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Triggers Recap

Alex and Maggie lie in bed and kiss.

Sam wakes up her daughter Ruby next to her.

Kara wakes up in bed and looks at the empty spot next to her.

They get ready to go to work and school. Kara finds a book that Mon-E was reading, tossed beneath the bed.

Sam drops Ruby off at bed and Sam says that she has morning all afternoon. She says that it's her first day and she can't get out early, and assures Ruby that she'll be making lots of money. Ruby asks her if anyone helped Sam with the fallen tower at the waterfront the other day, and Sam claims that it was an adrenaline rush.

Lena arrives at CatCo and Eve greets her. She gets Lena a coffee, and is surprised when Lena lets her use the executive office. James comes over and thanks Lena for saving CatCo, and she says that she'll be there every day so she can learn how things work at CatCo. As James reacts surprised, Kara greets Lena and gives her a planner. She says that James texted her that morning that Lena was going to work there, and asks Kara for a dossier on the Edge investigation. Kara says that she has something to do and offers to get it for her later. When James offers to have someone else do it, Lena tells him that she'll handle it.

At the DEO, Alex and Maggie are arguing about Maggie's personal taste. Winn avoids taking sides, and Hank interrupts. Alex explains that they can' agree on a band or DJ for the wedding. Hank recommends a DJ, just as Supergirl flies in, in response to the general alert. Maggie has brought in a thief who hit two banks, and the guards are unconscious on the floor. There are no indications of gas, and the reports say that the woman walked in the front door without any weapons. Everyone cleared out of her way and let her take what she wanted.

A silent alarm goes off at a third bank, and Supergirl flies there to confront the thief, Psi, in the vault. Psi is unconcerned, and says that she only wanted to play with the customers and staff. When Supergirl tells her that Psi won't get away with it, Psi invites Supergirl to join her. Supergirl refuses and Psi breaks into laughter. She then concentrates and Supergirl staggers back. Psi walks out past her and Supergirl imagines herself back on Krypton.

Maggie and her officers come in, and Maggie checks the vault. She finds Supergirl

Maggie takes Supergirl to the DEO, and Supergirl insists that it's fine. She says that she felt claustrophobic, but she hasn't felt that way since childhood. Hank scans Supergirl's mind for residual activity, and determines that Psi planted a particular type of interference in Supergirl's mind. Supergirl says that Psi won't catch her off guard again and will bring her in.

Sam meets with Ruby's principal, Coburn. Coburn explains that Ruby got into an argument with another girl ad hit her in the face. Sam insists that it's not like Ruby, and Coburn asks if there has been a shakeup with Ruby's father. The woman says that there is no father, and goes to get her daughter and take her home.

When Kara arrives at CatCo, she tells James that Lena called a newsroom meeting and she couldn't make it. Lena joins them and says that she just gave a pep talk, and Kara takes a call. James asks why Lena didn't think to have him there, and says that he's been running the company for the last year. Lena tells him to be at an advertisers' meeting in twenty minutes.

Psi is leaving via a parking garage when Supergirl tries to sneak up on her. Supergirl staggers back, and Hank tries to create a psychic shield to protect Supergirl's mind. Psi senses his mental presence and sends a telepathic attack, and he collapses in pain. Supergirl blasts Psi back with her superbreath, and Psi unleashes another psychic blast. She explains that she's using fear, and Supergirl finds herself on Krypton again in the launch pad. Psi morphs into Alura, who tells Supergirl that she loves her. The pod launches and flies over Krypton as it blows up. Alex helps Hank to his feet and radios to Supergirl. Supergirl recovers, gasping for breath.

Back at the DE, Hank tells Supergirl that psi is more powerful than any psychic he's encountered. Winn determines that Psi's real name is Gayle Marsh, and one day she just snapped and went on a string of psychologically—enhanced robberies. He wants to adapt their psychic dampening technology to stop her, and Alex goes to the precinct to check on witness reports. Supergirl talks to Winn and says that Psi is targeting people's fears. She explains what she saw: floating through space knowing she could never have her life back. Winn says that Supergirl should tell Winn and Hank, but Supergirl figures that they'll just worry and Winn has to do it. Lena calls and Supergirl starts to go. Winn tells her that he's sorry it's happening, and Supergirl abruptly leaves.

At home, Sam asks Ruby what happened. Ruby says that she claimed that Sam has superpowers and the other girl didn't believe her. Sam insists that she doesn't have superpowers, but Ruby doesn't believe her. Her mother says that she's just an average mother trying to take care of her kid, and Ruby walks away.

