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Space Rabbit Recap

In the land of Wendimoor, an evil mage has risen and his army is destroying everything in his path. Now a war between two families rages.

Two men chase a third one through the forest, and finally shoot him in the head with a slingshot. The man, Panto Trost, finally turns and says that he was running to protect them. They charge at him with their giant scissors and Trost parries them with his own. He cuts off one opponent's fingers, while Silas Dengdamor and his bodyguard Wygar arrive. The first two men run off, and Trost insists that his family didn't kill Silas' brother. Silas steps forward and they kiss, and Silas asks Trost come back and speak to his mother. He hopes that together they can end the war between their families before the mage's armies arrive. Trost insists that the prophecy is the only answers. An army sounds in the distant, and Silas tells Trost to go and save the world, and find Dirk Gently.

At the Blackwing base, an alarm goes off in Dirk's cell, waking him up. He's taken for testing and fails miserably, as Friedkin and his men watch. Dirk insists that he's not psychic, and Friedkin insists that he is. Dirk finally realizes that he's talking to a real person rather than recording, and Friedkin asks Dirk to try harder. The detective points out that he's been there for two months and the tests have gone nowhere, and asks where his friends are. Friedkin blurts out that they're going to get them, and Dirk realizes that Friedkin doesn't have them yet. The government men claims that they ran away but they'll capture them, and tells Dirk to try harder.

Todd and Farah are driving through the countryside on the runs, and arrive at Bergsberg. When Todd wonders why he can't tells his parents that he's safe, Farah figures that the lines are tapped. She assures Todd that her brother is safe, and Todd figures that if they find Blackwing then they find Dirk and Amanda. Farah isn't convinced, but Todd insists that Dirk will know how to fix it.

Dirk continues to fail his tests, and realizes that he's never getting out.

Amanda has a series of visions, and the last Rowdy 3 member, Vogel, asks her what she saw. The images were too muddled for Amanda to make everything out, and she warns that the visions are getting shorter and vaguer. All she can say is that they have to go south to find the other three members of the Rowdy 3. A guard finds them, and Amanda sends Vogel to attack him.

Todd and Farah pull over by a field and find a boat laying there. Farah insists that they can trust her brother and briefly takes Todd's hand. She then goes over to the boat where her brother Eddie is waiting at the infamous Bergsberg boat. Eddie is surprised that she's the wanted one, and Farah points out that she's only listed as a person of interest. She tells her brother that it's part of Blackwing's cover, but Eddie isn't convinced.

In the car, Todd realizes that he's running out of medicine for his Pararibulitis. He sees a sheriff's car coming, yells a warning to Farah, and hunches down.

Eddie complains that Farah hacked his accounts, and begs her to come in. When she refuses, Eddie gives her a phone to call him when she's ready to surrender. Eddie tells her that she's always had problems, and now they've gotten her in too deep. As Farah walks back to the car, Eddie says that their father is dead and he couldn't contact her. He tells her that it's not too late to leave, Todd.

The sheriff, Sherlock Hobbs, pulls over and orders Todd to get out of the car. Todd does so and Sherlock tells him that he looks cool but he can't park there because it's a state road. He figures that there's no point in getting a tow truck because by the time he came back, Todd would have moved his car. Meanwhile, Todd has a hallucination from his Pararibulitis and collapses in convulsions as he imagines spewing up flies. Farah runs over, tells Sherlock that everything is fine, gets Todd into the car, and drives away.

Suzan Boreton wakes up to the sound of firecrackers. Her son Scott is setting off firecrackers in her car, and complains that she didn't get him the tickets because she spent the money on groceries. Suzan grounds him and demands his phone, and Scott reluctantly hands it over but says that he's not afraid of her as he goes into the house and locks the door. She has no choice but to climb up to the bedroom window and try to get her sleeping husband Bob's attention. It doesn't go well.

Later, Suzan and Bob drive to the nearby motor inn. Todd is parked nearby, and glances over as Suzan drops Bob off. Suzan looks over at Todd for a moment, and then drives to her job at a construction site. She looks at her son's phone until her boss Dan Samuels yanks it away and complains that she's goofing off. When Suzan objects, Dan wonders if she's getting her attitude back and says that the accident was the best thing that ever happened to her. He tells her to focus on getting all of the safety papers filed, and Suzan assures him that she's got it.

At the motor inn, Todd wakes up in a room. Farah warns that if Sherlock calls in a description then they could be in serious trouble. Todd doesn't think that he will and says that they should get going, but Farah warns that it's broad daylight. He asks if she's okay, and Farah admits that she's repressing stress attacks. Todd tells her that Dirk taught him that it all has to be going somewhere and Blackwing is the key to it all.

Friedkin questions a comatose subject and points out to his assistant that the subject is just stupid. His assistant asks about Project Alpha, and Friedkin dons a protective suit and goes to check on an unconscious Ken and Rapunzel inside of a taxi. Friedkin shocks him awake and Ken begs Friedkin to let him go because he's been there 70 days and all they ask him is if they have a superpower. Ken insists that he doesn't, and Friedkin asks him if he has a superpower because he survived seven days with Bart. When Ken says that Bart didn't want to kill him, Friedkin shocks him again and says that the whole thing is a bummer. The project fell apart until he started it again, but they haven't been able to find any of the people with superpowers. Ken says that they're connected to the fabric of reality and they need to be out in the world, and Friedkin figures that they need to be exposed to each other. When Ken tells him that isn't what he's saying, Friedkin accidentally shocks him and leaves.

