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Mixed Signals Recap

A woman is showing Kurt Weaver a penthouse. He confirms that it's the most expensive penthouse in Central City. As he takes the elevator down, it falls and then stops. As he calls his assistant, the word "Kilgore" appears on the digital screen. The elevator shoots up and down, killing Kurt. When the doors finally open, a woman sees Kurt's corpse and screams. Nearby, Kilgore watches them.

Barry is dancing and superspeeding around the apartment, goes to get coffee, and superspeeds back while the pancake is still in the air. Once he's done eating, Barry is watching TV at superspeed when Iris comes out. Joe calls and says that she needs Barry at a crime scene, and Iris goes to work on the wedding. Barry tells her that he's taken care of all of it already

At the crime scene, Joe is briefing Singh when Barry arrives. He thanks Singh for the extended sabbatical and they check out the elevator. Cisco comes in response to their request to analyze the technical issues. He finds encrypted code and tells them that the elevator's computer system was hacked.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco decrypts the code and shows Barry his new costume. Barry points that he's already worn it, and Cisco explains that he's given it a full makeover. He has an instruction manual, and Barry says that he has to head back to CCPD. He tells Iris that he cancelled their evening training session because he doesn't think that they need it. Once Barry leaves, Caitlin figures that something is wrong. Iris says that it will take him time to get used to the new dynamics together. Caitlin tells her that she and Ronnie went to couples theory, but Iris insists that they don't need it. A breach alarm goes off, and Caitlin tries not to change to Killer Frost.

Iris, Caitlin, and Wally arrive at the breach chamber. Cisco tells them to hold their fire as Gypsy comes through. She apologizes for surprising them, and Gypsy asks if he's ready for their date. Cisco says that she's working on the hacker code and asks for a couple of hours, and then he'll be there for her. Gypsy agrees and Cisco goes to work.

A man, Tim Kwon, is driving through the city when his radio goes out of control. The word "Kilgore" appears on it, and the car brakes to a halt. It then starts up again and Tim is unable to control it. It speeds down the road at 120, and Iris picks it up on the scanner. Barry puts on his new costume and heads out without Wally. He ignores her instructions and realizes that they started contrition on the rod three months. Flash speeds into a nearby garage, grabs a wrench, and takes apart Tim's car at superspeed. His seat skids to a halt against the construction barriers.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry apologizes for screwing up. Joe calls to say that he's going to question Tim, and they find the same code in the navigational system that was in the elevator. Caitlin realizes that it's a an organic virus, and the hacker is a meta. Cisco remembers that he read the names Kurt and Tim in tech magazines.

Iris talks to Iris privately and she says that it's more important than ever that they communicate. She suggests that they go to couples therapy, and Barry wonders if they're in trouble. Iris assures him that they're not, but figures that they could use some advice. Barry reluctantly agrees and Iris tells him that they have an appointment in thirty minutes.

Barry and Iris meet with Dr. Sharon Finkel and Iris says that she's excited to dive in. Barry says that he was in therapy once as a kid when his mother died, and that he already dealt with it. Sharon insists on taking notes and assures them that no one is judging them, and Barry tells her that his father died as well. Iris talks about their relationship and they admit that they've been to a few funerals. Barry says that he was away for six months, and now they're trying to get back in sync. Iris wants to work on their communication.

Cisco is going through magazines when Gypsy complains that it's been hours. He finds an article about Kurt, Tim, and Sheila Agnani and Ramsey getting an award. Ramsey isn't identified in the photo.

At the station, Joe bumps into Ramsey. Ramsey apologizes and goes in, while in the nearby bomb squad room, a bomb robot activates.

Joe asks Tim if he has any enemies. Meanwhile, the robot grabs a grenade and enters the main room. It Enters Joe's room, and he sends a distress signal to Barry.

Barry tells Iris and Sharon that he has to go, and Sharon writes down that he ran out.

The robot pulls the pin and drops the grenade. As Joe gets Tim to cover, Barry speeds in and grabs the shrapnel at superspeed. He then speeds away and comes back at normal speed, and Joe dismisses the grenade as a dump.

When Cisco arrive, he confirms that the robot has the same corrupted code. Tim has run out, scared, and Cisco tells them that Kurt and Tim created malware, Kilgore, and then sold it. Joe recognizes Ramsey from the photo, and they figure that he's going after his old partner for some reason. Iris asks about Sheila, and Cisco says that she's a big tech guru now. Joe heads out to protect her and Cisco goes back to the code. Iris tells Barry that Sharon had a cancellation and they can go back or another therapy session.

Cisco and Caitlin check the code, and Caitlin realizes that Kilgore is a living computer virus. She says that it's bio-digital and living viruses mutate to avoid being killed. Gypsy comes in and Cisco tells her that he's going to have to cancel their date. She says that it's fine and wishes them luck. Caitlin tells Cisco that Gypsy is upset and Cisco is in a lot of trouble.

