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They're Back, Aren't They? Recap

In the desert, a desperate man, Lee, is driving an armored car along the highway. His gun falls on the floor, and when he picks it up, he sees Lucifer ahead of him on the road. The guard brakes just in time, and Lucifer tries to climb in despite the wings on his back. He retracts them and gets in, and asks for a ride back to LA. Lucifer recognizes Lee and remembers that he's a jewelry thief that he put in jail. Lee says that he's not going to let Lucifer screw him up again and orders Lucifer out, and Lucifer asks him what he really desires. After a moment, Lee says that he just wants to get away. Lucifer figures that they can help each other.

A convoy of police cars drive down the highway and spot the armored car. They prepare a blockade and the truck brakes to a halt. After a minute, Lucifer gets out wearing Lee's uniform. He introduces himself as a consult for the LAPT and says that he's apprehended the truck and its contents. Lucifer identifies himself and the police confirm that he is who he says. He claims that the thief got away but he won't be bothering him for a long time.

Lee runs through the desert in his underwear.

Later in LA, Lucifer's aide Benjamin brings Linda in to Lucifer's penthouse. He's decorated the penthouse with flowers and candy, and tells her that Benjamin is part of the package. Linda figures that there's something more going on, and he reveals his wings. Lucifer figures that it's God's latest stunt after helping Charlotte, and he can cut them off again. He asks Linda to do it, but she points out that Lucifer doesn't know why the wings came back. Lucifer insists that he's going to track down God's emissary, and Linda refuses and tells him to think it through before he does something rash. She points out that she almost died because she was caught in the crossfire, asks Lucifer to text her Benjamin's number, and leaves.

At the station, Lucifer tells everyone that he's unharmed. No one cares, and Dan slaps him on the back. Chloe goes by and Lucifer apologizes. She figures that Lucifer was just avoiding the new lieutenant, and he says that he was kidnapped. Chloe asks who, and Lucifer admits that he doesn't know who it was. She doesn't believe him, and Lucifer takes her out to the desert where he woke up. There's no trace of anything, and Chloe figures that he's trying to distract her from the message he left her. She spots a corpse buried in the sand except for its hand and realizes that Lucifer is telling the truth about a crime.

The nearby Lancaster PD arrive and secure the crime scene. Ella plays out the death throes, and Chloe confirms the dead man is Steve Banales. Lucifer has never heard of him, and Chloe points out that the crime scene is on the LA border. Dan comes over as a local detective finds a key chain, and the fob has a large "A" on it. Ella wants to check the crime scene one last time to impress their new lieutenant, Marcus Pierce, and insists that they're lucky to have him.

Back at the station, Marcus meets with the entire department and introduces himself., then tells them to get back to work. Dan goes over to shake Marcus' hand, and says that he's excited to work with him. Marcus wishes that he could say the same, and points out that Dan is the corrupt cop that got off easy. He then goes over to Lucifer and points out that there was an investigation the year before where they interviewed 92 of Lucifer's partners. He figures that Lucifer is hedonistic and narcissistic, Chloe joins them and abruptly dismisses her. Once he leaves, Ella comes over and says that Marcus is amazing, but realizes the others don't agree with her.

Amenadiel comes in and asks where Lucifer has been. They talk privately and Lucifer tells him what happened. Amenadiel is shocked to learn that Charlotte is gone, and Lucifer gives him his necklace back. He wants to talk about who abducted him, and figures that the "A" on the key chain is Amenadiel. Lucifer accuses Amenadiel of getting his powers back and working for God again, but Amenadiel says that it was a one-time thing and doesn't have his wings back. After a moment, Lucifer avoids saying that he got his wings back.

Ella comes in and tells them that they have a suspect. She got fingerprints from the key chain and hugs Amenadiel. As she admires his pecs, Lucifer escorts her out and tells Amenadiel that he might have a solution to his problem before he leaves as well.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the Hotel Angelette and Chloe explains that Steve and his partner Josh Hamid owned the hotel. Josh and Steve both come from family money and bought the hotel to party. The partners go in make their way through the current party to Josh. Chloe tells him that he's a suspect in Steve's murder, and he runs. He comes to a locked gate and figures that the entire thing is a prank that Steve is playing. Lucifer tosses him over the balcony into the pool below.

At the station, Chloe and Lucifer interrogate Josh. Lucifer demands to know why Josh kidnapped him, and Chloe takes Lucifer aside and tells him to consult less. She then asks if Josh killed Steve, and shows him the key they found with his fingerprints all over it. Josh says that he gave the key to fake kidnappers, and he hired them for Steve because they pull pranks on each other. He gives them the name of the kidnapping company, and explains that they were supposed to drop him off in the desert.

Amenadiel goes to Lucifer's penthouse and finds a girl, Remedy, waiting for him. She says that she's there to give Amenadiel a massage, and he agrees. Remedy tells him to get off his clothing, and he goes to get some bigger towels. When Amenadiel goes into the next room, he finds a pair of bloody wings on the floor.

