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Lost and Found Recap

Lucifer's son Jack sees Sam approaches and asks if he's his father.

Outside, Dean looks at Castiel's body and then walks.

Sam tells Jack that he's not Lucifer. Dean comes in shoots Jack in the chest, and Jack screams at them. Blasts of energy sweep over them and finally blast them back. Dean dreams of Lucifer setting Mary on fire, and wakes up the next morning. Sam is there, and tells Dean who Jack is. They go outside and start searching for Jack.

A naked Jack walks through the forest and comes to a pirate-themed fast food restaurant. He goes to the drivethru mic and calls to his father. The two workers inside turn on the camera and one tells the other Clark that he should call his mother Christine Barker the sheriff and says that they have a naked man there.

Sam and Dean drive off and Dean says that they'll have to hit Jack with everything they've got. When Sam wants to talk, Dean points out that most of them are dead and Jack is on the loose. Sam insists that he had it under control, and figures that they need a plan. Dean says that they need to find and kill Jack, and after that they'll figure everything out. He tells Sam that Castiel is really dead.

Christine arrives at the restaurant and tries to talk to Jack. When he notices that she has a gun, Christine tries to reassure him. Jack smiles.

An angel, Conrad, arrives at the house and finds Castiel's body. Another angel, Lily, is with him and says that Castiel deserves better. Conrad says that he didn't, and asks where the child is. She reports that the child is gone, and Conrad walks away.

At the sheriff's station, Christine and her deputy Earl stare at Jack after they find him some clothing. She sends Earl out on patrol while Jack takes in his new clothing. Christine has him sit down and asks what his name is. Jack gives his first name but doesn't understand what his last name is. When Christine asks who his parents are, Jack says that his mother is in Heaven and his father was supposed to be there but isn't. He says that he has to find him, and Christine asks for more information. Jack has nothing, and he says that he remembers when a bad woman burned and the universe screamed.

Clark is watching and figures that Jack is nuts. Christine takes Jack's thumbprint and goes to run it through the system. Jack tastes the ink, and Clark asks if he's high. Jack doesn't know what he means, and Clark figures that he's stoned. After a moment, Jack says that he's hungry.

Sam and Dean pull up to the restaurant that's on the main road. Dean calls to have Jody put an APB out on Jack, while Sam goes inside. The clerk is dealing with a drunk woman, Miriam, who wants to order fries for breakfast as Sam comes in and asks about Jack. The worker says that he saw him.

Christine stares at the screen in shock. Sam calls and says that he's with the FBI, and asks if she picked up Jack. Christine says that Jack is there, and Sam tells her to hold him there. The sheriff studies the fingerprints, which are in a straight line, and says that they'll talk when Sam gets there.

Dean walks over to get some alcohol from the trunk. Miriam comes out and sees him, and starts rambling. Sam comes out and says that he knows where Jack is, and he and Dean drive off.

At the sheriff's station, the lights flicker. Christine goes to the squad room and calls to her son, but gets no response. She looks around and hears laughter from the locker room. Christine unholsters her gun and goes in, and finds Jack and Clark eating candy. Clark says that he doesn't think Jack has had candy before, and has Jack shows her how he can manipulate the vending machine with a touch. He says that he doesn't know how he did it, and moans in pain as a high-pitched ringing noise and voices sound in his head. Jack starts to walk out, and when Christine tries to stop him, Jack slams her back with a blast of energy. The lights explode and Jack staggers down, the ringing still I n his head. Dean and Sam are there, and as Jack prepares to blast Dean, Sam tasers him from behind. Christine comes out, gun drawn, and demands to know what's going on.

Christine tosses Sam and Jack in a cell and then questions Dean. Dean explains who they are and what they do, and that Jack is a nephilim: half-human and half-angel.

In the cell, Jack wakes up and Sam says that he isn't going to hurt him. He apologizes for hurting him earlier, and asks if Jack is all right. Jack calms down and says that he was scared, and when he gets scared things happen. He describes the voices and says that he can't hear them at the moment, and asks Sam to tell them that he's sorry. Sam agrees and asks how they're talking when Jack isn't even a day old. Jack says that his mother taught him, and he was her. As for his powers, he says that he doesn't know why they happen. Sam tells him that before he was born, he opened a door to another world. Jack remembers doing it and Sam asks if he could do it again. He merely says that he has to find his father and that he'll protect her, and Sam warns him that isn't what Lucifer does. Jack says that his father is Castiel, and Kelly told him that Castiel would keep him safe. That's why Jack chose Castiel as his father, and he asks where Castiel is. Sam tells him that Castiel is dead,

Clark goes outside for a smoke and finds Miriam there with the angels. She asks him if he's going to share.

Dean goes to the cell and tells Sam that he gave Christine the talk. Sam explains that Jack isn't evil and they need him. Clark yells for help, and Dean goes to investigate along with Christine. Miriam is holding an angel blade to Clark's throat, and says that she'll let Clark go if Christine shoots Dean. She tells Christine that Dean breaks things and pisses people off, no matter who it hurts.

Sam calls to Dean but gets no answer. Conrad and Lily break in and Conrad sends an angel message to Miriam that they have Jack. Jack hears the voices and moans in pain, while Miriam stabs Clark in the stomach. Dean grabs her and they struggle.

Lily rips open the cell bars and Sam attacks her. She easily slams him away.

Miriam kicks Dean away while Christine runs to her son and calls Earl for a son.

Conrad starts kicking Sam.

Dean and Miriam continue fighting, while Christine grabs a bandage from a first aid kit. As they fight, Dean manages to grab the blade and prepares to kill Miriam.

The angels grab Jack and start to take him away. Sam slams his hand into his own blood, activating a rune to banish them. He then goes to Jack.

Dean demands answers, and Miriam says that Jack can do almost anything. He says that Castiel is all the way dead because of Dean, head-butts her way free, and goes after Jack. Dean follows her while Sam grabs the other angels' knife. After a moment, she stabs Jack through the cell bars. Sam stabs and kills her, and Jack casually pulls the knife out of his chest and says that he's fine.

As the EMTs take Clark to the hospital with Christine, Jack sits in shock. Sam tells Dean that he thinks Jack will be okay, and suggests that they take Jack to the bunker. Dean agrees but says that nothing has changed. He figures that Jack is still evil and will go Big Bad eventually, but they'll bring him home until they figure out a way to kill him.

The brothers drive back to the house and Sam suggests to Dean that they might be able to bring Castiel back. Dean says that tried praying to Chuck to bring Castiel back, and got no answer.

Earlier, Dean parks and asks Chuck for help. He says that the world isn't fine and they've lost everything, and demands that Chuck bring Castiel, Mary, and Crowley back. There's no response, and Dean punches the wall in a fury. He begs Chuck to help them, but there's still no response.

Dean tells Sam that God doesn't give a damn. Sam and Jack go inside and look at Kelly's body. Meanwhile, Dean goes to Castiel's body and looks at it for a moment, and then covers it back over. He ties the body up in the sheet and then makes a pyre for both bodies. Sam asks Jack if he wants to say anything, and Jack wonders what. As Dean pours the gasoline, Sam says that they say goodbye. Dean says goodbye to all of the ones that they lost. When Sam says that they don't know if Mary is dead, Dean tells him that Lucifer killed her the moment he realized that they trapped him in the other reality. He lights the pyre and they watch the bodies burn.

In the other world, Mary runs and Lucifer finds her. He smashes her to the ground and then drags her up and says that she can't run from him. Mary asks if he'll kill her, and Lucifer admits that maybe he needs her.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 13, 2017

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