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Roulette Wheel + Wire Recap

On the Siberian tundra, Mac and Jack take refuge in an emergency tent after their helicopter crashes. As Mac works on a radio for three days, they argue about the size of the SOS Jack made. Mac needs one part, but Mac refuses to give up the piece of his father's watch to finish his work, saying that his father left it to him for a reason. He reluctantly takes off the back of watch, but finds a newer piece inside with something written on it. Jack tells him that they need to take the part for the radio before they freeze to death, and Jack reluctantly priest off a gear and uses it. He starts up the makeshift radio and sends a mayday, and Matty tells them that rescue choppers are heading their way.

Back at Phoenix, a doctor works on Mac and Jack's frostbite. Matty and the others arrive and Matty says that she has a briefing for them. She explains that thanks to Sam interrogating the Ten of Spade, they have a lead on a terrorist group, the Red Fist. They're stealing diamonds, and in the last six weeks they've pulled off a dozen heists bringing in $75 million. They do know where the diamonds are being held, in a vault at the Karabakh Hotel & Casino in Azerbaijan. If they cut off the funding then they stop the attack. Matty tells them that their cover IDs have been taken care of.

Mac goes in as an arms dealer, Riley as a drug lord's girlfriend. Wil is a laundering bad guy, Sam is there as a member of a Sicilian crime family to make someone disappearing, and Jack is a disgraced accountant. The plan is that Riley will tap into the casino security information, and then they'll scoot into the vault and get the diamonds.

The team goes in and Mac spots a casino guard using a key card to get into the vault area. Mac sees a security guard using a key card to get into the vault. Riley calls a repairman to their hotel room and Mac claims that he was handcuffed to the bed during sex. She secretly steals the man's key card and takes it to the bathroom, where Wilt clones it. Once he does, Riley returns the key card and the man leaves. Wilt heads for the vault posing as a repair man, but Jack sees an attractive woman with a security detail standing outside the vault. He sends a photo of the woman, apparently taking a selfie, but a guard notices. Riley warns Mac, who bumps into a security guard, secretly steals his stun gun, and uses it to short out a three-armed bandit. It goes off and pours out money, and the security guard goes over.

Wilt slips into the vault and they go back to their hotel room as Riley infiltrates the computer system. She says that they have a problem and discovers that it's not the one they were told about. The security systems have been upgraded and their entire plan is up in smoke. Sam figures that they should abort, and Mac says that they'll improvise. The vault is now made out of titanium encased in ballistic. If Riley hacks into anything but the cameras, and they need a nine-digit code and a way to get past the iris scanner. Matty tells them that the diamonds are going to be used to buy a WMD. The casino brought in a new head of security: the woman Jack saw, Vera Kazakova, a former Russian spy. Only she has the encrypted code and the iris scanner is set to her eyes. Mac takes apart Jack's phone, and Jack wants to rip Vera's eyeball out. Wilt figures that if they get her a close-up then he can make a computer image. Jack is ready to get close to Vera.

On the casino floor, Sam tells Mac that she's counting on Vera getting suspicious. She goes over and flirts with a guard, slips something into his pocket, and walks away. Vera notices and finds a poker chip in the guard's pocket, and has him taken away for interrogation. Jack goes over and says "howdy" to Vera, and starts flirting with her. Sam and Mac go back to the hotel room as Jack makes some progress, and tries to get close enough that Wilt can get an image. Once he does, Mac tells Jack that they have to get close enough to steal the code from Vera's pone.

Vera knows that Jack snapped a picture of her earlier. He admits that he did and she tells him to walk. Mac tells Jack that he has to get his phone within six inches of her card, and Mac gives his hand to her code. Vera walks away and Sam goes to the vault with the eye contacts that Wilt has made. Riley sends her the new code, and Riley sends her the newest security code. When Sam uses the contacts, the alarms go off and guards come in. Mac tells Sam to get out, but Sam removes her earbud.

