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Something Inhuman This Way Comes Recap

Karnak wakes up next to Jen and strokes her face. She wakes up and Karnak admits that most people he sleeps with leave before he wakes up. He analyzes the post-intercourse endorphins and figures that it's more, and tells Jen that he wants to be with her.

Outside, Reno slaps at mosquitos and loads his revolver. he then aims it at Jen's tent.

As Jen and Karnak get dressed, Karnak wonders if he's hungry. They leave the tent and Reno shoots at them. Karnak analyzes the path of the bullet and deflects it with his bare hand. However, it hits Jen in the stomach, and Karnak leads her off as Reno continues firing and Karnak leads Jen off into the jungle. They hide and Reno yells that he doesn't want to share her. Karnak tosses a stone to draw Reno off, and his cell phone rings. he takes the call and confirms that his buyer Tua is coming early, and says that he'll be waiting for him. Once Reno goes back to the farm, Karnak tells Jen that they have to move.

As Louise drives down the road, Black Bolt and Medusa sit in the back, hugging. He signs that they need to focus on finding the others, and Medusa refuses to talk about Maximus shaving her head. She finally breaks down and explains what happened, and tells her husband that she'll be all right. Locus pounds on the trunk door, and Louise pulls over. They let Locus out and she says that Karnak is nearby. She complains about how the Royal Family normally treats them, and Medusa tells her to do her job. As Black Bolt takes Locus toward Karnak, Medusa tells Louise that Locus was sent to kill them.

In the jungle, Louise says that she might be able to get her company to let them tag along to the moon. Locus' comlink goes off: it's Maximus, asking why Auran isn't answering. Medusa responds, assuring Medusa that her sister is safe. He insists that he doesn't want to harm them, and Medusa points out that he sent Inhumans to kill them. She then relays Black Bolt's message that he plans to have a few words with Maximus, and Maximus says that he'll look forward to the family reunion. With that, Black Bolt crushes the comlink. Meanwhile, Maximus calls for Tibor.

At Dave's farm, Audrey checks Lockjaw and says that he's recovering. Crystal asks him to find their family, and explains to Dave and Audrey that Lockjaw can teleport. Audrey doesn't believe it, but Dave wants to try it. Crystal and Dave touch Lockjaw, and Crystal tells the dog to take them to where he took the others. Lockjaw teleports away as Audrey looks on, shocked.

At the research lab, Evan is autopsying the bodies of Auran and Sakas. He's intrigued by what he finds in Sakas' body: glands that exude acid. Evan tells his assistant to set up a DNA test on both of them to see what they have in common with Black Bolt.

Gorgon looks for Karnak and remembers the past.

Gorgon finds Karnak meditating and shows him the American flag that he found on the moon's surface. Karnak tells him to put it back, warning that they're putting their civilization at risk, and the humans will realize that it's gone and see Gorgon's hoof prints. Irritated, Gorgon goes to put the flag back.

Gorgon finds Karnak's blood and realizes that he was hurt. He sets out to find him.

Reno is packing up the ganja when the gangster and his men arrive to get their product. The farmer warns that Jen met Karnak and they took off after they saw Ted's body, and asks for their help. When he shows them the grave with Ted's body, Tua shoots him and then tells his men to bring in the truck while he and another man go to find Karnak and Jen.

Jen finally collapses from her wound.

Maximus tells Tibor that Auran has failed and he wants to send more Inhumans. Tibor points out that it's forced conscription, but Maximus warns that if they don't kill the Royal Family then the people will lose their freedom. The Council leader warns that the lower castes aren't expecting to be conscripted, but Maximus insists that they have to fight on Earth rather than the Moon. Tibor quickly agrees, and Maximus tells him to address him as "My king".

Karnak gets Jen up and moving. He blocks the nerve pains in her side and then says that he's good at predicting outcomes but his ability failed. Karnak tells her to stay still and asks if she trusts him, and Jen agrees. He then pushes his finger into her back and pushes the bullet out the front through the wound. The Inhuman makes a crude suture out of a leaf, but Jen gives him the sewing kit for their tents. When Jen says that they should call the police, Karnak refuses to endanger himself and his family. He suggests that they go back to the camp to ambush Reno. They hear the gangsters coming and run.

Evan confirms that the Inhumans' DNA is similar to Black Bolt. Auran comes back to life and heals the blast damage to herself, and then grabs Evan by the throat and demands to know where Black Bolt is. Evan admits that he helped Black Bolt escape prison and find his wife, and Auran realizes that Sakas is dead. The scientist says that they both died in the explosion,. Evan's assistant grabs a scalpel, and Auran disarms him and jams the scalpel into his eye, killing him.

Jen and Karnak approach the camp, and Karnak warns that he can't see an end to the plan. He wonders how he can work on a plan that he doubts, and Jen tells him that he just has to improvise. Jen tells him that doubt is their friend, helping them find solutions, and Karnak points out that's how Gorgon functions and he's only right 68% of the time. She says that she has his back and kisses him.

