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Retarding It All Up Recap

The next day, Wray wakes up in his hotel room with a hangover and without his shirt. He checks his email and then heads for the door. Karen is dressed just like him and waiting with coffee, and Wray explains that he must have recorded his audition. Tony contacted him and said it was great, and he'll send it on to Clint. Wray doesn't remember what happened, just as Bobbie comes in and said that she got laid. Wray is worried that it was with him, but Jerry comes in and says that he was with Bobbie.

They don't remember if Wray recorded his audition, but they do remember recording "other things" after Wray passed out. Wray finds the recording on his laptop and pours the coffee on the keyboard. Jerry leaves and Bobbie says that Wray can keep her underwear.

Jerry is giving as panel on mocapping. Backstage, Wray calls Jack and leaves a message for him to call back about the Clint Eastwood thing. He also adds that Jerry fucked Bobbie. As Wray prepares to go on, Karen brings him coffee and asks how he feels. Wray says that he feels shitty and the audition mattered, and at his age every missed chance feels like a last chance. He tells Karen that s.f. acting doesn't matter and doesn't have worth.

On stage, Jerry starts talking about his theory that Vikings crucified Jesus. The MC quickly ends the panel and calls up Wray, who admits that he's hungover. He has them applaud and says that it's rejuvenating, and starts playing a question. The fans immediately start asking him questions, starting with what he said the night before about hating s.f. Wray tries to deflect, and a handicapped fan asks when he's shooting the Clint Eastwood movie. The actor tries to deny it, and the same fan asks if he woiuld choose between an Eastwood movie and a Spectrum movie.

Wray says that he wants to be honest and then says "Spectrum" to get applause. When they keep applauding, Wray says that they're retarding him. The handicapped fan takes offense, and when Wray tries to explain that "retard" means "to limit", other fans take offense. He gets in deeper and insists that he gives to charity, and the number one fan complains that Wray stole his lucky pen. Wray tosses it to him and hits a fan in the eye, and the fans start booing.

Jack gets Wray's message and calls, asking if Bobby really slept with Jerry. He's having a party after an all-night poker game, and Wray tells him to go with him. He then puts Jack on the mic and sneaks off, and the fans applaud. However, the handicapped fans chase after Wray. Karen poses as Wray and runs off, luring them away while Wray hides.

Wray sneaks off into a ballroom and finds Sean there. Sean explains that the fans posted a video of Wray talking at the party, and Clint saw it and said that Wray was a dickhead. When Sean figures that the fans loved the use of the word "retard", Wray offers him the bourbon balls that he got and that made Karen sick.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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