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Fans of Wet Circles Recap

In a cave, a man looks at a skeleton drawn on a wall.

In the kingdom of Wendimore, Queen Frija demands to know where Panto Trost is. Silas rather unconvincingly says that he fought Panto on the edge of a cliff and sent him plummeting to his death when he tripped and fell on some rocks. The Queen isn't convinced, and points out that their rival family killed her son Farson. Silas points out that they don't know for sure if Farson is dead, and Silas' man Wygar speaks up and says that Panto slipped away while he saved Silas' life. Frija figures that a lesson needs to be taught and orders the farmlands to be burned down. Silas warns that the Mage wants that, and they must unite with the Trosts and fulfill the prophecy. She insists that the prophecy isn't real, and there's no such thing as Dirk Gently.

Morning in Bergsberg, and Todd and Farah check out the crashed car that fell out of a tree. Todd figures that something weird dropped it out of the sky, and they find a female corpse inside who was beaten to death. The odometer is only on 24 miles, and they hear someone moving in the trunk. Todd opens it while Farah covers him, and Dirk falls out. He realizes that he's free and yells in triumph, and greets Todd and Farah. Todd and Dirk hug, and Dirk says that Mona told him to find the boy and then she fell through a bed in Blackwing. Todd asks about Amanda, and Dirk points out that Amanda doesn't have gifts like the rest of them.

Sherlock pulls up nearby and puts all three of them arrest. He yells that they're wanted by the FBI, and Dirk wonders what Dirk and Farah did. Sherlock admits that he hasn't arrested anyone before so they should be cool about it, and Farah hastily puts down her gun.

Friedkin's lieutenant assistant tells him that Dirk somehow escaped. The commander asks if it's possible that Dirk is invisible and fumbles around the cell. The assistant says that there was a two-second glitch in the footage during which Dirk disappeared. Friedkin finds a wet circle on the bed and wonders if Dirk peed himself invisible, and tells his assistant to get him Mr. Priest.

Bob finds Suzan in bed, and she says that she's sick. He wants her to walk the dog but she doesn't. Once he leaves, Suzan washes the blood out of her clothes and remembers what happened the night before. She takes the tome out of her drawer and sees the writing on the page change when she looks at it. Suzan then uses the wand on her bloody clothes and cleans them with a spell.

Tina arrives at the sheriff's station and finds Dirk handcuffed to a post. Dirk says that he's just an associated figure and Sherlock arrested Todd and Farah. Sherlock comes out and tells Tina that some stuff is going on outside. He also found a driver's license on the body in the car: Marlena Cardenas. Tina recognizes the name and says that it's weird. The address is for the old farmhouse that got seized by the government since 1967. They figure that it's the biggest thing that has ever gone on and go inside.

A mall employee comes out with some garbage and finds Amanda and Vogel behind the dumpster. Vogel is getting ready to hit a golf ball off of Amanda's head with a golf club. The employee runs back inside, and Vogel hits the golf ball. Amanda doesn't get a vision, and Vogel suggests that he get scarier. She assures him that he's super scary, and hears a train in the distance.

Suzan goes outside to read the cast another spell to heal her leg. It workjs, and she jumps on the trampoline.

Sherlock goes over the FBI report with Farah, and notes that she and Todd are directly connected to over two dozen deaths. Farah insists that she's a bad person and complains that she's going to be an epic failure for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Tina questions Todd and he demands to have his phone call. She realizes that he's Todd from Mexican Funeral, and says that he's like a god of the mid-2000 Goth scene. Tina admits that she's a fan.

Dirk tells Sherlock about their first case with Patrick Spring. Sherlock follows the explanation, much to Dirk's surprise, and Sherlock explains that he was named after a famous detective. Dirk says that he's a holistic detective, and Sherlock knows what that means. He then puts Dirk in a cell with Todd and goes off. Dirk figures that Sherlock isn't going to call the FBI, and he figures that everything is interconnected and they're there because it must be part of the new case. He tells them that he has to find the boy, and admits that he has no idea who it is or what's going on. Todd asks who Mona is, and Dirk says that she's a Blackwing subject who he hasn't seen in 15 years.

Amanda and Vogel go to the railway tracks and she lies down on the tracks. The train comes and Amanda assures Vogel that she'll have a vision and it will lead them to the next. She lies down and the train passes over her.

