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Nice Neighborhood Recap

Margot leaves a message for Jules asking her to call her because she really needs her.


Margot rises up out of a tub where she's been submerged, and sees a large black ball at the foot of the tub.


Jules' mother Brenna wakes Jules up and says that she crashed as soon as she got home. Jules gets up and talks to her mother, who asks if she's going to see Margot. She notices that Jules is acting strange, and Jules insists that she isn't.

Later, Jules is in her car crying. She gets hold of herself and then goes to Margot's house and waves to her.

Jules emerges from the No-End House. A few seconds later, Margot comes out. As they walk to the car, Jules claims that she didn't see anything in Room 5.

In Room 5, Jules reaches for a large white ball in the center of the room. When she touches it, the ball glows and a chorus of voices rise in volume.

As Jules walks up to Margot's house, she sees the 6 on the house. She goes in and calls to Margot, and finds her friend sitting in the kitchen as John makes breakfast. John invites Jules to sit down and join them.

JD walks out of the No-End House and finds Seth sitting on the porch steps. JD tells him that the last room freaked him out. He says that the man with the mask that they saw in Number 2 was in there. When the figure took it off, there was a latex mask underneath. Seth says that the girls' car is still there and figures that they're still there, but JD doesn't want to stay. He tries to call Uber but doesn't have a signal. As he walks off, Seth wonders what the matter is and JD says that the second mask looked like him. He walks off and Seth says that he's going to wait to see that the girls are okay.

John serves Margot and Jules omelets but realizes that they don’t have eggs. He asks Margot to find them, and she looks in the refrigerator. John asks if she remembers the time she snuck a carton of eggs up to her room to see if they would hatch. Margot asks him if he knows where he's been for the last year, and John says that he's been right there When Margot goes back to the refrigerator, she discovers that the same carton of eggs is there where she got the first one.

On the street, Dylan checks out the engine of a truck. There's nothing under the hood. Faded scars are on his arm.

John joins Margot and Jules at the table and starts eating. He takes a bite and says that it tastes like nothing, and Margot takes a bite and says that it's fine.

Dylan walks down the street and comes to Lacey. She thanks god that he came and is glad to see her, and he says that she wore the same sweat the day they met. They talk about how they met and Dylan says that the shirt is in the closet. He then takes out a gun and shoots Lacey in the head. A man comes out of a nearby house and leaves his garbage at the curb, and doesn't notice Lacey's corpse. Meanwhile, Dylan keeps walking.

Seth walks down the street and comes to a house. He sees a woman in her underwear inside. He backs into a cage in the middle of the cul de sac, with a family of four inside. One of them calls to Seth by name but he ignores him.

JD walks down the street past a man holding two bags of garbage. He arrives at his house and discovers that the door is locked. JD's parents don't answer his call, and when he looks in the window, a teenage girl looks out at him.

Margot says that she needs a minute and goes to her room. Jules starts to go after her, but John tells her that Margot needs a moment alone and wants to talk to her. Meanwhile, Margot enters her bedroom and looks out the window. Two bicyclists ride by, and Margot sees a photo of her and Jules on the table. The same two bicyclists ride by again.

John tells Jules that he lied and there is a gap in his memory. He realizes that he's not supposed to be there again, but it's good to see Margot again. Jules asks if it's good for her to see him, and John tells her that she thinks she's always been a good friend. When she says that she's always been there for Margot, even after John died, John asks her if Margot's grief dragged her down, and if she felt lighter after she left without Margot for college. He figures that she wanted a Margot that wasn’t suffering, and the Margot that is there needs her.

The girl turns away from the window, and JD sees her go to himself. They kiss and when the other JD sees JD, he smiles and closes the drapes. After a moment Other-JD comes out and invites JD in.

