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West Side Story Recap

In the forest outside of Boulder, Abigail makes coffee and waits.

At the IADG command center, Logan and her team monitor nest activity across the world. Nine of the thirteen beacons are active, and figures that within five hours, the number of hybrids will overwhelm their resources. Dariela says that the beacon operates on a dead man's switch, and tells the others that the team is making their final approach.

Mitch is drinking at the bar when Clem comes over and asks how he's doing. Her father asks how she's doing, and says that he'll feel better when she gets some medical attention at the barrier. He says that Max was usually his father in name only, and Clem points out that Max once held him just like she's holding her baby. Mitch admits that he and Max both didn't like to admit grief or guilt, and says that all that matters is keeping the baby safe. She suggests that she name the baby Cadmus, and Mitch asks if her cult boyfriend Sam gave that to her. he suggests Chris Cornell, but Clem isn't interested.

Abigail checks her watch ad takes out a table. It shows the jet coming in, and she takes out a rocket launcher and loads it.

Jackson patches up Abe and says that they have to get the dead man's switch to the IADG and then with Clem's baby they can solve the sterility. They prepare to initiate the landing sequence.

Abigail aims at the jet and fires. The missile explodes near the jet and Mitch goes to investigate. He says that he already let Jamie out and goes to get her. Jamie says that the missile was an EMP, and their dampener isn't working. She suggests that the blast was too strong, and they strap in. The landing gear doesn't deploy and the jet heads for the land.

Dariela determines that the jet disappeared off the radar.

Jamie manages to deploy the landing gear and Abigail watches as the jet manages to land in a nearby field. Smiling in satisfaction, she walks away.

On the jet, Jamie tells the team that they overshot the landing and they're in the hybrid zone. Hybrids growl as they close in on the jet.

Logan says that they need to scramble a tac team to the jet, but Dariela points out that they don't know where it went down. They have a little over four hours left until they hybrids overwhelm their duration.

Jackson insists that they have to get the switch to the command center, and Jamie points out that the blast fried all of their electronics including the truck. Sam suggests that they build a pheromone diffuser to lead the hybrids away from the jet. Mitch suggests that they play it by the book because they have too much to lose, and they call the IADG on an old CB powered by a car battery. Jamie points out that they have to visually check the plane for breaches.

Jackson and Abe check for breaches and Abe insists that they're close to victory. He talks about how they can each have children.

As they search for the CD. Jamie refuses to hold the baby. Mitch asks her why but Jamie refuses to explain. Sam comes in with the car battery and Jamie abruptly goes to find Abe and Jackson. Mitch goes after her to ask what the problem is, and she says that they're all going to die so there's no point in holding the baby.

As they work on the radio, Sam and Clem discuss names for the baby. They reach the IADG and Logan confirms that everyone is okay. He tells the team to stay tight, and Dariela tells Clem that she and Tessa will lead a tac team there.

The tac team heads out Logan tells them to lay down cover fire when they arrive, giving priority to the baby and the switch. The team opens fire on the razorbacks, but is soon overwhelmed and Logan loses contact with them.

On the jet, Jackson reaches Logan on the radio. He tells them that the tac teams are down and he has no response from Dariela or Tessa. Logan tells Quentin and Knox that they need to send another team out, and Quentin says that he needs to consider the alternative. The IADG contingency plan is to coordinate the warships of the G5 countries to fire missiles at each beacon location in a city. If they don't it then humanity faces extinction. Quentin gives them until they reach the threshold in two and a half hours.

In the field, Tessa wakes up and Dariela finds her and helps her to her feet. They confirm that the rest of their team is dead and their radios are out. They contact Logan via the onboard and he tells them that there's one intact ATV and it has a clear path to the jet. The two women move out as the razorbacks follow them.

Logan tells the team that Dariela and Tessa are alive and heading for the jet. Sam wants to build the diffuser and carry it on the ATV, luring the hybrids away. Logan warns them that in two hours Quentin will order the missile strike, killing hundreds of thousands. The team agrees to build the diffuser, and Sam insists on going with Jackson on the ATV to make sure Clem and the baby get to safety.