Kara arrives at her desk and Lena asks her to interview her contact at Morgan's bank. When Kara says that she has something else, Lena figures that Kara is lying to her and says that she doesn't have to hide from her. She figures that it's about Mon-El, and tells her to take more time if she needs it. Kara says that's not what's going on but it's personal and she doesn't want to talk about it at the job. Lena tells her that it's unacceptable behavior for an employee, and Kara agrees to interview the contact.

As Kara leaves, Alex calls her and says that Psi hit another bank. As she prepares to fly off, Kara has a panic attack and suffers from claustrophobia. After a moment she smashes out of the elevator shaft, and Alex tells her that Psi has escaped.

Supergirl flies to the DEO and has Winn check her. He says that there's no sign of a psychic attack, and figures that Psi got into Supergirl's head. Alex comes in and wonders what they're doing, and Winn claims that they're just talking. Once Supergirl leaves, Winn tells Alex that everything is normal and Supergirl is fine. Alex glares at him until Winn tells her everything.

Sam calls her employer and says that she pushed all of the meetings until the next day because of the situation with Ruby. She calls Ruby down for dinner and gets no answer. When she checks Ruby's room, she discovers that she's gone and not responding to her texts.

Ruby is at a restaurant eating pizza when she sees Sam's text. She ignores it.

At home, Kara is chanting in Kryptonian when Alex comes in. Alex explains that it's Kryptonian meditation, and says that Winn told her everything. She wonders why Kara didn't talk to her like they used to it, and Kara says that she didn't want her to worry. Kara doesn't know how to fight Psi, and Alex tells her to remember that her fears don't define her. Depressed, Kara says that she feels broken as Kara, and everything used to make her feel good has disappeared. Her life as Supergirl is the one thing that she can count on, and Psi has taken that away from her. Kara wonders what she has if she doesn't have Supergirl, and Alex tells her foster sister that she has her as they hug.

As they pass a construction site, two armored truck guards have a fear attack. Psi comes over and takes the money from them. When police cars pull up, Ruby hears the sirens. Psi concentrates and makes a crane worker panic. His wrecking ball smashes into one police car, and Ruby sends a text to Sam with her location and then goes to the site.

At the DEO, Winn gives Supergirl a psionic inhibitor. Alex says that they'll set up a perimeter and Supergirl flies off.

Psi continues using her abilities on any officers who try to stop her. Sam arrives as the wrecking ball swings around, and sees Ruby. Ruby walks toward Psi, and the wrecking ball passes nearby, knocking her over. Sam goes to her daughter as the ball slams down... and Supergirl catches it. As Sam gets Ruby away, Supergirl finds Psi and activates the inhibitor. Psi unleashes a psychic blast, knocking Supergirl away and smashing the inhibitor. Supergirl relieves her fear again, and Alex runs up and tells her that she's okay. Her foster says that it's Mon-El in the pod, not her, and she killed him. She insists that Mon-El is dead, and Alex tells her that Mon-El isn't dead. Alex insists that Supergirl saved Mon-El just like Alura saved Supergirl. Supergirl braces herself, and Alex tells her to get Psi.

Supergirl flies at Psi and tells the villain that she isn't going anywhere. Psi wonders what she saw and unleashes a psychic blast. Supergirl tells her that it was a lie and walks forward against the psychic blasts. Psi insists that no one is immune from fear, and Supergirl head-butts her unconscious.

As the DEO takes a psionically-suppressed Psi away, Alex checks on Sam and Ruby. She introduces herself and fist-umps Ruby. Maggie joins Alex as she walks away, and says that she's good with kids. When Alex says that she'll be thankful about her talent, Maggie admits that she's never considered being a mother. Meanwhile, Ruby tells Sam that she thought she'd save her. Sam insists that she doesn't have superpowers, and Ruby wonders if Supergirl has a job. She figures that if Sam had superpowers, she wouldn’t need a job and could spend more time with her. Sam tells her daughter that she's the most important thing in the world to her.

That night at CatCo, Kara approaches Lena and tells her that she reached the contact. She then apologizes for her behavior earlier, and admits that she has more baggage abut Mon-El than she thought. Lena says that it's new for her having friends, and they hug. Sam comes in and Lena introduces her as her new assistant to Kara. She explains that Sam will be taking over for her at L-Corp.

At home, Sam turns on a lamp and the bulb burns out. She goes to get a replacement bulb and picks up a crowbar. After a moment, she tries to bend it in her hands but nothing happens.

James sees Lena and Eve together, and Lena says goodnight to him.

Kara and Alex watch The Wizard of Oz.

Hank is at the bar drinking. He receives a telepathic message from M'gann saying that he has to come to Mars immediately.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2017

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