Back at Sharon's office, the doctor figures that Barry would rather be someplace else. Iris points out that if they're not on the same page then people could die. When Barry hesitates, Sharon tells them to say what they really mean. Iris points out that Barry canceled training without asking her, and has been making wedding plans without consulting her. Barry admits that their wires have gotten crossed but it's not a crisis. Iris finally asks how Barry could leave, her, and Barry can't say anything in front of Sharon.

Sharon is at her apartment playing a video game. Wally secretly plants listening devices and speeds out to where Joe is in the car listening. Tim arrives and says that Sheila wouldn't answer his calls. He says that Ramsey is after them for what they did to him, and Sheila insists that she covered up all of the evidence. Ramsey steps out of the shadows and says that he killed Kurt.

The listening device continues to play music.

Sheila tells Ramsey that it all could have been his, but Ramsey says that they stole Kilgore from him. She refuses to apologize, and Ramsey says that now he has power. Her computer-controlled insulin pumps her full of insulin. He then turns to Tim.

Wally hears Sheila gasping, speeds I, and injects her with glucose. She tells them that Deacon took Tim.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team search for deacon or Tim via facial recognition but find nothing. Barry and Iris come in, and Cisco says that he's in the doghouse with Gypsy. He walks out and Caitlin goes after him, and Barry and Iris deliberately avoid each other.

In his workshop, Cisco is complaining that Gypsy doesn't understand that he's busy. Caitlin suggests that he can't focus on anything because of the Gypsy situation. Cisco isn't listening but comes to the same conclusion. He brings Gypsy there and tells her that she's mad at him. Caitlin excuses herself and Cisco asks to make it up to Gypsy the next night. She says that it had to be that day because it's One-One-One Day on Earth. It's a day that they celebrate with the one they love, and Gypsy admits that she wants to do stupid schmoopy things with Cisco. She tells Cisco that she was embarrassed to admit it, and Cisco says that she's important to him and the day is important to her. He gets an idea and leaves.

Barry tells Iris that he didn't think they needed to talk about what happen. Iris assures him that she is happy with him, but she had to lie constantly about why he was gone. Nobody believed her, and she had to live with that. Barry says that it was killing him inside and he didn't say anything to her because he was afraid she'd ask him to say and he wasn't strong enough to refuse. When Barry says that it sometimes it all falls on Flash, Iris tells him that they are.

Tim livestreams that he, Kurt, and Sheila stole the malware but Deacon created it. Cisco and Caitlin have created a virus to invert Deacon's "code", and Cisco traces the transmission via satellite.

Once Deacon finishes recording, he activates two cranes to tear a manacled Tim apart. Flash and Kid Flash arrive, and deacon senses the tech in Flash's suit. He immobilizes Flash and activates the weapon system, blasting Kid Flash. Cisco admits to the others that he put a lot of tech in the suit.

Kilgore locks Cisco out of the programming, and cuts off his comms. Tim starts to crawl away, and Flash speeds off only to run out of control and smash into some boxes. He gets to a payphone and calls the others. Flash can't remove the suit, and Cisco explains that it has a deadlock function. Kilgore activates flotation mode, inflating the suit, and then activates Babel Protocol. Cisco explains that it's the self-destruct function, and Flash tries to remove the suit. Iris tells Flash to throw a lightning bolt at himself, , shorting out the suit and giving him control back. Cisco and Caitlin warn that it's dangerous, but Iris asks Flash to trust him. He does and starts running in a circle. He then throws a lightning bolt and moves to let it hit him.

Kilgore finds Tim and shoots him with a gun. Flash arrives, catches bullet at superspeed, and hits him with the virus. Kilgore screams in pain and collapses

Later, Gypsy arrives wearing a dress and fids Cisco having set up a table for dinner. He tells Gypsy that he's special to her and apologizes for missing her holiday, Cisco says that he will always make it up to her as long as she lets him now, and Gypsy says that she will.

Barry and Joe visit Ramsey in his cell. They've isolated him from all electronics and signals, and Barry notes that he was in Silicon Valley four years ago. He asks how Ramsey got his powers, and Ramsey says that he wasn't the only one. Ramsey wishes them luck, saying that Central City is going to have its hands full. The two men leave and tell Warden Wolfe that they'll take good care of Ramsey. Once Wolfe leaves, Barry figures that they'll find out what Ramsey meant after they get all of the tech out of Flash's suit.

Wolfe looks in on Ramsey, smiling.

In the lair, the Mechanic comes in and finds Thinker finishing an unfinished sympathy. She reports that Ramsey is locked up at Iron Heights, right where Thinker wanted him. Thinker says that now they find the others, and the Mechanic starts scanning.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2017

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