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Aruba-Con Recap

After Waverider crashes in LA in 2017, the Legends head down the street. As dinosaurs run amuck, the team argues and Big Ben chimes in the distance. A T-Rex advances on them, and as it charges toward them it disappears into an energy portal. Rip appears and complains that the Legends buggered everything up, and says that his agents are dealing with the anachronisms displaced to 2017. Rip explains that he has been working for five years to create the Time Bureau. His agents are making sure everyone wipes the civilians' memories, and tells them that the Legends' services are no longer required.

Six months later in Star City, a bored Sara is working in a discount store. The manager figures that she thinks that she could get a better job, and he tells her that she's lucky he hired someone who has been reported dead twice. Sara imagines cutting his throat, but controls herself, smiles, and thanks him.

At a Silicon Valley company, Ray tells his superior Alan that he's had a breakthrough in shrinking matter. Alan isn't interested, and points out Ray lost all of his side-project privileges. He points out that their company Upswipe is creating a holistic social networking app to make the world a better place, and tells Ray that if it isn't on a phone then it's not the future.

In Central City, Steel is fighting criminals when Kid Flash speeds in and cleans up the rest. Nate reverts to his normal forma and complains that Wally should have saved some for him. Wally offers to buy him a drink, but Nate tells him that he has a girl waiting for him and goes to the park to meet with his date, Alana.

In Aruba, Mick is relaxing and taking in the sun on a private beach. Julius Caesar rides up and introduces himself, and says that he's there to conquer the known world. Mick wonders how he got there, and Julius has no idea but plans to conquer the world. Realizing something is wrong with time, Mick calls Sara and tells her that they Julius Caesar is in Aruba and he's tied him up. Sara tells him to keep Julius safe, just as the manager comes in and complains that Sara is taking a personal call during peak traffic. She throws a knife at him, says that she quits, and walks out.

Once she collects, Ray, Sara goes to Central City and meets with Nate. He says that she and Amaya broke up, and Sara tells him that Julius is in Aruba. She figures that they can use it to get the Time Bureau to bring them back in. Ray is surprised that she's unhappy with her new life, and Sara unconvincingly says that she's doing great. Nate says that he's the second most popular superhero in Central City, and Ray tells them that he's the most popular tech guru in Silicon Valley. They all decide to get going.

Back in Star City, the trio goes into an office using a stolen badge that Sara took from a time agent. Men draw guns on them, and their leader Sharpe comes in and orders them down on the floor. When Ray says who they are, Sharpe pins him to the floor and says that they know exactly who the losers are. Rip comes in and orders his people to stand down, and tells the trio to call ahead. Nate grabs him and Sara disarms Sharpe, and Nate figures that Rip told Amaya to go back to 1942. Rip insists that it was her idea, and Nate lets him go. Sara gives Sharpe her gun back and the former Legends say that they found an anachronism. Sharpe assures Rip that they haven't sensed any such temporal displacement, and tells Sharpe to ready a go-team. He then invites the trio on a tour.

Rip shows the group around the office, and some agents bring Arthur in. He figures that Rip was responsible, and Rip wipes his memory. Ray points out that the Bureau missed the fact that Julius was displaced, and Sara suggests that if he gave them Waverider back then they'd be glad to take care of it. Ray shows them Waverider and says that the ship has been put to a new use. The group goes aboard and discover that it's a simulator. The simulation crew come up with a better plan than the original team did, and the instructor Director William Bennett comes in. He wonders why the Legends are there, and says that they have professionals to handle the matter.

Mick is eating Caesar Sala, and Julius tells him a story about how he was kidnapped by pirates. He promises to kill Mick eventually if he doesn't let him go, and offers him the gold in his satchel. Mick grabs the gold and drops it, and Julius attacks him.

The Bureau Agents track down Mick to Aruba. They open a portal and send a go-team through.

Julius runs out and Mick goes after him. Two gents arrive and Mick knocks them over and then tackles a Julius lookalike. They figure that the fake is the real one, grab Mick, and teleport away with the fake. Rip wipes the fake's memories, and tells Mick that he'll never be there again. Sara apologizes to Rip, and reminds him that when he left he said that he had nothing left to teach her. Rip says that times have changed and she figures that he doesn't need them anymore. He tells her that he's not going to let the Legends fix anything.

The agents take the Legends out and give them parking validation. Mick uses one of Julius' coins in a vending machine, and they realize that Mick really saw Julius rather than an imposter. Sara figures that they have to grab Julius themselves and prove to Rip that they still have it. They go to the hangar to steal Waverider, and discover that there's a class in session. Mick strides onto the bridge and tells them that they're dismissed, and the students assume that Mick is a Time Pirate. As he talks, Mick knocks him out and the trainees quickly leave. Ray brings Gideon back up and explains that they're going to rescue Julius. Gideon is glad to cooperate. The hangar is sealed, and Sara has Gideon timejump them out.

Gideon timejumps Waverider three minutes into the future, and warns that the ship is in desperate need of maintenance. Nate tells Gideon to head for Central City.

Jax visits Martin at home and Martin is glad to see him. Martin figures that something is wrong, and Jax tells him that he dropped out of school. He explains that learning about engineering isn't nearly as fun as being the engineer on Waverider. A pregnant Lily joins them and Jax congratulates her. Lily invites Jax to stay for dinner and goes to the kitchen, and Waverider arrives.

