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Cash Poor Recap

Wray finally arrives at the con and checks into his hotel room. He discovers that the fruit in his fruit basket is half-eaten, and Bobbie is waiting for him. She advises him not to eat the fruit, and he complains about his bad back from flying coach. Bobbie offers him some pain meds and his script. She wants to know about the Clint Eastwood movie, and Wray points out that she's his booker, not his agent. Bobbie says that she was almost in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and insists that she can help him with the audition.

Bobbie sits on the bed with Wray, suggests that he drink some wine, and offers to help him rehearse. Wray notices that the hotel is playing Spectrum on the TV channel and turns it off. The personal assistant is locked in the bathroom, and Bobbie explains that she's "poopie sick". The assistant, Karen, comes out and is dressed just like Wray. She explains that someone posted a photo of Wray from the airport, and she can act as Wray's decoy if stalkers follow him.

The trio goes down to the autograph line where it's announced that Jack canceled. There's a huge line outside, and there's a line for Bobbie nearby as well. She explains that she was in one s.f. movie. Karen comes back from the restroom and Wray tells her that they need to get through the line fast so he can rehearse.

Wray comes out and everyone applauds. Bobbie goes to her line and the one person asks if they had photography back then.

Karen has the fans come up one at a time and one is the fan from the plane. He wants his lucky pen back, and Wray claims that it isn't. The fan points out that Wray's character Cash would return it, and Wray says that it isn't him. Karen takes offense and yells at him to leave the line, and the fan quickly walks away as Wray stares at her, impressed.

Wray works his way through the line and one fan insists on hugging him. Another fan, Kevin, comes up dressed as Darth Vader, and has trouble picking up the autographed photo with his vinyl-gloved hands. One male fan dressed up as an angel thanks Wray for helping him get over what happened to his village. Backstage, Wray tells Karen that she's a machine. She thanks him and runs off to the restroom. Bobbie joins Wray and reveals that she took his script and his wallet to make extra copies. She insists on saying as loudly as possible that it's an Eastwood movie, even though it's a secret project. Wray finally agrees to rehearse with her if she keeps quiet.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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