The guards take Sam to Vera for interrogation, and Sam claims that her father is a crime boss and demands her release. Vera doesn't care, and Sam says that she was looking for the bathroom. The security chief doesn't believe her, and Sam asks for her phone to call her "father". Vera sees the contact lens and says that the system knew that she was somewhere else and warned her.

Riley tries to find Sam, but she's in an area without cameras. Matty tells them to get the diamonds first and then worry about Sam. Riley has pulled off the blueprints from Vera's phone, and they spot a secret tunnel. It goes to a high-roller penthouse, and goes near the vault while bypassing security.

Vera tells her guards to check everyone who checked in about the same time as Sam, and find Jack.

Mac and Jack break into the penthouse and find a private game going on. Jack claims that he's a high-roller and Mac is his manservant. He makes up a new cover, and Riley goes to work. The dealer says that they need $500,000 to buy in, and Mac makes a call to stand for time. Matty has her team make up a new cover with the necessary money, and Jack sits down to play. Riley tells him that the hidden passageway door is held with a magnet, and Mac secretly steals a bottle opener with a magnet.

Jack loses while talking about his novelty meat business. Mac orders a dry martini and then builds a crude compass with a martini and the magnet from the bottle opener in the martini garnish.

Vera identifies Jack and gets his location.

As Jack continues losing, Mac finds the passageway door, just as Vera and her men come in. She sits down to play and chats with Jack, who flirts with her. Vera says that she'd like to meet his friends, and raises him. Jack goes all in, and Vera takes out Sam's cont4act lens. Jack flips the table and fights with the guards, and Mac enters the passageway and heads to the vault. He warns Riley and Wilt that he'll need 30 minutes to crack it. When he gets there, he discovers that Red Fist is there and they have the diamonds.

Vera and her guards take Jack to the room where they're holding Sam. The security chief tells them to identify their team, and shows them everyone who checked in near when they did. She spots Mac and tells her men to find him, and Jack tells Sam that he thinks he knows a way out.

Red Fist head to the casino and take a private elevator. Security kicks Riley off the system, and Mac breaks into the elevator and hooks it with a lampstand so that he can ride up with it.

Riley breaks into the hotel TV cams.

Once Jack outlines his plan, Jack fakes a convulsion and Sam calls for help. When a guard comes in, Sam smashes her chair and knocks the man out, and Jack head-butts the guard unconscious. They get the cuff keys from the guard and leave.

When the elevator reaches its destination, Mac swings over to the door below and gets through to the 49th floor. Riley finds new cameras and scans the 50th floor, while Jack and Sam reach the team's room. They find the Red Fist terrorists buying the WMD, while Mac finds a vacuum cleaner and says that he'll take the window. He uses the vacuum cleaner as a suction climbing device and goes up the outside, and then tapes a bottle of cleaner to the window. Jack and Sam go into the position, and Mac sets off the explosive. They go in and take on the terrorists, but one of them sets the timer on the WMD before Mac can knock him out. The WMD is a half-a-megaton bomb, and they only have fifteen minutes to disarm it.

Mac, Jack, and Sam head to the elevator with the WMD, while Vera orders her people to lock down the building. As they head down, Mac warns that they can't take the bomb out, can't leave it there, and can't disarm it. Mac says that he has a plan but admits that he doesn't know if it will work. They enter the passageway and go to the vault, which should contain a nuclear plan. He goes into a nearby storage room and hooks two roulette wheels together. He powers them with an electric cable, and hooks the cables to the vault door. They move back and Mac shrinks the metal of the vault handle, opening the vault. They get the door open and toss the bomb inside, and close the door. The team runs and the bomb goes off. The building shakes but everyone is safe.

The trio meet Riley and wilt in the casino, and Vera comes over and complains that they're destroyed their vault. She wants to throw them all in a cell, but admits that they saved her casino and all of her guests. She gives them ten minutes to leave the country and walks away.

Back in LA, the team goes to Mac's place and Sam joins them. Mac chats with her says that she's the mysterious new kid in their family. Jack brings in doughnuts and discovers that they're look at his baby photos. He offers to share his doughnuts with Sam for getting his back.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2017

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