In his cell, Dirk hears the alarms go off. Todd and Farah bust in and say that they're big badasses and they came to rescue him using a magic rock from Thor. Dirk prepares to go with them... and wakes up from his dream as "Todd" and "Farah" become animals. The guards take him to the room with the comatose patient.

Suzan looks up to see a mustached man in a white suit: the Mage. He addresses Suzan by name and admires her photo of herself when she was a nine-year-old cheerleader. The Mage asks to see to Dan, and Suzan calls him out. Dan says that the Mage has him dealing with criminals and it's too much, and tells him to get out. The Mage seemingly agrees and turns to go, but then asks what's stopping him. Dan threatens to call the police, and the Mage admits that could cause a problem for him. He takes a pencil from Suzan, stabs Dan in the eye, and then continues stabbing him to death. He then takes Suzan's hands and asks if she's noticed an acceleration of strangeness in her life.

Farah and Todd drive to an old base. The cameras and gates are rusted, but Todd figures that it's safe and breaks in. Farah follows him to an old house that's locked up, and tells Farah that he feels something weird. Farah runs into a nearby garage and notices water inside it. Todd insists that it all connects and they're close, but Farah isn't convinced.

Dirk tells the comatose subject as his old assistant that he had friends in the real world. Friedkin interrupts and asks if Dirk knew the man before, and Dirk says that Riggins used to bring him in to see the man. He tells Friedkin that he can't bring the subject out of his coma, and Friedkin can't control things because that it isn't how it works.

That night, Deputy Tina Tevetino arrives at the sheriff's station. Sherlock asks where she's been, and Tina admits that she's drunk and high, and she's been drinking in her car most of the day. Tina insists that nothing happened and nothing is ever going to happen. Sherlock shows her computer files on Todd, Amanda, and Farah.

Logan figures that there's a hidden tunnel in the garage, but Farah tells him that it's abandoned and they can only get into the house by breaking in. She doesn't want to do so and risk setting off alarms, but Todd insists that it's connected. He points out a rabbit and figures that it's the answer to everything. Todd wonders if Dirk is inside the rabbit or it's a space rabbit, and Farah tells him to calm down. The rabbit hops off and Todd tries to catch it.

Suzan washes the blood off her hands and tries to get control of herself. Four men come in and take Suzan to the parking lot, and Suzan says that the Mage said that they'd come. One of the men put the body in the car, and the leader takes out a mystic tome but doesn't understand the writing. He then takes out a wand, recites an incantation, and points the wand at Suzan. Nothing happens, and he takes a gun out and prepares to shoot Suzan. However, Bart arrives and kills all of the men. She aims one of their guns At Suzan and asks her if she knows Ken. When Suzan says that she doesn't, Bart starts to walk off. Suzan asks who she is, and Bart tells her that she isn't going to kill her to make her a happier person. She says that Suzan should be smiling because she's happy she's not dead, and Suzan manages to smile. Bart then invites Suzan to come with her and be best friends. Suzan tells her that she just wants to go home, and Bart says that she already has a friend and maybe should kill Suzan anywhere. While Bart argues with the universe, Suzan screams and gestures to the wand. It jumps into her hand and Suzan recites the incantation, and Bart disappears.

Todd runs out into the field to look for the rabbit. Farah finally finds him after seven hours, and points out that he wants to climb a tree looking for a rabbit. She tells him that it's too much, and tells him that interconnectedness isn't real for him. Todd points out that she's in the same position as her but he saw something real, something incredible, and he believes it. Farah warns him that whatever Dirk has, it doesn't choose sides and Todd isn't Dirk. She warns that Dirk can't cure Todd's Pararibulitis, and Todd tells her that he deserves it. He wants to find Dirk to help Dirk and Farah, and because it's the only way back to Amanda. Todd insists that it has to mean something, and it's their only that he can make things right. Farah wonders if they should just wait around for something weird to happen... and a car drops out of the sky behind Todd.

The Mage goes to the house and discovers that the door is broken open. He goes inside.

Scott is playing video games as Bob drinks. Suzan takes the tome and wand into the bathroom and locks the door.

Amanda and Vogel drive down the road.

Ken rubs a coin on the dashboard of the taxi.

Friedkin watches a sleeping Dirk on the monitor. He finally gets up and goes. Behind him, his pr3essure squeeze toy spins and then falls off the desk.

A piece of paper blows through the Blackwing halls and becomes a bubble, which drifts into a vent. The bubble becomes a toy car, which drives down the vent to Dirk's cell. It becomes a butterfly, drifts to the floor, and transforms into a woman. Dirk wakes up and, recognizing her, wonders what she's doing there. She tells him to find the boy and throws a glass of water into his face, and Dirk disappears into the bed.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2017

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