Outside, Jules asks Margot what kind of flowers grow in her backyard. When Margot says marigolds, Jules points out that all of the flowers everywhere are white orchids. She says that the House is manipulating space inside its walls and they're in Room 6. Margot doesn't believe it, but Jules says that it's not her home and "John" isn't John. When Margot says that she's always wanted a second chance with her father, Jules tells her that they should be terrified of what is happening. After a moment, Margot says that John killed himself. He had an allergic reaction five days before he died, and took triple the dose on the day that he died. Everyone but Margot thought it was an accident, and Margot just wants to talk to John a little. Jules points out that the thing that is John won't be able to tell Margot anything. As they argue, inside John puts on a record and watches the two girls.

Jules tells Margot that she spent the last year hoping that her father would rise from the grave, and she needs to snap out of it. When Margot says that Jules doesn't have a dad, Jules tells her that neither did she do. Her friend says that since the funeral, Jules pulled away from her and she needed her. Margot tells Jules to go and she's not going with her, and goes back inside. As Jules walks away, John turns up the record player.

Dylan continues walking and then runs down a familiar street. He enters a familiar house and calls to Lacey, and Lacey calls to him from up the stairs. Dylan apologizes for it taking so long, and she wonders how he knows her. He says that he's there to take her home, and Lacey says that she doesn't know him and it's her house. Dylan explains that they came there together to the House and he escaped but she didn't. Lacey says that her husband will be home soon, and Dylan insists that he's her husband.

Margot asks John how he's there, and he admits that he doesn't have any idea. He figures that it's just him, and Margot wonders how she can know it really is him. John tells her that she'll have to figure that out herself and he's not going anywhere.

Jules returns to the House and finds Seth there, but no sign of the house. He asks where Margot is, and Jules says that she's at her house with her dead father. She insists that it's him but it's not him, and figures that they're inside the House and it wants them to stay.

Seth sits on the couch and looks at the girl sitting on the other couch. Other-Seth pours drinks and sits, and says that their parents aren't there. When Seth asks what happened to them, Other-Seth says that they're not there because Seth came there and it isn't actually his house or his neighborhood. He suggests that it was all made from Seth's memories. JD wonders why the House would make another him, and Other-Self suggests that he's the version of Seth that Seth wants to be. He remembers what Seth remembers but can't access the sense experience, so he remembers eating pistachio ice cream but not what it tastes like.

That night, Margot puts on a swimming suit and goes out to the pool. John comes out with her and says that she'll be there in the morning and they'll have breakfast. He jokingly shoves her into the pool, and Margot remembers herself in the pool as a child with John. She realizes that she's swimming in a vast bottomless ocean, but when she surfaces, she's in the pool. Margot looks again and the water is endlessly deep. John sits by the side and tells her that it's okay, and asks if she trusts him. After a moment, Margot says that she does.

Jules and Seth go to a house for sale, and they agree to sleep in shifts. Neither one of them can sleep. Seth admits that he's scared, and Jules says that she isn't scared for herself.

As Margot gets out of the pool, John helps her dry off and gets a flash of her memory of them in the pool as a child. Margot goes up the stairs and trips, and she says that it's just a bruise. John tells her that he never wants to see her hurt, even a bruise.

Jules wakes up when she hears voices calling to her. She follows them to a room and sees the same glowing ball inside. When she touches it, the silhouette of a creature inside briefly appears.

Other-JD and the girl kiss, and JD watches. He finally asks if he can join in, and Other-JD says that he thinks she came from the real world like JD did. He suggests that she doesn't say anything because she has nothing to say, and is pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Other-JD points out that she hasn't looked at JD once. JD says that Other-JD is just a copy, and Other-JD reminds him that he said he was a better version. He figures that he's a better version of JD than JD is, and JD suggests that he made him up to teach him to be better. JD figures that's what Other-JD's purpose is, and Other-JD picks up the liquor bottle and pours a drink for JD. He says that he really wants to know what ice cream tastes like and clubs JD in the head repeatedly while the girl calmly watches.

As Margot sleeps, John walks into her room and strokes her brow. He experiences Margot's memories of Corinne, and in the basement a puddle of black goo forms. A naked Corinne emerges from the liquid, lying unconscious. John comes down and rips off her arm, plucks out some of the berry-like substances inside, and starts eating them. He then tosses the arms away and starts ripping off other pieces to eat.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2017

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