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Found and Lost Recap

Spectrum approaches a planet and Cash wonders how they can even consider it. He checks Bree--on a medbed-- on the monitor.

Raaker and Chu Hua check for the surge but find nothing. When they tell Cash, he says that the only person who understands the ship is Bree. Bree arrives on the bridge and tells Cash that they’re looking in the wrong place. She collapses into Cash’s arms, but then gets to her console and tells them to hurry.

On the planet’s surface, Hashen and Ketheria take refuge in a cave. Ketheria tells her companion that the storm outside is what is keeping them safe, and tells him that danger is already there.

Raaker and Chu Hua go to the spot Bree indicated, and the footage with the Dutch actors is spliced into the “missing” episode. They footage switches back and forth from the original actors to the Dutch substitutes, and Raaker finds something attached to the main feeds.

As the cast watches the missing episode at Jack’s house, shadow puppets come on for the FX. Jack calls and Faith pauses the episode. He asks what they think of the episode, and says that everyone in Hollywood is talking about Spectrum. Jack starts to suggest something, but the police pull him over for driving and facetiming at the same time. The officer recognizes Jack and apologizes for almost shooting him, and says that he’s a fan of Spectrum. Jack shows him video of the cast at his home.

Wray comes in and everyone but Stutters goes to greet him. They tell him that they’re going to make a Spectrum movie, while Jack takes a photo with the officer. As Brenda takes Tiffany to get some water, Dawn starts hitting on Wray while Faith looks on. Wray introduces Dawn to Faith, and Faith loudly says that Wray showed her pictures of Dawn’s kids.

As Dawn bends over seductively to get some snacks, Wray wonders why Jack is on facetime. Faith explains that he got a meeting with a new movie. Jack tells Faith to start the episodes back up, and they realize that Stutter slipped away. He left a note for Wray telling him to expect Stutter when he least expects him. Dawn points out that Stutter is still mad that Wray outed him, and Wray insists that everyone knew.

Faith skips past the shadow puppets to the characters screaming. She apologizes for jumping ahead too far, and they realize that Wray is gone. Wray starts yelling from the next room as Stutter attacks him unexpectedly.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2017

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