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Behind the Lines Recap

Wray and Bobbie find a storage room to rehearse the script. She insists on setting the scene--a lot--and insists on overacting. When Bobbie feels him up, Wray tells her to stop and points out that she's playing an elderly male cook. He says that he wants to work it alone, and Bobbie tells him that reacting is half of acting before walking out.

When Wray discovers that Bobbie still has his wallet, he goes after him. Jerry Lansing, dressed as a monster from a video game, attacks him and then laughs and says that he got Wray. Wray complains about his back and asks him to help record the audition. Jerry gives him a painkiller pill and assures him that it's not strong unless Wray is drinking. Wray says that he's not drinking, and Jerry tells him that he is before leaving.

Jack calls Wray and says that his assistant canceled his appearance at the con. Wray asks if Jack could put in a good word for him with Clint and Jack agrees. Once Jack hangs up, Wray contemplates the pill.

That night, Wray, Jerry, and Sean go to the con's VIP party. Karen tells them to talk to each table for 15 minutes and switch tables when the bell rings. Wray is doped up because of the pill, and Sean tells Wray to just be himself. The actors go around to the tables, and Wray starts drinking. Wray is honest with the attendees, and says that he hates s.f. He starts partying with Sean and Jerry, and a fan gives Wray bourbon balls. Karen quickly takes them away from Wray, and he decides to drink bourbon instead.

Jerry and Bobbie sit in a corner and drink, and Bobbie hits on him.

Wray complains to Sean about corporatization of film studios.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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