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Revelations Recap

A squad of mercenaries hired by Anton enter the swamp and search for Swamp Thing. Their leader, Colonel Donnelly, has them search the swamp one sector at a time. That night, they lock in on Swamp Thing's movements and herd him into a minefield. They open fire, and Swamp Thing wonders why the swamp doesn't stop them from attacking. he discovers that he can't regenerate his injuries, and begs the swamp for help. Swamp Thing gets no response and flees.

Soon, Anton arrives and finds traces of Swamp Thing's "blood". He congratulates Donnelly, who says that his mission will be accomplished when Swamp Thing is taken out. He tells Anton to leave it to the pros, and picks up Swamp Thing's location. Donnelly leads his men after their prey.

Swamp Thing arrives at Ann's boathouse and goes inside. Meanwhile, Donnelly's mercenaries wonder what their target looks on. Graham tells them to destroy the first green beast that they meet, and that nature will be no obstacle to the mercenaries. Donnelly wonders why Anton left them and sent Graham, and Graham says that Anton had business to attend to.

In the boathouse, Swamp Thing looks at Ann's old transformation equipment. He realizes that reverting to human form is his only chance, braces himself, and enters the decompression.

Donnelly loses the tracking signal as Alan transforms into human form. Graham checks it and tells him to check with Anton because the target has apparently disappeared.

Tressa is driving down the highway when Alec collapses on the road ahead of her. He tells her not to take him to the doctor, and whispers Anton's name. Tressa takes him to her house and tends to Alec as well as she can. Alec says that he has to warn Will, and Tressa finds traces of green goo on his chest. She's heard of Ann, and Alec says that he has to get to the boathouse. Tressa insists that he has to rest, and goes through her old newspaper clippings. She finds reference to Alec's death and his connection to the boathouse, and goes there. There's a cassette with Alec's log, and he talks about how it began seven years ago when he was transformed by the formula. Alec relates how he restored Tressa to life on one occasion, and Will became like a son to him. There's a photo of Alec prior to his transformation. Donnelly and his men come in and capture Tressa, and Anton joins them and says that they share the secret of Alec.

Anton plays the tape, including the last part when Alec says that he has to transform to his human state to avoid his pursuers. He tells Donnelly that Alec now has the pattern of most human beings, but figures that Tressa knows where Alec is. Anton orders Donnelly to get back to work, and sends him to Graham to lead the mercenaries to Alec. He figures that Tressa would have taken Alec to her house.

The mercenaries break into the Kipp house, and bring Tressa in with her. Graham demands to know where Alec is, and questions her alone. He tells Tressa that there's nothing he can do, and Alec has brought misery to everyone he's touched. Graham claims that Alec was using Ann, and he's in too much pain to want to go on. He says that if they find Alec then they'll end his suffering. Tressa curses him, saying the swamp will protect Alec. Graham informs her that there's a spill channel nearby dumping petroleum byproduct into the swamp. The swamp is too busy fighting for its own life to help Alec.

Alec staggers through the swamp.

The mercenaries find the traces of green blood, and Graham tells them that as Anton predicted, Alec is reverting back. He tells Donnelly to capture Alec first and then they'll tell Anton. As for Tressa, Graham has Donnelly tie her up.

The next morning, Alec slowly reverts back and wonders why the swamp has deserted him. Graham and the others hear him moaning in pain, and Donnelly picks up a faint trace that gets stronger. he sends his mercenaries after Alec.

A vine slithers into the Kipp house and frees Tressa. She runs out of the house and the trees open, forming a path for her to follow.

The path leads Tressa to the spill channel, and she shuts off the main valve.

Alec falls into the water and collapses.

Donnelly loses the signal again, and Graham figures that Alec is dead and Anton has finally won.

A storm starts, and Alec transforms back into Swamp Thing. His powers restored, he attacks the mercenaries with the powers of nature. Graham heads to the car, and Donnelly and his mercenaries Swamp Thing rather than admit failure. He tosses them into the swamp and the alligators finish them off. Donnelly tries to stab Swamp Thing, who easily disarms him but figures it's more punishment to let him live.

Later, Swamp Thing approaches Tressa and she tells him that she knows everything. She thanks him for his help and strokes his cheek.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2017

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