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Tatania Recap

Anton watches video of himself and his fiancé Tatania, She praises her husband, saying that his work received worldwide attention, and he asks if she'll marry him. Tatania agrees and they kiss, and Anton records the entire thing. Graham calls and tells Anton that the experiment worked, and Anton tells him to begin the procedure immediately. He then goes to the container holding Tatania and tells her that they'll soon be together.

Later, Anton and Graham begin the procedure. They perform the procedure and Tatania awakens. She dresses and Anton explains what happened. Tatania doesn't remember Anton, and he tells her that she's his husband. Anton shows her video of her, but she insists that she doesn't remember. He says that she needs some exposure to the laser, and promises that he'd never do anything to harm her.

Anton and Graham perform the procedure, and "Tatania" says that her name is Kitty Lane and she was an exotic dancer in New Orleans. They drugged her and took her to some hospital, and she tells them to stop calling her Tatania. He shows her a mirror and Kitty is shocked to see that she now looks like Tatania in the video. Kitty begs Anton to let her go, but he refuses and she runs off. Graham drags her back and Anton tells him to prepare the anesthesia.

Later as Anton vows to bring Tatania's memories back, Graham comes in and says that he did some checking. Tatania was in a coma when Kitty disappeared, and the fingerprints of the two women match. Anton revives Kitty and she describes how General Sunderland took her to the hospital.

Sunderland tells the imprisoned Tatania that he was the one who saved her life years ago. She promises that Anton will find her, but Sunderland reminds her that her husband is dead. Sunderland says that he keeps the wheelchair and the voice box to remind him of the pain he went through to obtain her, and Tatania tells him that he went to a lot of trouble for nothing.

In his lab, Anton realizes that Sunderland tricked him. Graham comes in and Anton tells him to dispose of Kitty because she's desecrating the memory of his wife.

Kitty is in her quarters when Graham comes in and gives her a bundle of money to make a new life for herself. He offers to make Anton to forget his wife, but Graham warns that Anton doesn't want to see him and tells her to take the money before he changes his mind. After a moment, she goes.

Later, Anton and Graham go to Sunderland's complex. He's working with a physical therapist to rehabilitate his legs, but he orders her out. Anton and Graham barge in and Anton tells him that he brought Kitty back to life. Sunderland admits that he should have paid more attention, and Anton prepares to kill him. The general says that he needed Anton's continued dependence on him, and he would have left him without some incentive. He says that Tatania is alive and well hidden, and Anton figures that Sunderland is keeping Tatania close. He has Graham hold Sunderland at gunpoint and looks in the next room, and finds Tatania.

They have Sunderland open the room and Anton goes to his wife. Tatania runs to embrace him, and Anton says that he'll take his revenge on Sunderland. Tatania is shocked that Anton worked for Sunderland, and says that Sunderland told her that Anton did terrible experiments on people. She realizes that it's true and stares at her husband in shock, and Anton figures that Sunderland turned her against him. He grabs the laser gun from Graham and uses it to melt the pins in Sunderland's legs.

Graham takes Tatania outside, and Anton melts the plates in Sunderland's spine into his liver. As he goes out with his wife, she screams that Anton is a madman. Meanwhile, Sunderland manages to activate the self-destruct and vows to see Anton in hell before collapsing. The complex starts to go up, and Tatania is hit by falling debris.

Anton confirms that Tatania is dead and takes her to the swamp. He demands that Swamp Thing bring her back to life, but gets no response. Graham arrives and Anton cradles his wife's body in his arms. Swamp Thing arrives and Anton begs him to bring Tatania back. He admits that Swamp Thing has reason to hate him for killing Linda, but begs him not to let Tatania suffer for his crimes. After a moment, Swamp Thing goes to Tatania's body and tries to heal her without success. He says that it's too late and her soul has left her because she didn't want to live. Crying, Anton begs Tatiana not leave him.

Later, Anton watches the video of Tatania. Graham brings him food, and Anton says that he wishes he hadn't had Graham dispose of Kitty. His assistant admits that he let Kitty go, and Anton says that he's brilliant as he asks where Kitty is.

Kitty is back to dancing at a strip club.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 8, 2017

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