Jamie is in the cargo hold preparing guns and taking a drink from a flask. Mitch comes in and she offers him a drink, and he asks her again why she won't hold the baby. Jamie says that she's the darkness, and somewhere along the way she lost the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. She figures that she shouldn't be anywhere near the baby. Dariela knocks on the hatch door and they let her and Tessa in.

Abe brings in the hybrid samples to make the pheromone for the diffuser, and winces in pain. He tells Jackson that he'll be fine. Tessa and Dariela come in and are reunited with Jackson and Abe. Jackson talks to Dariela privately and she realizes that he'll be driving the ATV. Clem approaches them and shows Tessa the baby. She has Tessa hold it.

When Jackson returns to the lab, Sam squeezes the hybrid organs into the diffuser. He explains that his father taught him a lot about the hybrids before he died, and says that he's spent years thinking of what he would say when he found Jackson: the man who killed his parents. However, Sam admits that he didn't plan for Clem and holding his son changes things. Once he's done, he tells Jackson that he has to say his goodbyes and then they can go.

Jackson finds Mitch and gives him the switch. Mitch points out that Abigail is still out there, and Jackson tells him that once they shut down the beacons, they'll track her down. When Jackson warns that Abigail is dangerous, Jackson tells him to worry about his family and he'll worry about his.

Sam goes to the radio and contacts Abigail. He says that they're heading her way just as they planned. Once he signs off, Jackson comes in and Sam tells him that he's ready. They drive the ATV away from the plane and activate the pheromone diffuser.

Logan tells Dariela that the hybrids are on the movie, and the team moves out from the jet. Quentin continues to coordinate the missile launch, and Logan tells him to call it off because the team is on the way. Quentin says that he's not taking any chances.

In the cargo bay, Mitch tells Jamie that he would have killed Abigail himself for using him to create death and destruction. She kept him away from everyone he loves, and Mitch tells Jamie that she doesn't have the monopoly on darkness. Jamie wonders how they find their way back to the light. The others arrive before Mitch can answer, and they head out on foot.

The razorbacks follow the pheromones.

As the others head for the command center, Abe breaks into a coughing fit. Mitch realizes that he has air trapped in his chest cavity and says that he needs something to puncture it. Clem has Jamie hold the baby and gets a knitting needle out of her bag. Mitch uses it to make the puncture and release the trapped air. The baby stops crying, and Clem tells Jamie that he likes her.

Jackson pulls over and Sam tosses the tank of pheromones into a gully to draw the razorbacks. Jackson says that Clem and the baby will be fine, and Sam apologizes to him. Abigail comes up and trains a gun on Jackson. Sam says that it's time for Jackson to pay for killing his family, and he's taking Clem and they're leaving for good. Jackson runs for the radio and Sam tackles him. Sam draws a knife and they fight, and Jackson finally disarms him and knocks him down. He grabs a gun and prepares to shoot Abigail. Sam jumps in the way and says that Jackson will have to go through him, and Jackson shoots him in the leg. Falling backward, Sam tumbles into the gully, and the razorbacks move in on him.

Abigail and Jackson train their guns on each other, and Abigail says that they've reached the final act. Jackson shoots her in the leg but hesitates to kill her, and Abigail says that she's won.

With fifty-nine minutes left, Logan watches the eggs hatch across the world.

Abigail tells Jackson that she set the whole thing up: Clem's pregnancy, the switch, the hybrids massed at the barrier. Now Jackson will watch his son be taken from him again.

Sam throws the tank of pheromones to distract the razorbacks.

Abigail tells Jackson that his son Connor didn't die years ago. She takes out the yellow blanket that Connor was wrapped din the day that he was brought to the island, and says that Sam's real name is Connor. Jackson runs down into the gully.

The team arrives safely at the barrier HQ. The medics get Clem to safety while Mitch and Jamie go with Logan.

Jackson arrives and kills the hybrids, and then finds Sam and carries him to the HQ.

Logan takes Mitch and Jamie to Quentin.

Jackson carries the unconscious Sam as more hybrids head toward them.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2017

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