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Doll Faced Recap

Wray and Louise go to the hotel restaurant and Louise tells Wray to kiss her. Once he does, the waiter offers them wine and Wray and Louise both take offense that he's offering wine to a breastfeeding woman. Wray demonstrates how the action figure moves his fist, and Louise is shocked. She's surprised that Wray is capable of caring. In the background, Sean arrives early for his date with Bobbie, and finds her with Leslie. They get into a push-fight, and Bobbie storms off.

Louise lets Wray hold Isabelle while she goes to the powder room. They kiss before she goes, and the waiter finds them a high chair. Jack calls and says that he's in Burbank filming a ski commercial. Wray tells him that he's on the date with a crazy woman with a doll who thinks that it's her baby. Isabelle falls out of the high chair and her head breaks off. The waiter brings dinner rolls and Wray tries to fit it onto Isabelle as a new head.

Louise comes back and Wray covers over Isabelle's head. The woman insists on taking a picture, and realizes that the head is broken. She breaks into tears and takes Isabelle, and she says that her son Milton's head melted. Louise finally explains that she put her first doll, Milton, to the stove when she was making paella. Wray realizes that she's only had merchandise, not babies, and Louise tries to grab Wray. She says that it's a jack off doll, and Wray realizes that she's right. Louise storms off, yelling "murderer".

Wray goes to his hotel room to complain to Bobbie. Sean comes out wearing a towel, and says that Bobbie isn't available. Wray tells him to tell Bobbie that he's not signing any action figures. Sean goes back inside and Leslie comes out, and Wray explains that his action figure has a design flaw and needs to be recalled. Leslie grabs it, says that it has possibilities, goes back inside, and locks the door. Wray begs Leslie to be gentle and walks off.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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