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Full Release Recap

Wray dreams of being on the set of Spectrum naked and being covered by pixilation. Then he wakes up and finds himself back in the show, with Dr. Chu Hua. She complains that she should be the main star, then Jack appears and tells Wray that he's wasting time. Another character, Hashen, appears and tells Wray that he's already dead. A young Ketheria appears and invites Wray to the premiere of her second sex tape, and then Bree Mitney appears holding dolls and says that they should have been their babies. Bree tells him that sex is better with crazy, and that Wray is the crazy one.

The ship takes another hit, and Jack tells Wray that he's taking the last escape pod. The self-destruct countdown starts, and Wray wakes up in his bed. Jack is calling but hangs up before Wray can get to the phone. Bobbie is sitting next to Wray's bed, and says that she wanted to give him good news. PJ Haars, the creator of Spectrum, has just released the lost episode on Dutch TV. Wray points out that it was stolen, and points out that they only shot two days and Haars stole the footage. Bobbie thought Wray had the full copy and brought over her projector, and admits that she broken in through the bathroom window with Wray's lawn chair. She wonders what's up with Wray's landlord, Dale Dare.

Dale staggers in wearing a dress, and Wray reminds him that he's not supposed to drink. He tells Bobbie that Dale used to be a stunt man lady, and since he's turned 90 he's reliving his more heroic days. As Bobbie walks out, Dale is getting a glass from a shelf and does a stunt fall for her, and figures that he's still got it.

Jack calls Wray and tells him that the whole cast is there, and invites Wray. Wray checks his messages. Brenda White, the Dr. Chu Hua actress, asks if Wray will be okay seeing Dawn, the Bree actress. Dawn calls to say hi to Wray. Tiffany calls and says that she'll be there. Stutter Dawes, who played Hashen, calls and tells Wray that payback is a bitch after Wray supposedly outed him. Wray figures that he can't go.

Dale invites Bobbie to him in the fist, and she finally does it. He figures that he's still got it, just as Wray comes out and says that the fans have crashed three servers trying to get the lost episode. He finds a review saying that the new footage employing Dutch lookalike actors, crude animation, shadow puppets, and Dutch commercials as a statement. Wray finally finds the lost episode, with an animated opening created by Haars. It's dedicated to the late Bruise Camp Bell, and then goes to a commercial for Dutch wooden shoe termites.

Dale accidentally unplugs Wray's laptop , and Wray tells Bobbie that the cast is meeting at Jack's to watch the episode. She thinks that they should go, and Wray points out that it's the cast only. He admits that they never found Bruise's body and they figure the sharks got him. As Wray sets up the projector, he talks about the cast. Dale wonders how Tiffany became such a dumb slut, and Wray insists that she was just a sweet girl who grew up in the spotlight. Wray figures that he should go, and tells Bobbie that Dawn is married now and has twins. Dale and Bobbie figure that Wray will get laid. Bobbie warns that Wray doesn't want another Vegas, but Wray figures that he'll get his closure. He tells them to enjoy the episode and leaves, while Dale does another stunt fall.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 23, 2017

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