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eXodus Recap

Three Years Ago

Lorna shows Marcos around the mutant HQ, and she insists that what matters is that the mutants are together. Marcos wonders wat they might have done in a past life to condemn them, and Lorna says that she wouldn't change what she can do for anything. She asks Marcos what was the first thing he did with his ability for the joy of it. Marcos refuses to say, and Lorna shows how she can levitate herself using her metal boots and bracelets. She then invites Marcos to use his ability, and he finally breaks a bottle and he uses the pieces to make a kaleidoscope. An Aurora Borealis forms around Lorna, and Marcos kisses her.


A guard lets Jace into Lorna's cell. He introduces himself and says that he's going to take down the Mutant Underground, starting with Marcos. He knows that Marcos is Lorna's baby father, and says that if Lorna cooperates then he'll let her see him and her baby. Lorna isn't impressed, but Jace warns that she could end up somewhere worse than prison. He tells her that if she doesn't cooperate then she's got no cards left, and leaves.

Marcos argues with John about breaking Lorna out of prison. He figures that they can use Clarice to teleport into the prison, and says that John should train Clarice to use her powers. John finally agrees, but Caitlin asks if they've tried calling a lawyer. She tells them that she's willing to fight, but she doesn't want to fight battles. Marcos warns that it's too dangerous for her to contact anyone on the outside.

Lauren and Andy are playing Monopoly when Caitlin comes in. When Andy says that he'll be the shoe, Lauren snaps that Reed is always the shoe and tells Andy to put it back.

Clarice tells John that she can't control her power, and now she has a mark on her face and broken powers. John tells her that most mutants first access their powers from strong emotions, and Clarice needs to tap into something positive. He says that they'll work on it in the morning and leaves. Dreamer asks him how it went, and ask to help by giving Clarice memories and making her think Lorna is her best friend. John reminds her of when she's failed, and says that he doesn't want to take shortcuts on it. Dreamer agrees and walks away.

Caitlin wakes her children up and tells them that she has to go to her brother Daniel's house. They want to go with her and make sure that they don't lose her as well as Reed, and Caitlin reluctantly agrees.

At Sentinel Services, Jace questions Reed about how he met Marcos. Reed says that Marcos seemed to know the bartender, Fade, and Jace tells him that they'll put an APB out on Reed to make it convincing. He says that the mutants are terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly once they're captured.

John talks to Clarice and says that she has to focus on what she cares about the most. She asks what John cares about, and he says that he had a lot to prove about being an Apache and a mutant. Clarice focusses and summons a portal, but it disappears after a moment. She worries that she almost destroyed the place earlier, and John sees footprints and realizes that Clarice and the others left. He tells Clarice that they have a problem, and informs Marcos of what happened. John figures that Caitlin will have to learn the hard way, and they need to go after them.

Caitlin, Lauren, and Andy avoid police cars and head across the street to Daniel's place. Andy casually suggests that they rob a bank, and Caitlin notes that people might get hurt. When Lauren says that they would give away a chance for a normal life, Andy angrily says that they've lost any chance of a normal life and smashes open a parking meter to get cab fare.

Clarice continues trying to summon a portal, and Dreamer comes over. She says that Lorna is counting on them, and Lorna is her best friend. Clarice tells her what John told her about focusing on something meaningful, and figures that Dreamer is John's girlfriend. Dreamer explains that she came there as a refugee, and she and John agreed that if they were going to work together then they shouldn't be together. She tells Clarice to keep at it and walks away.

Caitlin and the teens go to Daniels' home. He says that the police were there and lets them in. Daniel explains that his wife Mary is out of town at a conference, while Lauren and Andy have pizza with Daniel's son Scott. Scott is eager to hear about what they've been doing, and Daniel finally tells them to go play some video games. Once the teenagers leave, Daniel tells Caitlin that she shouldn't have come there. Caitlin asks him to help with his contacts, and Daniel says that people are avoiding him because of his connection to Caitlin and her children. She reminds him that she never asked for help even when their mother was dying, but Daniel says that he has to consider his family. He tells them that they can stay the night but have to go in the morning.

Jace sends out the APB and figures that Fade will have heard of it. He tells Reed to convince him to lead him to the Mutant Underground, and puts a tracking device on him. Fade takes out some garbage and Reed approaches him. He reminds Fade that he was there a few days ago. Fade turns invisible and reappears with a gun, and Reed says that he just wants to find his family. He tells Fade that he has contacts with the government, and Fade might as well kill him if he's not going to help. After a moment, Fade leads Reed back into the bar.

