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Jal Recap

Jal practices telling Chris about the pregnancy. It's not clear if she wants to keep the baby or not, as she practices both options. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are studying for psychology and other subjects. Everyone is stressed. The principal complains that this year's students are quite stupid so they need to come to school to study over the next 5 days instead of studying at home. Michelle tells Jal that she's still upset with Tony but the watch thing was romantic. Jal talks to a nurse about the pregnancy. She heads to the apartment to find Chris has cooked a meal. Chris says he wants Jal to move in with him. Jal doesn't end up telling Chris just yet.

The next day, she decides to head over to her dad's house. Her dad wonders where's she's been. In her bedroom she debates whether she could even take care of a baby. She practices her clarinet for the audition. When Jal goes over to Chris' apartment next, Cassie is also there (so that's where she's been staying). Cassie gets in the talkative mood and asks Jal about what's been up with her. Cassie pretends to be Jal and she correctly guesses that Jal is pregnancy. Jal says not to tell anyone. Everyone attempts to study the next day. Anwar sees Sketch. Maxxie introduces the group to James his assumed new boyfriend. Sketch sees this and doesn't appear noticeably upset. Cassie also shows up. Jal talks to Michelle outside, who's practicing for Spanish and so she converses in it. She tells Michelle that she's pregnant. But she freaks out because she doesn't know the word means. Tony finds Michelle as well and they head back to the classroom together. Jal has received no help.

Cassie brings Jal to a casino place where there are slot machines and the lot. Jal later runs off to find Chris in order to tell him about the pregnancy but she avoids going inside the apartment again. Instead, she heads to her home. The musical group that her dad has signed is developing a line of t-shirts. While her dad is joking around with the rap group, Jal finally lets out that she is pregnant. Her dad comes into her room later and tries to set her straight. Jal says she's not going to the audition, which upsets her father. We find out that Jal's mom has gone away but she doesn't know why and neither does her father (but Jal says he is lying). Two of the rap group members try to console Jal. She hugs them for their efforts. Chris meets her outside the house the next morning. But Jal says she can't talk now as she's heading to her audition and has to be back later for an exam. Chris doesn't want her to go to the audition because she'll easily get into the university and then leave him. Jal says she will talk to him later. Jal performs for the committee of interviewers. Meanwhile, Michelle comes to talk to Jal and then asks Cassie if she's told Chris yet. Michelle apologizes about Sid and then leaves. When she heads home, Jal's mother is there. She hasn't seen her for a long time. Jal's father has told her mother about the baby. We find out that her mother just left one day. Jal complains that she couldn't even call to check on her.

Jal aces her Spanish oral exams as she speaks her mind in fluent Spanish. When she finishes, Michelle is outside and she hugs her. Jal heads back to the apartment to find Chris. However, only Cassie is there. Chris is in the hospital Jal learns. Jal wants to know what's wrong with him, but Cassie just continues to be as strange as ever. Cassie tells her that Chris has been taking some type of pills. Then he fell on the floor and was bleeding from his ears. The nurse explains that he's nearly "gone". Chris says he's taken all sorts of pills. Jal finally tells Chris that she's pregnant. But the nurse explains that they've given him medication to suppress the swelling in his brain. The nurse explains that the brother dies of the same thing. The doctors take Chris in for surgery. Jal gets upset as they take him away. She gives him the golden coin she got from the casino place for luck.

Written by IngridPatriota on Sep 17, 2017

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