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The End of the Road Recap

The Past

A young Jesse drinks a beer and relaxes. A woman pulls up and asks if it's the right place, and says that her cat has run off. She was told about a lady that could track him down, and Jesse tells her that Marie L'Angelle is a world-renowned spiritualist. He assures the woman that she'll find the cat, and quotes $8, and welcomes her to Angelville.

Jesse continues to collect money from people arriving, and a man drives up and says that he's there for the Tombs. Jesse has no idea what he's talking about and addresses the man as "office", well aware that he's undercover. The officer drives off as Jesse gives him the finger.

Later, a car pulls up. Jesse greets the people inside, T.C and Jody, and they give him a bag of fast food. He hands over the money that he's collected and then the wallet that he stole. T.C. grabs Jesse's hand and twists it, takes the wallet, and then drives away. A chicken picks at his food, and Jesse kicks it to death. He then runs down the road to the family manor and goes inside. Jesse asks Marie to bring the chicken back to life if she can, and Marie warns him that everything has a price. Jesse puts the chicken in front of her.


Jesse waits at a cathedral checking a car with his upcoming speech, and a janitor bumps into him. The man apologizes and moves on, and Jesse checks his phone to confirm that Tulip hasn't returned his calls. Starr comes in and tells Jesse that they're assembling, calling him "Messiah". Jesse tells Starr not to call him that, but Starr says that they have to start somewhere and the speech has been carefully designed to introduce Jesse to the world as the new Messiah. He assures Jesse that he knows what makes messiahs work, and it's how they start. Starr puts an 11th century fencing cloak on Jesse to give him a sense of authority, but Jesse refuses to wear it. Jesse says that his friends aren't coming, and they go out to where the children have gathered.

The Mother Superior tells the children that they have a special guest and he's quite whole, and if the children are good then Jesse will perform a miracle. She tells them that Jesse isn't god, but close, and calls him up. As Starr records video, Jesse reads the speech about how the world has fallen into decay. He says that he has the power to make things better, and asks the children what they would do with the Word. They ask to see a miracle, just as a nun runs in and says that the Armenians are coming. Gunshots ring out, and Jesse tells everyone to take cover.

The gunmen burst in and their leader tells Jesse to move aside. When Starr objects, one of the gunmen hits him in the stomach. Jesse tells them to put their weapons down, and the leader asks what he said, puts a gun to his head, and asks what he said. When the man gets close enough, Jesse grabs the man, disarms him, and the leader fights back. Jesse shoots him but nothing happens. The leader charges at him with a knife and the other gunmen run forward as well. Jesse defeats them all as Starr looks on, smiling. The police arrive and take the men arrive, and the children chant Jesse's name. Jesse says Starr packing up the video camera and leave, and Jesse goes after him. Starr says that the video is posted and trending, and they've been invited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jesse asks why they were shooting blanks, and figures that Starr set the whole thing up. Starr tells him that there's no time for conventional methods, and they have to spread the word as quickly as possible. He then takes Jesse to the jet.

At the apartment, Cassidy is doing laundry while Lara and Hoover watch via the surveillance camera on the floor. Lara turns off the monitor as she and Hoover pack up, and Lara is filled with admiration for Starr's plan.

In his room, Cassidy checks his phone and then puts away the laundry. He finds blood stains on one of Denis's shirts that he's been washing, and after a moment puts it away. After a moment, Cassidy logs onto Denis' laptop and discovers that his son has been checking out a website about the Children of Blood. After watching video from the site, Cassidy shuts off the laptop and finds the prostitute's panties under Denis' bed.

Tulip is shopping and sees a woman with her baby. Moving on, Tulip goes to the counter and pays for her purchases. He points out that she's buying a lot of sunscreen, and Tulip takes offense at his comment. The clerk is watching TV, and a newscast about Jesse is playing. Tulip sees it and then shows the clerk her ID for the booze. When the clerk calls her "darling", Tulip grabs him by the collar, knocks him out, takes the money from the register, and offers it to the mother as she comes up. She quickly leaves, and Tulip tosses down the money and leaves with her supplies.

Back at the apartment, Tulip asks Cassidy if he's ready to go. She sees that he's taking crack, and he says that what he does on his own time is his business. Cassidy tells her that she should probably take off on her own, and tulip insists that Bimini will be great. He reminds her that Denis will be with them, and Tulip tells him that she isn't going to mope around because Jesse made his choice and they made theirs. She says that they should let whatever happens between them just happen, and figures that they're going to have sex again. They kiss for a moment, and Tulip asks if that's all. Cassidy kisses her again and they fall back on the bed. Cassidy rips out her throat and sits up.

Tulip comes in, interrupting Cassidy's daydream, and asks if he's ready to go. She sees that he's taking crack, shrugs, and goes off to pack.

Eugene and Hitler escape from hell via a hatch in the middle of a field. They run off as alarms sound behind them. A minute later, the hatch starts to open. Meanwhile, the two men run and keep running, and come to the frontier. A figure in a hood is waiting on the shore, and Hitler tells Eugene to tell the man his name and that he doesn't belong there. Then the figure will blow his horn and see that Eugene crosses safely to the other side. Nazi tells Eugene that it's impossible to escape except for someone like him. He says goodbye and tells Eugene that he's going because it's the end of the road. Eugene wonders what will happen to Hitler, and Hitler says that all they can do is make it worse before walking off.

