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Stalled Recap

Actor Wray Nerely goes to the airport and enters a restroom stall. His cell phone rings and he answers. It's his convention booker, Bobbie, and Alan misses the call. He calls Bobbie back and complains that his ticket was for coach even though she promised first class. If Wray waits a day then he'll miss the con. A man in the next stall hears Wray talking, knocks on the wall, and asks if Wray is Wray Nerely from Spectrum. He asks Wray to sign his magazine and slides it across the floor, and the fan rather unconvincingly insists that it's for a charity event that his wife hosts. Wray points out that he doesn't have a pen.

A man in the opposite stall tosses a pen over and he and the fan start talking about Spectrum's main star, Jack Moore, who played the captain. Wray finally signs the magazine and slides it back. Once the fan leaves, the other man complains about s.f. shows and another man comes in to the unoccupied stall and, once he learns Wray was on Spectrum, asks for his autograph.

Wray goes to the airport bar and calls a man, Tony, about getting an email from him about an audition for a Clint Eastwood Western. Two female fans across the bar spot Wray, while Wray explains that he's doing a convention and will send a taped audition. He assures Tony that he can handle the part of a 30-year-old. Sean Astin spots Wray and comes over, while the two fans come over and ask to do a picture with Sean. He's glad to oblige and Wray tries to sneak in.

Once they call Sean "Samwise" and leave, Wray complains that fans think that they're characters. Sean is fine with that, and asks why Wray is going to a fan convention if he doesn't like fans. Wray says that he did, and Sean tells him that Wray is an artist and talks about how the fans are "retarding" Wray's creativity. Wray goes to change his ticket, and Sean suggests that he order a fan in first class to switch tickets with him. When Wray says that he can't do it, Sen tells him to be who they think that he is.

Wray boards the plane and spots a fan in first class. The actor plays up his role on the show and tells the fan that he's being "restationed" to coach. The fan agrees as long as Wray signs everything he has immediately using his lucky pen. Wray reluctantly agrees, while Sean comes in with one of the female fans from the bar. As soon as the fan sees Sean, he fixates on him again and tells Wray that the deal is off.

The flight attendant tells Wray to take his seat in coach. A Federal Air Marshal, Cahoots, sits down next to the fan and tells Wray to fuck off when he tries to convince him to give up his seat. Cahoots threatens to have Wray ejected from the plane, and Wray quickly goes back to coach.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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