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Divide and Conquer Recap

At the Declan Research Facility in Santa Barbara, Dr. Evan Declan is leaving when an assistant runs up and shows him video of Black Bolt's arrest. The assistant explains that Black Belt is being held at a correctional facility in Oahu, and Evan heads for the airport. He then calls a prisoner, Sammy, claiming to be Sammy's lawyer. Once Sammy answers the phone, Evan says that he knows why Sammy was arrested. If Sammy does what he says, then he'll help him.

Black Bolt is sitting in his cell and remembers his father King Agon telling him that being a king requires sacrifice. When Black Bolt says that it seem boring, Maximus objects, saying that Agon is the king. Agon tells his eldest son that when he inherits the crown, he will become the leader of a great people. Black Bolt says that he'd rather just be himself, and Maximus points out that if Black Bolt dies then he becomes king. Their fathe3r assures them that no one is going to die and says that they're both destined for great things.

There's a commotion outside, and Black Bolt looks out to see Captain Pena giving a statement to the press. Louise arrives and introduces herself to Pena, and asks if Black Bolt displayed any unusualpowers. Pena admits that he doesn't know Black Bolt's name, and refuses to let Louise talk to him. Pena goes inside and meets with Black Bolt. He tells the guard to put him into general population in the hopes that Black Bolt will talk. The guard tells Black Bolt that they're going to have some fun.

Medusa walks through Waikiki Beach and realizes that people get money from ATMs. She goes to one and demands money. There's no response, even when she says please.

Gorgon walks through the jungle with the armed surfers, and he warns them that the people coming will be like no one that they've ever seen. The fighters that are coming are ones that he trained, but they figure they can take the coming Inhumans. Gorgon tells them that it's his fight for his people and his king, and the leader says that they'll fight for Gorgon's king in honor of theirs. He asks if Gorgon can kill his own people, and Gorgon says that he'll be happy to if they're part of the coup.

In her apartment, Crystal listens to her music. Maximus comes in and asks if she's considered his offer. He says that Black Bolt is put them at risk, and if she joins him then the others will reconsider. He insists that he doesn't want to kill anyone but will if he has to. Maximus gives her a statement to give to the Genetic Council pledging his support, insisting that it's the easiest way to assure a peaceful transition. he tells Crystal that her reading the words could keep their family alive, and Crystal says that she'll do it. However, she warns Maximus that she'll kill him if he goes back on his word. Maximus thanks her for realizing that it's better if she does it freely instead of his making her.

Maximus leaves and asks Auran if she's located Black Bolt yet. She admits that Earth is bigger than the Moon, and Maximus tells her that he knows where Gorgon is. Auran figures that it's a trap, and Maximus sends her some backup and Mordis. She warns that Mordis isn't a fighter, just death, but Maximus insists that he's the most powerful Inhuman after Black Bolt.

Once Maximus signs off, he meets with Bronaja. He gestures to a door and asks the teenager how bad an idea it is to open the door that contains Mordis within. Bronaja doesn't see anything in the future, and warns that he has no control over his gift... yet. They open the door and Mordis steps out. Mordis asks where Black Bolt is, and Maximus tells him to follow him so that he can explain.

Flora and the other Inhumans arrive to meet with Auran. They all look at Mordis, who tells Auran that he doesn't want to be there anymore than she wants him there. When Auran wonders what Maximus promised him, Mordis says that he was offered his freedom.

Karnak comes to a house in the jungle and approaches it. A man, Reno, demands to know why Karnak is there and draws a knife. Another man grabs Karnak from behind and puts a machete to his throat.

Black Bolt is put in general pop and the guard Rivera says that Black Bolt put his brother-in-law in the hospital when he flipped the car. Sammy asks to have a little time alone with Black Bolt to "play".

Auran and the others enter the jungle and Mordis suggests that Flora make a path. through the plants. She touches the ground and commands the plants to move aside for them and make a path.

Medusa arrives at the Royal Estates and one owner dries out of his walled estate. She quickly runs in before the gates close, and eats some fruit on the table. She looks around and finds clothing to wear. Medusa looks at her shaved head in the mirror for a moment, and then takes some food from the kitchen. There's a newspaper with a photo of Black Bolt's capture on the front page, and she sees a magnetic sticker for Keoki's Cab.

The ganja farmers tie Karnak up, and he tells them that he's no threat. Their leader warns that they're kidnapping and they should let Karnak go. Reno asks Karnak who the comlink puts him in touch with. Karnak insists that he has to find his family. As they discuss what to do, Karnak considers what to do to free himself. He kicks a table over but it doesn't bring down the shed as he planned. The three ganga farmers go outside to talk further.