After a moment, Eugene goes to the figure, Charon, man and says his name and that he isn't supposed to be there. Charon man says nothing, and Eugene says that Hitler told him that Charon could help him. The robed figure points out to sea where a light glows, revealing a boat. As it approaches, Charon says that it looks like they were rough on Eugene, and he tells the figure that his face was pre-existing. Eugene points out a nearby horn on a stick in the beach, and says that he thought it was the horn. Charon laughs and says that he has no idea why it's there.

Jennifer arrives and tells Charon to hand Eugene over. Charon tells her that Eugene doesn't belong in Hell, and insists that it's his jurisdiction. He reminds Jennifer of the rules, and Jennifer says that God is gone and shoots Charon in the head with a spear gun. As she tells Eugene that no one has ever escaped, Hitler knocks her out with the horn and tells Eugene to go. Eugene thanks him for saving him again, and Hitler says that Eugene has saved him and he's finally done something good. Hitler gets Eugene into the boat and shoves it out to sea, and Eugene calls to Hitler to come with him. Touched, Hitler says that he belongs there but Eugene tells him that he doesn't anymore and extends his hand.

As they drive back, Jesse checks his phone and discovers that he has no new messages. Starr asks why Jesse didn't use his power, and Jesse says that he didn't need to. The Grail leader tells him that he will. Jesse checks his phone again.

Tulip confirms that she has no new messages, and packs for Bimini. Denis is in the kitchen drinking blood when Tulip comes out. He ignores Tulip and walks out, and Tulip drops her lip balm. It falls near the surveillance camera, and she realizes what it is

Cassidy goes past Denis room and sees him watching the website. He finds Tulip holding the surveillance camera, looking at another one in a corner of the ceiling, and tells Cassidy that the Grail have been watching the entire time. Cassidy wonders if they should tell Jesse that Starr has been undermining them the entire time, and Tulip says that it wouldn't make any difference because it worked.

Tulip goes to the car, and Cassidy goes to get the dog that he's been hiding from Denis. Denis comes in and gestures for the dog, and Cassidy tells him to promise that he'll be good. When Denis nods, Cassidy starts to hand over the dog but Denis sees the panties on the bed and picks them up. Cassidy tells him to put them down, but Denis asks if Cassidy can be a good. His father admits that he can't with Denis around, and shoves him out the window onto the patio. The sunlight buns Denis to ash, and Cassidy holds the window closed so that Denis can't get back in.

Eugene and Hitler arrive back in the real world and take a bus. Their bus pulls up and the two men get out. Hitler runs off when Eugene's back is turned, and a car hits him. After a moment, Hitler gets up, shoves a homeless man away, and limps into an alley. Eugene curses and walks off the other way.

Tulip waits in the car outside the apartment. Cassidy finally gets in and tells Tulip that Denis changed his mind about going with them. She goes back in to say goodbye, and Cassidy lets the dog go. Meanwhile, tulip knocks on Lara's apartment door and discovers that she's packing. While she waits for Lara to come out, Tulip finds a screwdriver with glue like the glue that was used to stick the surveillance camera in place.

Lara comes out and thanks her for showing her how to be strong. Hoover comes out from the shower and Lara recognizes him as the man who pretended to be Lara's office. He goes back in the bathroom, and Lara claims that she still has a way to go. Tulip points out that she never did tell Lara about Dallas, and Lara admits that she never did. She goes for her gun as Tulip prepares to throw the screwdriver at her.

At the airport, reporters wait at the jet and shout questions at Jesse. Starr tells them to watch for more on Kimmel. As Jesse gets in the jet, a field attendant kneels and prays to him. On the jet, Starr tells Jesse that he's a natural and they'll be in good shape. Cassidy calls Jesse, and Starr sees it. He tells Jesse that redemption is his calling, not his friends. Jesse takes the call to see if they're okay. Once he talks to them, he summons a Grail car and heads back. As it drives off, Starr tells Jesse him that when he's done helping his friends, he can come back for his soul. Once Jesse is gone, Lara calls to tell Starr what happened. He says that he'll deal with her later and in the meantime, cancel the ambulance.

The car arrives at the apartment and Jesse runs in. He finds Cassidy kneeling over Tulip, who is bleeding out on the floor from the gunshot wound. Jesse tires to stop the bleeding without success, and has Cassidy get blood bags and a syringe. The ambulance doesn't arrive, and Cassidy doesn't have Tulip's blood type. Tulip goes into convulsions and Cassidy tells him that he'll have to use the Word on her. After a moment, Jesse tells Tulip to breathe. It doesn't work, and Jesse tells Cassidy that it doesn't work anymore. Cassidy says that he can help tulip, shoves Jesse away, and bares his fangs. Jesse kicks Cassidy back and tells him not to tell Tulip, and Cassidy attacks him.

The two men fight, but stop when Tulip starts panting. Cassidy tells Jesse that he has to let him do it because it's the only way. Jesse lets Cassidy go, but then tells him to stop and pulls him back. He tells Cassidy to let her die, and Tulip dies on the apartment floor.

Later, Jesse and Cassidy drive to Angelville with Tulip's corpse in the backseat. Cassidy finally tells Jesse that he hates him. Jesse says that if Cassidy hates him now, he should just wait

In a hotel room, Man-Dog--God—emerges from the bathroom in a blaze of light.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 12, 2017

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