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The Enemy of the World, Part Three Recap

Salamander's guard captain takes charge of Denes, and Salamander tells Donald that he is personally responsible for the former Controller. Donald wonders why he doesn't trust his own guards, but quickly backs down. Salamander then leaves with Fedorin, ignoring Denes when he says that the World Council won't believe the accusations against him. Fedorin glances briefly at his former superior, who turns away from him in disgust. Donald tells Denes that he'll do what he can for him, and Denes says that he's looking forward to facing Salamander in court.

As Salamander locks away his file on Fedorin, the new Controller complains that the scientist is blackmailing him. Salamander assures him that it's merely insurance and that he has praised the man ever since they've met. He then gives Fedorin a small box and says that Fedorin can use it to make his future, and Fedorin realizes that it's poison.

Donald summons a guard and is surprised to discover that it's Jamie, who he last met in Australia with Giles. The security chief tries to question Jamie about the meeting between Giles and "Salamander," but Jamie refuses to give in.

Denes is impatiently sitting in a corridor waiting, and his guard tells him that they have to wait to transfer him because of the volcanos. The guard captain arrives and tells him that he is following procedure per Salamander's orders. Overhearing, Donald walks up and tells the guard captain that Denes isn't to be treated as a convicted criminal until after his trial. Once the security chief leaves, the guard captain tells Denes' guard to get him a meal from Salamander's own kitchen and a book to read.

In the kitchen, Fariah brings in Victoria, who settles into her new job as a chef's assistant. The chef, Griffin, puts her to work peeling potatoes and then writing down menus. Worried that the volcano eruption will disrupt his dinner, he goes out for a walk. Once they're alone, Fariah tells Victoria that she has to leave before she gets caught up in Salamander's world. Jamie comes in and Fariah abruptly leaves. He tells Victoria that Astrid is going to try to break Denes out. Victoria can sense that Salamander is evil and Jamie figures that Salamander is backing Fedorin so he can control the weaker man.

In Australia at Giles' trailer near Salamander's research station, Giles and the Doctor watch the volcano eruption on the television. The Doctor isn't convinced that Salamander is setting off the volcanos, or what he has to gain if he is. Giles explains that he first realized Salamander was up to something when he discovered that the scientist was spending large amounts of money far beyond what he needed for his work, and there was no sign of where the money was going. Salamander destroyed the records and framed Giles, discrediting any attempts he could make to accuse Salamander.

As they talk, the two men hear police cars pull up outside. The Doctor ducks into a hidden compartment just as Benik comes in. Giles points out that he's just outside of the research station's boundary lines and Benik has no authority over him. Benik notices that Giles has a perfect view of the research station and then starts smashing things. When Giles tries to stop him, an armed guard comes in and starts smashing the crockery. Benik is finally satisfied and tells the guard to leave, and tells Giles that he might as well leave. Once he leaves, Giles helps the Doctor out of the compartment and insists the rampage shows what kind of man Salamander is. The Doctor still demands hard evidence before he'll take aggressive action and hopes Jamie will acquire them.

In Hungary, Astrid breaks into the Presidential Palace. She approaches Denes' guard, Janos, and claims that she has a message for Salamander. Astrid has the proper (forged) papers, and when he suggests that they have wine later, she agrees. The guard captain comes over and demands to see the message. Astrid hesitantly takes out an envelope and the captain examines it briefly, and then says that he knows her from somewhere. Denes drops his book and Astrid makes a hasty exit before the captain can recognize her.

In the kitchen, Victoria is making Jamie a meal as Astrid arrives and tells them that they have to help Denes escape so he can tell the Doctor what he knows about Salamander. She tells Jamie to create a diversion at precisely 11 o'clock, and then abruptly leaves as Griffin comes in to check on the dinner. Fariah arrives to see how the food for Denes is coming, and the chef quickly leaves. Jamie and Victoria ask why she works for Salamander, and Fariah angrily says that she has no choice.

Donald goes to Salamander to complain about Denes' treatment, but Salamander dismisses his security chief's concerns and points out that Denes' reputation will soon be ruined when people learn that he ignored the warning about the volcanic eruption. Donald wonders who will control the Zone and sarcastically mentions Fedorin, and Salamander congratulates him on a good idea.

Victoria takes Denes his meal but Fedorin stops her in the hallway. As he inspects the dishes, he secretly pockets the salt shaker and then tells Victoria to go get some. Once she leaves, Fedorin takes Salamander's case of position out.

The guard captain tells Salamander that he recognized Astrid from earlier in the park when he went to get Jamie and Victoria. Salamander confirms that Astrid hasn't brought any messages to him and tells the captain to trace her back to her base. When the captain wonders about Jamie and Victoria, Salamander assures him that he'll deal with them.

Victoria brings the food to Denes, and the captain removes the knife until Denes points out that he can't cut his steak without it. The captain cuts the steak for him and then leaves with Fariah. Victoria checks the time with Denes, who confirms that it's six minutes to eleven. She asks to stay with him and Denes agrees while he continues to eat.

Forodin goes to Salamander and admits that he couldn't poison Denes. Disgusted, Salamander says that Forodin failed to take the chance to become someone and takes the case of poison. He then changes his mood suddenly, assuring Forodin that it doesn't matter. Salamander pours Forodin a drink… and secretly poisons it. As Forodin collapses, dead, the captain comes in and says that Jamie has reported someone outside the kitchen. Salamander says that he'll deal with it and tells the captain to dispose of Forodin's body and claim it was a suicide.

In the kitchen, Jamie tells Griffin to stay down, draws his gun, and runs out. As Griffin ducks for cover, more guards come running. Victoria tells Denes about the plan while Astrid knocks Janos out from behind. The captain arrives with his men and shoots Denes in the back, and Victoria is captured buying time for Astrid to escape.

Salamander has his men bring Victoria and Jamie to his office. When Jamie claims that there was someone shooting outside, the captain points out that there were three shots and Jamie's gun is three bullets short. Salamander rounds on Donald and tells him to do his job. As the security guards take Jamie and Victoria away, Donald asks Salamander why he's working together with Jamie one minute and arresting him the next. When the security chief says that he saw Jamie and Salamander with Giles in Australia, Salamander realizes that someone is impersonating him.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2015

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