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The Rising Son Recap

In Hell, Drexel is guarding Crowley's throne. A drunk demon comes in and tells him that they're done. As Drexel insists that Lucifer will return, a gate opens and a man in a white suit walks in. He says that he's Asmodeus, the Fourth Prince of Hell, there to rule until Lucifer returns to rule with his son. Asmodeus tells the demons that Crowley's lackeys will be purged, and calls Drexel and two other demons forward. He kills the rest and says that there's a new sheriff in town.

Dean and Sam drive back to the bunker with the sleeping Jack in the back. Sam figures that they need to consider matters with Jack, and Dean points out that every time they figure that the bad guys aren't so bad, people get hurt. He figures that they should start with the obvious: kill Jack once he figures out how. Sam points out that Jack may be the only way to save Samantha, and Dean figures that there's no way to save her.

In the alternate universe, Lucifer leads Mary across the wasteland. She figures that he'll kill her no matter what, and Lucifer tells her that he doesn't want her dead because he needs her alive. He figures that he's going to exchange Mary for Jack. Mary figures that he doesn't care about raising a child, and Lucifer tells her that she has no idea what he cares about. A fireball streaks out of the sky and slams down nearby. When the smoke clears, Lucifer discovers that Mary is gone.

Drexel tells Asmodeus that there's no trace of Lucifer or Jack. Asmodeus is sure that Jack lives, and wants him found and trained to rule with Asmodeus as his advisor. Drexel takes notes and warns that Lucifer has a short fuse. Asmodeus chokes him telekinetically and yanks him forward, and says that h knows the perils of Lucifer's disappointment. He explains that he freed the Shedim, believing that he could train and use them. Lucifer feared them so he forbade it, locked them up again, and punished Asmodeus. Now he's Lucifer's to command, and tells Drexel to write it down.

At Sam's insistence, the brothers stop at a cheap hotel in Wyoming and take jack in. Jack turns on the TV and watches cartoons, and Dean hesitates and then turns it off. He gives Jack the hotel Bible to read, and Sam and Dean go to bed while Jack thumbs through the Bible. Dean gets takeout and Sam wars the door. Jack imitates Dean's eating and drinking, then says that the Bible mentions Lucifer. Dean explains that Lucifer is Satan and that's bad, and that Lucifer turned on God. Jack figures that God is his grandfather and that's good, and Sam asks him what else he can do. Dean asks Jack if he can teleport outside. Jack walks out, closes the door behind him, and then knocks. Sam lets him back in, and Dean asks him if Lucifer ever reached out to him. Jack has a memory flash of Lucifer locked up in Hell, but just tells the brothers that he's good.

Outside, a man walks down the hallway and approaches the hotel room. The Winchesters hear him and Dean grabs the man and drags him in. It's Donatello, who asks them if God is with them. He explains that a sign of maturity. He still doesn't have his soul because of Amara, but he's getting by. Donatello says that a few days ago, he was knocked off his feet by a wave of power. He was drawn to it, and realizes that Jack is the source. Sam explains that Jack is a Nephilim, the son of Lucifer, and tells Jack that Donatello is a Prophet. Donatello tells Jack that he met Jack's father, and Sam figures that Jack needs protection if he can be tracked.

The brothers take Jack to a tattooist and give him a ward to tattoo on him like they have. As they wait, Dean warns that Sam is too attached to Jack. Sam suggests that they train Jack to use his powers for good. When the tattooist starts, Jack smashes him back with a wave of power and complains that it hurt. Dean tells him to deal with it, and Jack figures that accepting pain is. Once the tattooist finishes, Jack concentrates and the tattoo disappears.

As the trio goes back to the Impala, a homeless woman sees them and the demon possessing her takes in Jack's presence with interest.

Back at the hotel room, Dean figures that Jack did what he did everything. Sam and Donatello disagree, and Jack insists that they can teach Jack not to be evil. Donatello warns that teaching won't work, and they tur to discover that Jack is gone.

Jack sits outside and remembers Kelly telling him that he's going to be amazing. Sam finds Jack and figures that he wanted to be away from everyone being angry. Jack admits that he teleported away, and Sam sits down and tells him that he has to get a grip on hiss special skills so he doesn't hurt anyone. He explains that sometimes Dean gets frustrated and angry, and Dean feels that it's his job to protect everyone. Sam says that they need to protect, but they may also need to protect people from Jack. Jack wonders if he's worth all the effort, and Sam says that Kelly and Castiel thought that he was... and so does he.