Gorgon tells Karnak that he put everything in back. Karnak points out that he couldn't do anything as moronically as Gorgon, and he'll always be the one cleaning things up. Gorgon points out that Karnak does nothing interesting and walks off.

Karnak agrees and they move into the camp.

When she contacts Maximus, he tells Auran not to harm Evan because he's his ally even though he doesn't know who Maximus really is. Auran disagrees but Maximus tells her to finish her mission and he'll be sending her help soon.

Mordis and Flora take a captive Sammy with them. He uses his Inhuman power to burn through his bindings and runs. Flora animates the plants to grab Sammy, just as Auran calls Mordis. Mordis tells her that they lost Black Bolt but captured Sammy. Auran orders him to bring Sammy back to them.

Karnak confirms that Reno is gone, and finds a wooden pole to use as weapons. He spots bales nearby and realizes that they weren't there when they left. The gangsters drive up and Karnak and Jen hide inside.

The gangsters arrive and load up the ganja, and Karnak tells Jen to hide while he takes them down. Jen kisses Karnak and slips out the back, and Karnak prepares to attack.

Lockjaw, Crystal, and Dave arrive near the beach and Dave revels in the experience. He invites Crystal to sit on the hand with her, and explains about the tides. Crystal admits that it's overwhelming, and in Attilan it's just her and Lockjaw. Medusa is protective of her, and Dave advises her to hang loose. Crystal say that she never expected that being with a human was safe given all of the war and terrorism that they saw. Dave assures her that most humans are safe, and she can't live life afraid. He runs out into the ocean and invites Crystal to join him, and they'll find her family later.

As night falls, Karnak attacks the three gangsters. He takes out one and another breaks his staff in two. Using the two halves separately, Karnak takes out the second, disarms the third, and strikes him in the chest. One of the men recovers and attacks Karnak from behind, and Jen runs up and threatens to burn the bales. When the man doesn't yield, she tosses a lantern. However, when Karnak tries to run, one of the gangsters knocks him out.

Locus homes in on Karnak and Medusa explains that Terragenesis determines all. When she says that Locus only has one path because of her gift, Locus reminds her that her parents spoke against the royal family and they were banished. When Louise objects, Medusa explains that Black Bolt lost his parents shortly after she lost hers, and the loss connected them. Louise points out that they were thrown out for not changing the caste system. Locus says that Maximus cares enough to change things, and Medusa points out that Maximus was the one who forced Locus to come there and use her gift. As Louise and Locus go on ahead, Medusa tells Black Bolt that it might be time that everyone knows him like she does.

Tibor gives Maximus the list of lower caste gifts. He says that only one of them was happy to be drafted, and Maximus tells Tibor that they have to earn their freedom. Tibor warns that some might wonder if it's for the good of Attilan or the good of Maximus. Maximus takes offense and says that he doesn't need friends who tear down his plans, and orders Tibor away.

Once Tibor leaves, Maximus goes to the statue of his father and says that everyone looked at him in pity. If he had received a gift then he would have been king, and now he's lost his king and his brother for the good of Attilan.

Gorgon sees the smoke from the burning bales and prepares to run in, but then considers how Karnak would do it.

Tua and his men string Karnak up and Tua demands to know who Karnak is. He explains that he's an Inhuman from the moon, and Tua doesn't believe him. His men beat him while Jen listens, tied up nearby. Gorgon approaches the camp and gestures to Karnak not to give him away, and then runs out and generates a seismic wave to knock the gangster down. The tree Karnak is fastened to topples, and Gorgon takes out the men. Karnak says that he can't free himself and tells Gorgon to free Jen. Once he does, Gorgon starts to apologize for stomping his way in and Karnak merely thanks him.

Mordis and Flora take Sammy to the lab and Auran tells them that the days of chasing Black Bolt are over. She says that they'll hold the humans hostage and force Black Bolt to come to them.

Gorgon is surprised when Karnak tells him that he's grateful to have him there. They hear gunshots and screams from behind them, after a moment Black Bolt and others join them. Medusa says that they took care of the gangsters, and Louse introduces herself. Jen says that she should call the police anonymously, and they should leave. Karnak realizes that she's sending him off, and Jen tells him that they had a good time but now they have to go their own ways. She kisses him and tells him not to be so hard on himself, and that a little doubt is good for him. Once she limps off, Karnak realizes that his powers are coming back to him.

Locus collapses and they realize that she was shot in the fight. Karnak confirms that it's a fatal wound, and Locus tells Black Bolt that he should be the king that they deserve. He nods in agreement, and dies before she can tell them where Crystal is.

Tibor walks down the hall and hooded men confront him. They demand to know what Tibor was talking to, and he insists that he wasn't defying Maximus. The leader tells Tibor that they're rebels and they need his help to take down Maximus.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2017

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