Inside, Reed comes up with a story about how he escaped Sentinel Services. Fade takes him to a back room where a mother Sheila and her daughter Dominique are waiting. The mutant says that he'll take Reed to the drop point and then someone else will take him the rest of the way. Once Fade leaves, the refuges says that Sentinel Services took their father, who is also a mutant. Sheila uses her mutant ability to take away Reed's pain from when Sentinel Services shot him.

Scott and Andy play videos, and Scott bombards Andy with questions about his powers. Scott asks him to show off his power on a trophy, and Lauren tells Scott not to encourage her brother. She sees something on her tablet and shows Andy: their supposed friends outside of their house. Andy loses his temper and smashes the statue that Scott wanted him to show off on. As Scott hides the trophy, Caitlin hears the noise and comes in, and Lauren says that it was nothing. Andy asks if Daniel is going to help them, and Caitlin only says that they're working on it.

Jace gets a text from a woman, Paula, telling him to be safe. Fade takes Reed, Sheila, and Dominique out, and Jace and his men follow them.

As Fade drives his van, Reed spots Jace's surveillance van following them. Dominique tells him that he doesn't have to be safe anymore, and Sheila agrees. Reed tells Fade that there's a vehicle behind them and Sentinel Services put a tracker on him. Fade warns that if they stop, then they're dead. After a moment, Reed opens the door, apologizes to Sheila and Dominique, and jumps out. Fade drives away, and Jace goes over and reminds Reed that his job was to stay in the van. The agent says that Reed just made the biggest of his life, and Reed tells him to shove it up his ass.

Lorna tries to open the metal ell in her door, and her collar goes off. The door breaks open but Lorna collapses, bleeding from her mouth and nose. She crawls to the door, gasping, and the guard says that it's just sad.

John and Marcos break into Daniel's house, wake up Caitlin, and tells her that she's in danger. As they argue, Daniel comes in and Caitlin tells her brother that everything is okay. Neighbors gather outside led by Chuck Sanders, and John tells Caitlin to get the kids. Scott admits that he sent a pic of the trophy to a friend, and John confirms that they're surrounded. Andy wonders why they should run, figuring that he can take them. John warns that if they do that then people will die, but Andy figures that they'll hate them. Daniel says that he'll go talk to Chuck, and warns Caitlin that she doesn't understand how people feel about mutants.

Outside, Chuck says that the others are concerned people. He tells Daniel to hand over Caitlin and his kids, warning that the kids destroyed a high school Daniel claims that Scott is the only teenager in his house, and Chuck punches him. Andy shatters the door with his power, knocking the neighbors back, and yells at them to leave them alone. Chuck grabs a shotgun and prepares to fire, and John pulls Andy back inside while Marcos uses his lasers on the shotgun. They run for the car, and Daniel tells them to go without him. The group drives off and the neighbors drive after them.

As John rives, he calls a warning to Dreamer. He says that they need a way out of it that doesn't leave any corpses. Dreamer goes to Clarice and says that the others are in trouble. She asks Clarice to make a portal, and that she can do it if she has someone to care about. Dreamer breathes a mist, implanting memories of Clarice and John as lovers. After a moment, Clarice runs outside.

Lauren tries to see the pursuing through the dirty cars, and warns that she can't block what she can't see.

On the road outside the mutant HQ, Clarice creates a portal.

As they drive toward the HQ, Marcos warns John that they're going to have to fight.

Clarice focuses on John and John drives through the portal. Dreamer and Clarice go through as well and Clarice closes the portal.

John pulls to a halt and confirms that everyone is okay. He gets out and goes to Dreamer and Clarice, and Caitlin apologizes to Marcos. He assures her that he might have done the same for someone he loves. Meanwhile, Clarice hugs a surprised John. He tells her to go inside, and then asks Dreamer what she did. Dreamer says that Clarice needed something to connect to so she gave her a memory of them. John warns her that it could lead to something dangerous, and Dreamer says that she understands before walking off.

Jace is filling out transfer requests when Roderick calls. He says that he's interested in the Strucker children, and would like to work with Jace. Jace refuses to hand his suspects over to contractors and says that it's out of the question, and hangs up.

The next day, Caitlin arranges a meeting with Daniel. She brings Marcos and John with him, and Daniel says that she'll always be there for her. He admits that he was wrong and wants to help, and gives her the keys for a cabin he and Mary bought. Daniels says that he's made some calls, and Reed and another mutant have been taken to a top-secret detainment facility. He warns that Caitlin probably won't see Reed again. She tells him that she's wrong and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2017

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