Aboard the ship, Jax tries to convince Martin to go on the mission with them. Nate notes that sometimes they screw things up for the better, Martin agrees to go, and Ray suggests that they get Amaya. Nate insists that Amaya didn't dump her, and that she went back to Zambezi because Rip told her that she has a destiny. Sara says that this time they're going to be subtle.

The team returns to Aruba and spots Julius rallying the partying students at a toga party to join his cause. They all agree, assuming it's a fraternity prank. Sara tells her teammates not to use their powers for fear of making the anachronism worse, and Ray creates a dating profile of a beautiful woman looking for a young fraternity stud. He then has Gideon send it to every phone on the beach, and Gideon sends a photo of a woman. As Julius charges off, the fraternity members get the message and stop. Sara tells Julius that he's coming with her. When he fights, she attacks and easily takes him down.

Back on Waverider, Mick cheerfully kicks Caesar. Sara figures that Rip will soon track them down, just as Rip sends a hologram asking them to return Julius to them. Rip figures that they can't handle it, and points out that they've hijacked the Bureau's property. If they return then all will be forgiven. They let Sara make the call, and she tells Gideon to plot a course for the Bureau. The AI warns that it won't be possible without repairs, and Jax goes off to make them. When Nate complains, Sara tells him that she' using her best judgment.

As Jax works on the engines, Martin joins him and Jax wonders what adventure could be better than being a Legend. Martin tells him that he's the most capable young man that he's known, and can do anything he wants to do. Jax says that he wants to be part of Firestorm, and he can't do it if Martin won't.

Sara visits Julius in the brig and he admits that getting beaten by a woman rankles. She opens the cell and he figures that she believes he can resolve her current course of action. Sara tells him that if she goes against the Bureau then they'll take her ship. Julius tells her that when he leads his army to Rome, the citizens will welcome him as a god. He invites Sara to join him in conquering the world, and Sara tells him that she doesn't need him to do it and locks him back up. Jax reports that the engines are fixed, and Sara tells him to head for Ancient Rome.

Waverider arrives in Cisapline Gaul in 49 BC and cloaks. Gideon reports that Julius disappeared just before he marched on Rome, and Nate tells the conqueror that on the Ides of March his friends kill him to stop his rise to power. Sara wipes Julius' memory and Nate confirms that history is back to normal. He takes a selfie with Julius and a dazed Julius goes to his camp... with a stolen history book about the rise of Rome.

When Sara and Nate return to the ship, Sara tells the others that they've restored history. Gideon tells them their home no longer exists. The U.S. is now a Roman province, and the new timeline shows that Julius conquered the entire world. Nate realizes that Julius took his book.

At the camp, Julius tells his soldiers that when they get to Rome, he's going to kill his old friends.

Jax figures that they have to reset history gain. Martin wants to contact the Bureau, but Nate refuses. Sara agrees with him, saying that they can fix it before the Bureau arrives. Rip and his agents arrive and Rip asks to talk to Sara privately. She insists that they're going to fix it, and points out that none of the agents are field agents. Rip figures that she's the one who needs it, and insists that the Bureau can get the job done without the mess.

Sharpe and her team of two agents go to work, entering Julius' camp. They acquire the book but Sara realizes that it's a trap. Julius and his soldiers grab Sharpe while the other two agents return to Waverider via a portal. Julius destroys Sharpe's Time Courier comlink and takes the book back. Sara and Mick figure that they should go rescue Sharpe. When Bennett objects, Ray points out that they're idiots... with special abilities, who can handle themselves. Rip reluctantly agrees and asks if they have a plan.

Julius and his legion march to his army, and Firestorm attacks posing as Mars. Sara frees Sharpe while the other legends attack. At the camp, a shrunken Atom tries to steal the book. He knocks out one guard, and Nate takes out the entire one.

Sara and Sharpe fight back to back, and Mick confronts Julius and complains that he ruined his vacation. He punches him unconscious and says that they're even. Sharpe tells Sara that the Legends are even worse than they imagined.

After Waverider departs, Rip asks Mick and Sara if they plan to continue swashbuckling their way through history. If he denies them permission, they'll do it anyway. Realizing that it's a lost cause, Rip tells them to stay out of trouble. Mick reveals that he stole the Bureau equipment, figuring that they'd be dead without him, and walks out.

Sharpe complains to Rip that the legends are dangerous. Rip admits that they're effective on occasion, and that they might be the best chance to defeat the threat of Mallus. Sharpe points out that the Legends are the cause of Mallus, but Rip figures that they're the best chance to deal with it as well. He realizes that his Time Courier is missing and has Sharpe open a portal back to their HQ.

Jax tells Martin that it will take months to fix the engines, but Ray will do it since they're heading home. Martin says that he's staying and will make it back in time for the birth of his first grandchild, and his family is aboard Waverider.

Nate looks at a picture of Amaya, and Ray asks if he's okay. The historian admits that he misses being on the ship, and Ray tells him that Amaya is back home. Nate figures that Amaya is happy, and Ray reluctantly agrees.

In Zambesi 1942, Belgian soldiers approach a village. Amaya tells them that Zambesi is under her protection. When they prepare to shoot, she activates her totem and tears them apart.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 12, 2017

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