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Game Over Recap

Twenty-four hours after Drill sends the signal, the news talks about the possibility of an alien invasion.

Frommer meets with his team and they try to work out whether they are under attack. Wes comes in and tells them that Drill is being transferred to a secure location.

Soldiers transport Drill in Cassandra's body, and Claire is with them.

Wes tells Frommer that they'll find a way to stop Drill's people.

Sean is going through records of Ron's signals from 1982 when Claire calls and tells him that she tried to stop Drill. He asks Claire to come home, but she says that she has to talk to Drill and find out what he signaled to his people. Sean says that Ron intercepted Drill's signals in 1982, and assures Claire that Henry and Minx are playing upstairs. He then asks his wife to come home so that they can be a family if they are facing the end of humanity.

In his room, henry apologizes to Minx for not believing her when she said she wasn't possessed by Drill. He says that he'd give up his hearing to bring Minx's mother back, and Minx asks him how to sign that she wants somebody to make Drill pay for what he's done.

The soldiers secure Drill in a cage, and Claire talks to him. He says that Cassandra was dead the moment he took her body, and that he has nothing to hide. Drill invites Claire to ask him whatever she wants. When she wonders what the signal means, Drill says that it signifies the beginning of his race's domination of humanity.

Sean calls Ron, and the astrophysicist says that he not only heard the signal but the answer from Drill's people.

Drill tells Claire that he saved Sean's life and restored Henry's hearing, and says that it was easy to corrupt the children because the parents ignore them. As Wes arrives, Drill points out that he and Claire both had opportunities to stop him, but weren't willing to sacrifice what they had to. He says that there is one more thing that he has to do, and then glows and turns into ash. Wes wonders if Drill killed himself, but Claire figures that if he did then he had a reason.

As Henry teaches Minx sign language, the two of them both briefly pass out.

Across the world, Harper, Nicholas, Jane, and Drill's other friends do the same thing. They all look up and smile in unison.

Claire calls Sean, who says that Ron has come over. Ron believes that he can translate the message from the signal and then send a message back to the other aliens.

Henry and pack up several items, including a flashlight. Minx takes the flashlight and Henry nods in agreement.

Jane dissolves some sleeping pills in her mother's wine.

Nicholas locks his mother in her room and leaves.

At the FBI office, Jessup's pregnant ex-wife Tamara comes in and asks to see him. When he says that he has a job to do, Tamara says that if it's the end then she wants to be with him. Jessup hesitates and his ex-wife asks him to forget about his job for once and be with her.

As Claire stops at a gas station, she sees Nicholas and two other children talking. They walk off to a nearby building, and Claire follows them. A thin woman is waiting and addresses Claire by name, and three other men step out and surround the agent.

At the DoD, Wes tells Frommer that they have to give Sean and Ron more time.

At the Bennigan house, Ron plays the 1982 signals back to Sean. He explains that the signal repeats the same numbers--111215--over and over again. Sean bares his arm and reveals that the same number is tattooed on his arm. As Sean suggests that they can use the signal as a Rosetta stone to translate the entire message, Henry comes in and tells Sean that there is a strange woman outside walking the house. Sean goes to the door and the thin woman addresses him as name. Henry and Minx watch as three men come in and capture Sean, and the thin woman then tells Henry and Minx that they're ready.

Wes calls Claire and leaves a message warning that Frommer is demanding answers.

Claire wakes up in a factory, tied to a chair. Sean is seated nearby, also tied up. The thin woman comes in and says that it will soon be over. Claire wonders if Henry is okay, and the woman assures her that all of the children are fine.

Another female "friend," Mrs. Hollander meets Harper. She tells the girl that one day her parents will understand, and they wait at a bus stop.

Jessup drives off with Tamara, and she says that it doesn't matter where they go as long as they're together. He sees Harper nearby and drives over, gets out of the car, and the woman says that she's a friend of the family. Harper agrees and Jessup goes back to his car. He starts to call Claire, and Tamara says that he wishes he hadn't seen Harper.

The thin woman starts knitting, and Claire asks if she plans to kill them. The woman doesn't think so, and says that they will all eventually find out what part they have to play. She says that what they are facing is progress, not an invasion, and Claire reminds her that Drill is on pieces on the floor. The woman knows that Claire is trying to taunt her, and says that Drill doesn't discard his friends. Once Drill makes someone their friend, he's their friend for life. Claire realizes that the woman met Drill when she was just a girl. A man returns and the woman goes with him. Claire tells Sean that Drill's death was a trigger.

Wes goes to the Bennigan house and finds Ron dead, and his laptop playing Drill's signal. The agent grabs the laptop and leaves.

At the DoD, an Air Force general shows Frommer the feed from the SOR telescope. It shows ships moving toward Earth.