Rivera puts Black Bolt in a cell with Sammy. Once they're along, Sammy asks Black Bolt how he got his abilities. Black Bolt indicates that he's mute, and Sammy describes Terragenesis. When Black Bolt responds, Sammy realizes that he knows what he's talking about and warns him that people like Black Bolt are disappearing from all over. He advises Black Bolt to escape and find his family before something happens to them, and Black Bolt signs, asking why Sammy is helping. Sammy says that in Hawaii they help their friends.

Auran tracks Gorgon's comlink and tells Mordis to keep Locus safe. She and the others move in and find Gorgon's comlink on the floor of a shack. The surfers open fire, and Gorgon attacks Auran. When the Inhumans attempt to summon their powers, the surfers take out one of them and a serpentine Inhuman ills another. Flora brings down the tree that the surfers are in, and they rappel down.

Gorgon finally kicks Auran down, and she calls for Mordis. He removes his mask and fires a blast of energy. Gorgon dodges it and stomps his feet, knocking them down. He tells the others to retreat, grabs the downed surfer, and runs with the rest.

The leader comes in and treats Karnak's head wound. She explains that they sunk all of their money into the farm, and Reno is worried that it will all go up. She tells Karnak that he should be less guarded about who he is, and asks about his tattoos. Karnak says that he made a decision when he was a teenager, and it's a reminder of who he used to be and who he is now. She asks who he is, and Karnak says that he doesn't make mistakes. Since he's hit his head, he can't see the consequences of his decisions. She tells him that it will be all right, but Karnak isn't convinced. He figures that he's of no use to his family in his current state, and the woman says that they're family and will always be there for him. Karnak asks if he can stay.

That night in the city, Louise is in her car outside the prison when Pena taps on the window. She warns him that he has no idea who he has imprisoned. Pena tells her that if he comes back then he'll have her car towed and her with her.

Rivera and his men take Sammy out of his cell to have a "talk". The head guard then takes Black Bolt out and Black Bolt calmly goes with him.

Maximus assembles the Genetic Council and calls the new leader, Tibor, forward. he tells Tibor to draft a new edict for him abolishing the caste system. Tibor warns that it would tear their society apart, but Maximus says that he wants to free those working in the mines. He tells Tibor that he has Crystal's support and has her brought in. She asks where Lockjaw is, and Maximus tells her that he's indisposed. Crystal warns him that Lockjaw is always at her side, but Maximus refuses to put her in the same room as her teleporting hound.

Crystal turns to the Council and says that Maximus is the king of no one. She freezes the guards' weapons with her powers and runs off.

Kitang tells a young Maximus that he is now a human, and no human can be king of the Inhumans.

Maximus tells the Council that Crystal runs away from her responsibility like all of the royal family. However, he insists that he's not like them and Agon was right that he's destined for great things.

Crystal runs into Black Bolt's containment cell and freezes the door shut, and then tries to wake Lockjaw.

Maximus says that he will never turn his back on the people of Attilan.

Crystal wakes Lockjaw and has him teleport her to where he took the others.

Reno enters the shed and says that they took a vote about what to do with Karnak. He frees the prisoner and says that he was outvoted, but he'll be keeping an eye on the two of them.

Rivera takes Black Bolt out to the yard. Sammy is there and waves to him. The other convicts congratulate Black Bolt on beating up the cops and embrace him, much to Rivera's surprise. Rivera knocks a dumbbell on the ground and tells Black Bolt to pick them up. When Black Bolt refuses, Rivera beats him and the other convicts attack the guards. The alarms go off and more guards arrive. Black Bolt attacks the guards, and Sammy leads him out. They go into the prison to a garage, and Sammy uses h is power to burn a hole in the door. He explains that he lost his family when he burned down his house by accident.

Kitang tells Agon and Rynda that Black Bolt's voice may be the most powerful and dangerous gift in Inhuman history. He tells the couple that Black Bolt can destroy Attilan, and they will never hear his voice. Rynda hugs her son, and refuses to lock him way when Kitang suggests that they do so for the safety of Attilan. Agon agrees with his wife, insisting that Black Bolt will learn to control his powers.

Sammy finishes melting the door, and he and Black Bolt run out. A helicopter picks them out with a spotlight, and Louise sees the commotion. She sees Medusa arrive in a taxi, confront the gate guard, knock him out, and go inside.

Evan is flying the helicopter, and yells that he's there to help. Sammy tells Black Bolt that he's a friend and they get in. Evan flies away just as Medusa arrives andtries to get her husband's attention without success. Louise runs up and asks what's going on, and Medusa draws a gun on her and says that they're going to follow the helicopter.

Lockjaw teleports Crystal onto a road. He passes out and Crystal tries to wake him up. A man in a road buggy drives up and accidentally slams into Lockjaw.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 7, 2017

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