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Sinking Feelings Recap

Wray arrives at Jack's house and buzzes in on the intercom. A voice tells him to get down on his needs, and Wray panics. Jack's new assistant Faith comes out and tells him that she was just kidding with him, and invites Wray in. Faith says that Jack talks about Wray all the time, and explains that Jack is on his way to the airport to party in Vegas. Wray doesn't want to talk about what happened when he and Jack went to Vegas, and asks if Jack mentioned the film project. Faith only says that Jack will say that he'll call when he gets to Vegas.

Bobbie texts telling Wray that she needs him, and he texts back that he doesn't need her for a comic book store appearance. Faith serves sushi and says that Jack is back with Nina, and Martina, and Christina. When Wray says that it's hard to date in LA, Faith tells him that he's too old for her. She tells Wray to grab one of Jack's swimsuits, strips down to her bikini, and says that they'll play Marco Polo. Wray says that he finds her behavior flirting, and Faith tells him that she isn't flirting.

Wray joins Faith in the pool and they play Marco Polo. He isn't very good. Faith drops hints about the movie, and Wray insists that if he catches her then she has to tell him about it. Wray finally catches her and she says that it's Jack wants to make a Spectrum movie with the original cast. He says it's not possible and ducks underwater, and Faith finally kick him in the throat to see if he's okay. Wray tells her that he hates Spectrum, and would have done anything but that. He goes underwater and Faith kicks him in the throat again.

Faith tells Wray that he has to tell Jack, but Wray says that he can't because it was the only good thing he did. He feels like a band that only had one big song. Since Spectrum he's been pigeonholed in s.f and fantasy projects. Jack calls and Wray tells Faith not to tell him that he's there, and that he has to go to a comic book store opening. Faith takes the call and says that Wray just left, and Jack figures that once Wray hears about Spectrum, he'll be fine.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 23, 2017

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