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Baby Boom Recap

Wray goes to the hotel front desk. One woman in line is holding a doll as a baby. Wray bumps into a woman behind him, Louise, and she says that she's there for the convention. He says that he's there for the convention as well, and comments on all of the women with "babies". Louise says that she adopted a girl and she's asleep upstairs, and Wray says that it's huge and confirms that she's not married but just has a daughter, Isabelle.

An elderly woman comes by with a doll in a carrier, and Wray finally realizes that they're dolls, not babies. He realizes that the hotel is hosting two conventions. When Wray says that it's weird, Louise takes offense until he points out that at least s.f. fans have a sense of humor. She says that two years ago a kitchen fire claimed her baby son, and the doctor told her to adopt Isabelle as a therapeutic form of healing. Wray accidentally trips her again.

Lance is supervising the setup for the cosplay contest. Meanwhile, Bobbie is in costume and tells Wray that she moved him to a cheaper room and got the difference in cash. He's judging the cosplay in five minutes, and realizes that she's competing in the contest. They got lost in the kitchen, and Bobbie tells Wray to vote for her because the other two judges are gay. When Wray discovers that he's getting an action figure and the rep, Ron Slackskin, is there. Wray is enthusiastic until Bobbie admits that she hasn't seen it. She tells him not to refuse the money.

One of the judges, Leslie Jordan, comes in and tells Wray that he's a huge fan. A contestant comes by in a skintight superhero costume, and Leslie says that as a gay man he can appreciate females unsexually. Wray insists that he's not gay and guides the contestant to the stage. Once she leaves, Leslie confirms that Wray is straight and admits that he is as well. He explains that his gay act is to bring in the conservative woman. The other judge, Sean Maher, comes in and Leslie introduces him to Wray.

Jerry begins the contest and Bobbie does backflips on the stage. Leslie thinks that she's sexy and admires her agility. Sean thinks that Bobby is a man and admires him. When Wray says that she's a woman, Sean assumes that she's transgender.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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