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Willow Lake Recap

Brady is flailing away to music in his basement workshop and checking the monitors showing Bill’s home. He zooms in on Bill’s smartphone and then takes a similar one out of his cabinet.

Bill goes to the storage unit where Olivia’s things are stored. Janey explains that they took Elizabeth’s body to Silver’s Funeral Home, and Bill provides the name of a restaurant that can cater the luncheon afterward. Janey finds Olivia’s laptop and gives it to Bill.

Jerome is trimming Ida’s bushes when Bill returns home. Bill reluctantly goes over and apologizes for what he said earlier to the teenager. Jerome says that Bill could have asked him to back off but was mean, and Bill reminds him that he’s dealing with a dangerous felon. However, he reluctantly admits that he needs Jerome to get into the password-protected laptop. Jerome demands an apology and Bill gives it, and Jerome agrees to help. Bill admits that he doesn’t know enough about Olivia’s personal life to crack the password, but tells Jerome that he might know someone who does and goes inside.

Brady leaves for work at the electronics store, and Deb pours herself a glass of vodka. She remembers pounding on the basement door and Brady not letting her in. Deb goes in and discovers that the gate is locked, and remembers Brady showing her the Thing 2 remote.

Brady arrives at the store and Lou warns him that he can’t go in the back. She explains that Josh paid Robi a surprise visit, and they called a company meeting in a half hour.

At the diner, Bill brings in Holly and introduces her to a waiting Jerome. They sit down and Jerome opens the laptop, and Holly asks him to shake with his left hand. He cheerfully does so and gets out a password cracker. Bill wonders if it’s legal, and Holly asks if he knows that he’s going to destroy the drive’s contents. She explains that Apple knows about the cracker and suggests that they create a new admin account.

Janey calls Bill and he steps aside to take it and discuss the funeral transport arrangements. Jerome thanks Holly for her advice, and Bill asks Jerome to drop Holly off. Jerome asks Holly to help him crack the code, and Holly agrees. Once Bill leaves, Jerome asks if he can sit next to Holly and she hesitantly agrees.

Deb defrosts beef in the microwave and then goes through Brady’s things. She finds a power & electricity hat, a clown mask, and plastic tubing.

At the team meeting, everyone gathers and Josh tells them that Robi isn’t making the company’s plan. The DM says that losers are keeping Robi from making plan, and tells the employees that he doesn’t sympathize with any of them. He tells them to find a job somewhere else, but then points out that there aren’t any other jobs. Josh advises them to step up and accept who they work for, and the 1% difference will come by firing one of them. Josh admits that Brady is the best tech they have and his customer satisfaction ratings are high, and then fires Lou. A security guard comes in to escort her out, and Robi says nothing. Josh tells everyone else to go back to work, and Robi gives him a thumbs up as he leaves.

Bill and Janey arrive at the funeral home and the owner, Tim Silver, greets them. Ida is there and offers her condolences, and Tim escorts them into the parlor to get Elizabeth’s personal information and the service information. Once they’re done, Janey goes to the restroom and Tim goes about his business. Ida says that Janey is easy on the eyes and walks away.

Brady is out back breaking down boxes when Robi comes out and asks if Brady found his mother. He asks about Lou, and says that he thought that a day earlier he thought he’s be in upper management and Lou would have a job. Robi says that Brady came out smelling like a rose, and Brady starts stabbing one of the boxes with his x-acto knife as he talks about how lucky he is. The manager says that he’ll be a district manager one day, and tells Brady that he’ll always be him.

Holly breaks into the laptop and they find a file marked “Sessions”. She agrees with Jerome to open it but discover that it’s encrypted. Holly says that Olivia didn’t know how to encrypt files, and she goes to work trying to decrypt it.

At home, Bill talks to Janey on the phone and says that he’ll be over to talk about the rest of the funeral details. He assures her that she has it all handled, hangs up, and sets his phone on the counter.

Deb takes a drink and then checks under Brady’s mattress. She finds his journal, takes it, and walks out.

Bill puts on his best suit for the funeral and gets his things. He notices that his phone is on the shelf, not the counter where he put it earlier, and glances around before pocketing it. Bill goes to Janey’s apartment where she can’t write an eulogy. He tells her to think of the first thing that Janey thinks of when she thinks of Elizabeth, and what she liked about her. Janey admits that she doesn’t know, and that her mother kept to herself and wasn’t very warm. She asks if Bill knew his mother, and he admits that he didn’t really know her because people of that generation didn’t talk about their feelings. Janey starts to remember what her mother liked, and Bill tells her to write it down. She insists that it isn’t the person, and Bill tells her that they are what they do. After a moment, Janey kisses Bill and wonders if she didn’t know her own mother. Bill assures her that she knew as much as anyone knows about someone else.

When Brady gets home, Deb shows him what he found. She asks what the tubes are for, and Brady says that he uses them for computer projects and the journal is from when he is 10. Deb doesn’t believe him and demands to know what else the tubing could be used for. She asks about the clown mask, and Brady objects to her violating his presence. He jokingly talks about joining the circus, and tells her not to snoop in his room again. Deb opens the journal and Brady chuckles. He says that he was a dramatic child, and Deb asks what the “DFMD” on each page means. Brady reminds her that it means “Die MotherFuckers Die”, and Deb says that they wanted her to commit him. She didn’t because Brady told her that he could change, and he insists that he did. He massages her shoulders and tells her to look at him, and asks what she wants to know. Deb asks him if he’s changed, and Brady tells her that he has and then hugs her.

The next day, Janey comes out and finds Bill cooking breakfast. They kiss and he suggests that after the funeral he take her away somewhere to let her grieve properly. Janey says that she’s going to California as soon as possible, but wants Bill to stay on the case. He readily agrees, and Janey tells him that if she stays then she’ll fall in love and she’s past that. Bill asks her if she wants that girl back, and Janey describes how that girl welcomed a lot of abuse that made her wonder if she could be loved. After a moment, Bill offers her breakfast and she thanks him.

Bill and Janey drive to the church. Janey texts Bill asking him if he’ll come visit. At the church, Father Ahern gives the service, Brady secretly watches from the back, and Ahern calls Janey up. She sets aside her notes and starts to speak.

After the service, Bill helps Holly out. She collapses, weak, and Bill has her sit down. Charlotte comes over and reminds her daughter that she told Holly to eat the oatmeal. She complains that Holly is making it all about her, and her husband Art leads her away. Holly asks to ride home with Bill, and Charlotte sarcastically says that it’s a splendid idea. Once she and Art leave, Janey sits down next to Holly and says that it worked out okay. Bill asks if Holly did it on purpose, and Holly says that she’s doing okay.

As Bill goes to get his car, he gets a car. Janey takes the keys and goes to get his car. Brady watches from his Civic and realizes that Janey is the one getting into Bill’s car. He waits until she drives over and then triggers the bomb that he planted. The car explodes and Bill runs over. Satisfied, Brady drives off.

Earlier, Janey talks about Elizabeth believing in life after death but she didn’t believe in time. Elizabeth described Heaven as looking like Willow Lake in the Berkshires, an hour from where Elizabeth’s family grew up.

Bill stares at the flaming wreckage in horror.

Janey says that Elizabeth is there at Willow Lake, and her husband is there and Olivia and all of their ancestors. She says that Elizabeth would like it if they visited from time to time, and their lives are their dreams and God’s dreams, and then they wake up. Janey figures that her mother is awake now.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 21, 2017

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