and Sam confirms that she has the Codex but not the Book. Rowena admits that she hid it, and Dean tells Sam to bring Castiel in. Once they're alone, Rowena reminds Dean of their deal. He points out that they need the Book back, and now she's going to play by their rules or he'll call Crowley. Rowena dares him to do it, pointing out that if she's dead than the Winchesters have nothing and Castiel goes mad and dies. She asks what happened when she removed the Mark, and realizes that he's unleashed some new hell on the world. Sam comes back and says that Castiel escaped.

Castiel staggers through the streets of the nearby city.

Sam and Dean drive out with Rowena to look for their friend, tracking his phone's GPS. She's offended that they don't consider her part of the team.

Crowley summons his aide who is now working as Amara's nanny. He points out that the demon failed to kill Rowena, and he wants the aide to stop overfeeding Amara in case she runs out of control. The aide realizes that Crowley wants to give Amara the news, and Crowley makes it clear that he doesn't have a choice.

Rowena complains that the Winchesters aren't holding up their bargain, and she tells Dean about the deal she made with Sam to kill Crowley in return for removing the Mark. Sam says that he was going to tell Dean until he realized that there was no point. However, Dean isn't happy that Sam is keeping another secret. Sam notices that Castiel has spotted nearby.

A woman is walking down the street and Castiel sneaks up on her. The Winchesters pull up and take Rowena with them. The brothers split up and Sam takes Rowena with her.

The woman runs and hides in a warehouse just before Castiel rounds the corner. He pounds on the door sand the woman runs further in and hides among the shelves. Outside, Dean hears Castiel rummaging through the building and goes to investigate.

Crowley finds the woman and starts choking her. Dean arrives and calls to Castiel, telling him not to do it. The angel growls and then releases the woman, who runs out. Castiel then grabs Castiel and beats him. Sam arrives, holding a gun to Rowena's head, and threatens to shoot her if she doesn't finish the negation spell. The witch finishes the spell and Castiel collapses, convulsing. Dean helps him up, while Rowena casts a spell to knock first Sam's gun and then Sam away. She magically slams a gate down, blocking Dean from getting to her, and walks away.

The next day at the bunker, Dean recovers from his wounds and drinks beer. Castiel thanks Dean for his help and Dean assures him that there's no need. Sam points out that since they have the Codex, it will slow Rowena down. If they had killed her then the Book would have been lost. Castiel offers to heal Dean, but Dean refuses and says that he had it coming.

Crowley goes to Amara's room and finds the demon aide dead in the hallway. He goes in and discovers that Amara is now a teenager... and wants more food.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2015

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