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Beware the Cannibals Recap

Jules remembers touching the sphere, and experiencing memories of her childhood. In the floor below, two bodies of her mother and sister appear in puddles of black goo.

The next morning, Seth wakes up and finds Jules sitting on the couch. He asks if she's okay, and Jules says that she's fine and wants to get Margot. She tells Seth that Margot is the closest things she has to a sister.

Margot wakes up in her bed and opens the drapes. The two bicyclists go by on the street. When Margot opens the closet door, she finds a hallway and a glowing light behind some piled-up furniture. She closes the door and hears John saying "Morning, Margot" repeatedly. Margot goes to investigate and sees him practicing in a mirror. She calls to him, and he wishes her good morning.

Other-JD is standing outside the house burning JD's body as his girl looks on.

Later, Margot comes downstairs and John offers to make her breakfast. She asks where someone is but can't remember who. John says that he already ate, and Margot wonders why he didn't wait for her. he says that he thinks he was put there because that's what Margot wanted or needed, and he's not going to look a miracle in the mouth.

Dylan ties Lacey to a table and shows her photos of when they were married. Lacey glances over at the photos of her and her new husband, and Dylan asks if it's someone she imagined. She insists that he exists, and Dylan tells her that she married him.

Seth looks out the window and sees JD walking by. He brings him in and tells Jules that he found him.

John pours syrup on Margot's waffles, and she asks John why he left them. He tells her that if certain thoughts are going to hurt her, she shouldn't think them. Margot points out that he died, and everything that she's thought then has brought her around to that. She wondered what it felt like for him, and became obsessed with it. John tells her that it happened fast and there wasn't much pain. He gently brushes away Margot's tears and takes her hand, and assures her that he loves her.

John goes back to the sink and Margot takes the waggle to the garbage. Corinne's head is inside, and Margot has trouble remembering what her mother looks like. She tells John that she's going for a walk, and John grabs her and offers to join her. Margot says that she needs some time to think and goes to her room, locking the door behind her. john tries the knob and then knocks, and asks if Margot is okay. She asks for a moment alone, and John tells her that she can have all the time in the world. Margot goes to the window and discovers that it won't open or break. John stands out in the hallway and listens,

JD asks what the plan is to get out, and nervously picks at the skin on his arm. Jules figures that there's a way out and they'll find it... after they get Margot.

John knocks repeatedly on Margot's door and asks if she's ready to talk. He knows what she saw in the trash, and he's trying to figure it out himself. John explains that it's what he eats, and he'll get hungry again and it's going to get worse. He asks Margot to help him, and Margot asks him to come back in a bit. John says that she's starting to scare him and pounds on the door when she refuses to answer. He finally breaks through, and Margot goes into the closet. She finds herself underwater swimming through clothing, and rises to the surface. Margot emerges from backyard pool and sees John watching her from her bedroom window.

Margot runs down the street and sees the bicyclists go by. She runs up to a man watering his flowers, and he asks if she thinks it's going to rain. Jules and the others see her and call out, and Margot runs off. John arrives and asks the man where Margot went. He tells John to watch out for the flowers, and John rams his hose into his mouth and out the back of his head. John then walks off in search of Margot as the man's wife runs to him, screaming.

Margot runs into the local school and down the hallway. A woman grabs her arm and shhhs her without stopping. John comes in, and finds the woman lying on the floor staring into space and talking in Russian. Ignoring her, John continues on.

Margot enters another hallway and hears the Russian anthem playing. Jules runs up and they hide in a classroom. John enters the hallway and the music stops. He searches for Margot and starts to enter the room where she and Jules are hiding. However, he hears Seth and JD banging on the lockers and runs off.

Once John leaves, Margot tells Jules hat she can't remember anything about Corinne. She figures that John took the memory and ate it.

John walks back to the house.

At the for-sale house, Margot looks out the window and sees the sky change abruptly. She goes downstairs and asks Seth to check out something for her.

Lacey's husband comes home and finds her tied to a chair. Dylan comes up behind the husband aiming a gun at him and tells him to come over. The husband attacks him, and Dylan grabs a knife and stabs him in the neck. Once he goes down, Dylan tells Lacey that he wasn't real.

Seth and Margot walk over and Margot asks him what he saw in Room Five. He says that he saw the families that he grew up with in the foster homes, and they were all in the room waiting for him. Margot asks what they were like, and Seth says that he doesn't remember because he doesn't want to remember. They come to the changing sky and figure that it's the edge of the world. Margot figures that at least they know what they're dealing with if they've found a border.

JD finds Jules sitting on a bed. He comes in and she asks if he's all right, and JD tells her that the place is making her sick. JD suggests that they go looking for the exit, and tells Jules that Margot and Seth went out. Surprised, Jules wonders why and goes to look for them.

Margot and Set climb the water tower and see the entire small world. She spots what appears to be a house-shaped gap in a nearby field and figures that it's worth checking out. as Margot looks down, she sees Margot walking down the street calling for her. She also sees Jules heading toward John and starts climbing down. They get to Jules first but John arrives and starts running toward Jules. Jules joins her friends and they run back to a nearby garage and find a crawlspace in the floor.

John comes in as Margot prepare to go down. He tells her that after he took the pills, he knew it was a mistake but it was too late. John approaches her and describes the pain that he felt, and figured that Margot would be better off without him. Margot tells him to stop and says that he's just pulling the word out of her head, and realizes that he can't tell her anything that she doesn't already know. She figures that "John" is just made up of what she already knows or hoped was true. When John steps forward, he falls into the covered-up crawl space. Jules and Seth emerge from hiding, and after a moment they walk out.

When the trio returns home, JD tells them that they have guests. It's Dylan, who says that the House makes things out of their memories that eat their memories. JD wonders what happens when the "cannibals" run out of things to eat, and Dylan doesn't care. He says that the people they see have been there too long, like Lacey. Dylan admits that there's not much left of her real personality, but figures that if he gets her back to reality then she can be restored. He tells them that the House hides long enough for them to get all hollowed out and forget, and Margot says that they think they know where the House is. Dylan says that they should wait until morning to head out.

Margot goes outside and looks across the neighborhood. She then goes to the room where Seth is sleeping and tells him that she couldn't sleep. Seth invites her to keep him company, and asks where Jules is. Margot says that she's asleep, and thanks Seth for coming with her.

Jules can't sleep, and hears the voices wiping

Margot kisses Seth.

Jules follows the voices to the room and finds the glowing sphere there. She touches it and a hand reaches for her from inside, and she relives more memories of her family.

Margot and Seth make love.

Jules lies against the sphere as what's inside feeds on her memories and puddles of black goo form around her.

The next morning, Seth goes to the kitchen and finds JD peeling away the skin on his arms. JD claims that he's allergic to something, and Seth casually walks out. He goes back to the bedroom and lies next to Margot. As she cuddles next to him, Seth stares up at the ceiling.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 5, 2017

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