The woman returns and Sean signals to Claire, and then starts rubbing his ropes against a nearby metal edge. Claire distracts the woman, asking for her name, and the woman says that names don't matter. The agent persists, asking if she knows what the end looks like. The woman says that's enough, but Claire points out that Thomas met Drill in 1982, the same time that their captor did. Thomas learned what the end was like, and Drill killed him. The woman says that they know about Thomas, and they all have a part to play in the Coming.

Frommer and his people watch a closer shot of the approaching "ships": more of the blue rocks like the one that they found in the desert. The Secretary wonders where Wes is.

Wes returns home and calls to Henry and Minx. He gets no answer, and goes up to his daughter's room. Two men are in the hallway and attack Wes, and he knocks them out. Another one attacks him as he goes downstairs, and Wes knocks him out as well.

Jessup wakes up in the trunk of his car. Wes calls him and Jessup says that he's in trouble. Wes says that he'll track his phone, hoping that Claire and Sean will be there.

Henry approaches the White House and tells a policeman at the barricade that he's where he's supposed to be. The boy says that his parents are where they can't cause any more trouble, and smiles.

Wes follows Jessup's phone to the factory and calls for a tac team. He grabs his gun and goes inside. He finds Drill's adult friends watching a newscast about the rash of missing people, and sends video of the maps that they've set up.

Sean is almost through his bonds, and Claire asks the woman for some water. She refuses, saying that Drill said she wasn't to be trusted. A man comes in and says that Henry is there, and Claire asks what happened to him.

Tamara brings Jessup in at gunpoint, and Wes tells her to stop. Jessup tells Wes to stop, insisting that Tamara won't shoot him, and Tamara tells Wes to drop his gun or she'll kill Jessup. She says that when she was a kid, she believed Drill was there to help them... and she still does.

Claire and Sean hear a gunshot in the distance. Sean breaks through his ropes and attacks the man, and the woman puts her knitting needle to Claire's throat and says that it's bigger than just Henry. She prepares to stab Claire... and Wes arrives and shoots her.

The tac team arrives and Jessup tends to a wounded Tamara. Wes discovers that the other adult friends are gone. Wes tells Sean and Claire that Ron is dead, and Jessup calls in to discover that the FBI has Henry. They've heard nothing about Minx. The news goes live with the imminent arrival of the visitors, just as the sky glows blue.

Frommer receives reports of major cities receiving reports of the blue lights. They're all cities that Drill led Sean to. The group arrives at the FBI and Claire runs to Henry. She asks him where Minx is, and Henry says that she's where she needs to be.

In the woods, another adult friend leads Minx down the path and assures her that she has a part to play. Minx accepts that and says that Drill made sure she wouldn't forget where she has to go.

Nicholas waits in the forest.

Harper goes to the middle of a parking lot and waits.

Frommer calls Wes and says that Winters has authorized the firing of an EMP pulse at the invaders. Wes warns that the pulse would take out their entire security grid, but Frommer points out that they're out of options. Wes notices Ron's laptop on his desk and asks Frommer to wait. Once he hangs up, Frommer tells his people to proceed with the launch of the EMP warhead.

Wes shows Claire and Sean the laptop, and says that Ron thought there was a message inside of the signal. They figure that it is important to Drill, and they need a child to translate it.

The EMP warhead approaches the invaders.

Claire and the others try to get through to Henry, but he doesn't respond.

The missile contacts the invading fleet and scores a direct hit.

The lights go out through the city and explosions sound in the distant. Everyone runs outside and Claire asks Henry if it's over. He shakes his head no and points, and in the sky above the ships spiral down. Claire begs Henry to respond to her, saying that she knows that he's in there somewhere. She tells him that she will always love him no matter what happens, and signs to him. He responds in sign language, saying that he can hear her, and Claire asks what the message in the signal means. Henry signs back saying that the message is a question: "Are the children ready? Sean realizes that the aliens are there for their children, and he and Claire hug Henry.

Back inside, the group tries to figure out where the children are. Wes brings up the photo of the map from the compound, and Sean realizes that they show a spiral with a child at every mark. Claire signs to Henry which spot is Minx, and Henry says that he can take them there... and warns that they don't have much time.

Claire goes into the forest and waits at a tree.

Sean, Claire, and Wes arrive and Wes goes one way while Sean and Claire take Henry in another. They call to the girl, and Henry points ahead. Sean runs on and Claire runs after him, but Henry hangs back. He says that he's sorry and looks up at the sky. Claire runs back to him.

Wes finds Minx.

As lights stream down from the sky at each spot, Claire calls to Sean. He runs back as Claire runs to Henry. A light streams down on him.

A light streams down on Minx and Wes tries to grab her... and she disappears.

Claire reaches Henry and shoves him out of the column. She mouths "I love you" to her son... and disappears as Sean runs up. The ships depart, and Sean hugs Henry. The boy doesn't remember what happened, and Sean tells him that everything is going to be all right.

In the aftermath of the disappearances, everyone wonders where the thousands of children have gone.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2015

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