Dean goes to the hotel bar to drink. He talks with the bartender, explaining that jack has issues with his dad. The bartender says that she hated her father and ran away, and no matter what they want the old man's approval. Dean says that he knows what she's talking about, pays up, and leaves. Behind the bar, the real bartender lies dead. Once Dean leaves, Amadeus reverts to his normal form.

The next day, Donatello comes back from his room and Sam apologizes for sticking Jack with him. Donatello asks him if he has any idea how powerful Jack will get. Sam admits that he doesn't know, but the lore says that a Nephilim becomes more powerful than the angel who sired him. He figures that since Kelly was a good person, Jack can be molded into a good person as well.

In the other universe, Samantha walks across the wasteland and a Hunter confronts her. He holds her at gunpoint and demands to know who she is. The man doesn't believe that she's a Hunter, but figures that she doesn't walk like an angel. He doses her with holy water and there's no reaction, and says that he hasn't met a female Hunter since the war began. When Mary explains about the fireball, the Hunter says that the angels are always taking shots. He advances on her and grabs her, and Mary tries to fight him off. As he prepares to shoot her, Lucifer rams his first through the man's chest. He points out that he and Mary need each other so they can both win. When Mary tells him that she doesn't want him to win, Lucifer snaps his fingers and she collapses in pain for a few seconds.

Dean comes back to the hotel room and Sam says that they have to be on the same page. His brother says that they're not, and Sam says that they've been down before and they've managed to fix things. He insists that Jack wants to do the right thing, and he's scared of Dean. Donatello comes in and points out that Donatello was there a few minutes ago and they talked. The Prophet has no idea what Sam is talking about, and they go to Donatello's room to discover that Jack is gone. Donatello stares off into space and then says that he can feel where Jack went.

Dean goes back to their room to get the gear, and a demon attacks him. They fight and Sam arrives to kill the demon. They figure that the word is out, and go back to help Donatello. Another demon is attacking him, and Dean throws his blade into the demon's throat.

The fake Donatello takes Jack to a field and says that God has a message for Jack. Jack must train himself to use his gifts and fulfill his destiny. When Jack wonders how, Donatello explains that they have to rescue the Shedim, and God wants Jack to do that. He tells Jack to drill to the surface and bring up the Shedim.

The real Donatello directs Sam and Dean and says that he's sensing a darker power emanation near Jack. Sam checks John's journal and discovers that there's a gate to Hell, and it leads to creatures too bad for the Pit to hold.

As Lucifer and Mary continue on, a group of angels fly down and their leader Michael says that he smells a creature of Hell. Lucifer introduces himself but the lead angel says that Lucifer was killed by the archangel Michael. The angels prepare to smite Lucifer, and he snaps their fingers and disintegrates them. Michael arrives and says that Lucifer should be dead. Lucifer realizes that it's Michael.

The fake Donatello continues telling Jack to open the Gate and it starts to open. A creature climbs out just as the Impala arrives. Sam calls on Jack to stop, and Donatello says that the fake Donatello isn't Donatello. Dean shoots the fake and Asmodeus reverts to his normal form. Asmodeus chokes them, but Jack closes the gate. The demon tells Jack that he can give him the world, and Jack says that he's hurting his friends. His eyes flare red and Asmodeus disappears.

Michael wonders how Lucifer can be there, and Lucifer tells him about alternate universe. He says that Michael is a cheap knockoff to the one he left behind, and Michael says that he tore his Lucifer apart. The angel punches him and the two celestials fight. Michael manages to pin Lucifer, but says that he needs him.

When they get to the bunker. Sam and Dean have a beer. Sam confirms that the lore says that Asmodeus is the last of the Lords of Hell. He says that Jack saved them, but Dean figures that it was just a reflex. He goes to his bedroom, and hears Jack in his new room. Jack is stabbing himself with a knife but his wounds heal instantly. Dean takes the knife and tells Jack not to be an idiot, and Jack wonders what the hell he is. He says that he can't control whatever power he has, and will hurt someone. Dean tells him that Sam thinks that he can be saved, but he doesn't believe it. If he's right then he'll be the one to kill Jack, and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 20, 2017

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