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Lesser of Two Evils Recap

Anton lies at the docks, drinking. A well-suited Graham approaches him and says that people saw Anton there. He tells Anton that he's there to help him, and Anton snaps at him that his new boss is waiting for him.

Earlier, Graham shows Carla Jeffries Anton's files. Carla says that even Anton couldn't keep the government away, and now it's all hers after the government shut Anton down. Graham walks out with Carla and says that he stayed there because his life is invested in the complex regardless of who owns it. Carla figures that Anton lost his self-esteem when he lost, and needs Graham to interpret Anton's research. She puts Graham in charge of his first new idea: they're going to clear-cut the swamp. Graham warns that there are big angry creatures that may defend themselves, and Carla says that they're building a plant to process them.

Graham brings Anton some food, and Anton tells him that he got what he deserved. He explains that Carla bribed public officials just like he did, and now Graham belongs to her. Graham assures Anton that Carla will never have his respect, and tells him that Swamp Thing likely won't let Carla clean the swamp. Anton figures that Carla can handle his nemesis.

The next day, Carla, her assistant Debbie, and Graham begin the clearcutting. Swamp Thing watches and summons a storm to stop the bulldozers and saws. Graham tells Carla that the swamp is defending itself, but Carla dismisses it as an atmospheric disruption and tells Graham to fix it.

That night, Swamp Thing finds Anton and asks why he's letting Carla run the complex. Anton advises him to find a new swamp, and warns that Carla is more evil than he ever hoped to be. With that, he staggers off.

Debbie asks Graham what is wrong, flirting with him. Graham looks at the old equipment and talks about how it brings back memories about Anton. Debbie straps Graham into one of Anton's pain-monitoring racks and says that Anton was lucky to have Graham. Carla arrives and tells Graham that men are so predictable, and shows Graham a file on Alec. She says that she's interested, and knows all about Graham's visit to Anton. Carla has a recording of Graham professing his loyalty to Anton, and says that Swamp Thing's interference is meaningless. She has all of Anton's research on immortality, and Graham will fill in the gaps. With that, Debbie starts tightening the rack.

Swamp Thing hears Graham's screams.

Carla and her people find Anton and demand the formula that turned Alec into Swamp Thing. When he refuses, Carla says that she knows that Ann Fisk found the answer to Alec's transformation. Debbie brings in the tortured Graham, and Carla warns Anton that he's next if he doesn't give her the formula.

The next day, Swamp Thing finds a tank pumping liquid into the swamp. He destroys it, and Carla arrives and applauds his efforts. She explains that she planted the device to attract Swamp Thing's attraction, and takes him to where she has set up an elegant dining table. Carla offers a truce and explains that she has all of Anton's research. She knows about Ann, and can help Swamp Thing transform back to his human form. When he refuses, one of the servants activates a light-ray device to immobilize Swamp Thing.

Carla imprisons Swamp Thing at the complex with Anton and Graham, and says that Ann's work was far ahead of Anton's. In a few hours, Carla will be able to recreate the bio-restorative formula. Swamp Thing tries to free himself from the resistance units holding him, and Carla advises him not too. She then tells Anton that with Ann's depressurization chamber, she'll be able to gain immortality. Once Carla leaves, Debbie gloats about her employer's triumph. He warns her that there's one thing that Carla overlooked, and she'll soon find out what it is.

Debbie goes to Carla and tells her what Anton said. Carla deduces that Anton is saying that her attempts to reverse the curse would require the same conditions as the original transformation. She'll use Ann's original chamber, and sends Debbie and her people to take Anton away. Graham worries that they'll kill Anton and then him, and Swamp Thing says that he can save Anton because he's the lesser of two evils. He can release Graham and then needs Graham to release him. Graham agrees and Swamp Thing concentrates.

In the swamp, the water bubbles and a vine enters the complex. It digs through Graham's manacles, freeing him, and he frees Swamp Thing.

Carla brings Anton to Ann's old lab holding the original pressurization chamber, shows him the bio-restorative formula that she's created, and figures that when she drinks it and enters the chamber, she'll gain immortality. She drinks it, and Anton welcomes her to his world. Carla wonders what he means, and Anton claims that he's admitting defeat. She doesn't believe him, and figures that he tampered with the boathouse and his files to manipulate her. Carla figures that there's one way to find out.

Swamp Thing enters the central lab, takes out the guards, and destroys the computer banks with the information.

Carla's assistant force Anton to drink the formula and shove him into the decompression chamber. Carla points out that she'll kill him whether he lives or dies, and has her assistant throw the switch. Shutters close the windows and doors, and Anton tells Carla that everything worked out exactly as he planned. The room pressurizes and Carla transforms into a hideous creature.

Later, Anton and Graham return to the lab and discover it in ruins. Anton tells his assistant that they'll have to start all over again.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2017

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