At the station, Ella tries to track Snatched without success. She shows them the corpse of a road squirrel, Leo, that she found near the crime scene. Ella figures that Leo was run over 16 hours before Steve died of dehydration, and has identified the tire tracks. Chloe suggests that they check Lucifer's connection to the case since they're out of leads. She wonders if it was a prank, and Lucifer insists that his father isn't a jokester. Lucifer figures that it's time to give her proof of what he's been saying, closes the blinds, and Ella takes the hint and goes. He takes a drink from a flask and admits that he's held the real truth back from Chloe. Chloe tells him that she's there for him, and Lucifer tries to summon his devil face... and fails. Chloe figures that he's playing a joke on her and walks out, disgusted.

Chloe tells Marcus that they haven't found anything. He says that there has to be find a way to the kidnappers, and Lucifer volunteers to be kidnapped. Marcus and Chloe figure that they'd know him and suggests that Dan does it, and Marcus makes it clear that he's expendable.

Later, Lucifer, Chloe, and Dan set up in a fake food truck and contact Snatched. Chloe assures the team that they'll keep him safe, and admits that she's not happy with what Marcus said about Dan. Dan admits that he's not happy that Charlotte is pretending that she doesn't know him, unaware that Charlotte reverted to her original human being. Marcus is monitoring them from the station, and Chloe goes to check with the officer at the pickup point. Lucifer tells Dan that Charlotte's current behavior has nothing to do with him. Dan points out that Lucifer got her involved with him and walks off.

At the station, Amenadiel comes in to ask Ella if she knows where Lucifer is. She explains that Lucifer is in the middle of a sting operation, Ella tells him that whatever he's going through is part of God's purpose, and shows him Leo's corpse. She figures that Leo will eventually give her a clue in the case and tells Amenadiel that they've just got to have faith.

Chloe continues to monitor Dan, and finally a van pulls up and men jump out... and abduct the nearby Lucifer. They soon send a photo of the kidnapped and hooded Lucifer to Chloe.

At a boiler room, the kidnappers remove Lucifer's hood. He asks how they abducted him the first time, but one of them tasers him. Lucifer shrugs it off, and they wonder if it's low on charge. He frees himself and apologizes for interrupting.

Back at the station, Dan complains to Chloe that Lucifer humiliated him in front of Marcus. Ella finds Lucifer's phone tossed away, and hasn't found anything on traffic cams.

Lucifer tapes up the two kidnappers and asks them how they took his devil face. They have no idea what he's talking about, and says that they were supposed to pick up Dan. The kidnappers, Large and Gangly, remember Steve and say that Josh got Steve the deluxe package. They did the detail work at the boiler room and then their partner Sam took Steve out to the desert and then dropped him off at the hotel. Satisfied, Lucifer leaves.

Ella and Chloe review the keys, and Dan comes in and says that they're screwed. He says that the detective that found the key isn't part of the Lancaster PD, and they figure that he was trying to steal the evidence. They go over the photos of the crime scene, and Ella points out that he's walking toward a van... with the tires that ran over Leo. They start to run the license plate.

Sam is packing when Lucifer knocks at the door. When Sam goes to the door, Lucifer kicks it in and asks if Sam remembers him. Sam recognizes him, and Lucifer demands to know how he's connected to God. The kidnapper has no idea what's going on, and Lucifer takes out Maze's knife and prepares to kill him. Sam confesses everything, and says that he was going to swap Lucifer for Steve but Lucifer had wings. He denies putting the wings there, and says that he was so scared that he ran. Lucifer doesn't believe him and his wings sprout without him summoning them. He realizes what's happening but Sam says that he doesn't know Lucifer's father. He asks if Lucifer's father is the Sinnerman, and says that's who hired him to kidnap Lucifer. The Sinnerman is a huge crime boss, but because Sam didn't finish the job he's running before the Sinnerman has him killed.

Lucifer asks where he can find Sinnerman, but Sam doesn't know. Chloe and Dan arrive and Dan take Sam away. Chloe wonders what happened to Lucifer and he says that he doesn't know as he walks out.

Later, Marcus tells Chloe that it's not good. She insists that Lucifer is her partner, and they make an effective team. Chloe insists that she's there to solve crimes, not see Lucifer's "thing". Marcus tells her that he came down to tell her that her perp was released on bail, and figures that he has friends in high places. He doesn't care what happened, and wishes Chloe good luck with Lucifer's "thing". Two men walk out with a nervous-looking Sam.

Lucifer returns to his penthouse and finds Amenadiel there. Amenadiel shows the angel feather, and says that he's angry with himself because he made Lucifer feel that he couldn't confide in him. He figures that his ego should never be an issue, and says that he's not going to fail God's test again because he has faith. Lucifer sprouts his new angel wings, but Amenadiel insists that it's all part of God's plan. Lucifer tells his brother that God took his devil face as well. Amenadiel suggests that God is trying to show him that he's been forgiven, and Lucifer angrily says that he doesn't want God's forgiveness. He asks if Amenadiel has ever heard of Sinnerman. Amenadiel hasn't, and Lucifer tells him that's who kidnapped him.

The next day, Chloe and Lucifer are called to a pier. Underneath it, Sam has been impaled.

Lucifer figures that maybe God isn't the one who gave him the angel wings, but something much darker.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2017

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