Dirk assures Todd that everything will work out last it did last time. When Todd says that he's out of medication, Dirk asks what he means and Todd admits that he got Parabulitis on the day Dirk was taken. He points out that they've all been punished, and Dirk tells him that it may not be easy or smooth but it all works out in the end. He insists that they'll find everything if they look hard enough.

Sherlock and Tina come in and tell them that they're letting them out, and Sherlock says that they're coming out with them. He's temporarily requisitioning them for temporary assistance, and explains that Morena was a part of a couple and they've been missing for fifty years. As Tina takes Farah away, Sherlock has pills for his epileptic cat just like the ones that Todd takes. Dirk sarcastically points out that it's a weird coincidence, but admits that they're crazy.

Amanda has a Parabuliis attack, and realizes that it works. As Vogel feeds on her, Amanda has a vision of events in Bergsberg. She then tells Vogel that she knows where to go.

In her bathroom, Suzan casts spells to improve her hair, wrinkles, and weight. Scott knocks at the door and Suzan yells back, saying that she's sick. He wonders where his car keys are, and Suzan snaps at him to check his jeans from the previous day. He finds them there and leaves.

Friedkin questions Ken about Dirk, and accidentally shocks him. He wonders if Dirk can teleport, and admits that Ken is the only reasonable prisoner that he has to question. Ken suggests that he'll use his expertise to find Dirk if Friedkin agrees to let him out of the taxi. When he proposes a deal, Friedkin agrees... and walks out.

Sherlock and Tina take the trio to the farm and discover that the door is broken open from the inside and there are recent footprints going inside. Dirk goes to the nearby barn and Todd and Tina follow him. Sherlock gives Farah a spare flashlight and they search the house. There are burn marks, and Sherlock explains that they happened all over town after the power surge in '67. In '67, there was an electrical pulse that fried the electrical grid for miles around Bergsberg. Morena and her husband Hector went missing days beforehand, Sherlock figures the farmhouse was theirs. The boat was there for at least ten years prior, but nobody knows where that comes from.

Sherlock finds one intact phone jack but the line is dead. He and Farah follow the footprints into a room and discover that they appear in the middle of the room. The Mage comes in behind Farah, but when she turns he's gone.

Suzan casts spells to clean up the house and more money.

Todd shows Dirk the water circle on the garage wall. He figures that it means something, but Dirk isn't impressed. Dirk climbs up into the hayloft and finds a gun, and blasts a hole in the wall.

Friedkin brings up the Rowdy Three--Martin, Gripps, and Cross--and shocks them awake. He then sends Vogel and Cross down, and talks to Martin. Martin tells him that they have an appointment, and Friedkin says that he needs them to find Dirk. In return he'll get them better living quarters and food. Martin feeds on Friedkin's neurological energy, but Mr. Priest comes in and sprays Martin down. Priest introduces himself to Friedkin, who passes out.

Tina, Todd, and Dirk take the gun out into the forest and try the gun on a tree. It fires blasts of force, but it doesn't have any moving parts. Dirk finds a person petrified in the tree, and calls Sherlock and Farah. Farah figures that it was an adult man, Sherlock figures that it's Hector, and Farah points out that there were height marks in the house suggesting that there was a child. Dirk figures that they had a boy, and that was the boy Mona told him to find.

When Friedkin wakes up, he's in his office and Priest is there. Priest says that Friedkin should find some people to feed to the Rowdy 3. When Friedkin refuses, Priest tells him that he's soft and soft guys don't last. He brought in most of the old Blackwing subjects, and wonders why they waited to call him. Friedkin says that there were violations of protocol, and Priest tells him that they call him in for violations, not protocol.. He admits that he's a very bad person and no good, and Project Icarus is gone and Incubus is gone. Priest warns that if Friedkin doesn't capture Todd and the others, he'll be replaced, but he can give him a win. He shows Friedkin a photo of Amanda and Vogel, and says that he can get them if Friedkin gives the order.

As Scott drives back from work, he hits Panto. Panto recovers and runs off.

Bob returns home and calls to Suzan as the dog barks repeatedly. She tells him that she's feeling better and he notices that she's cleaned up a bit. Bob says that there are music show people coming into town, and wonders how much money Suzan spent on her makeover. He points out that she's been up and down since the accident, and warns that nothing will fix what happened. Bob tells her that she's the same person, and Suzan uses the wand to immobilize him. She apologizes and says that he keeps pushing her buttons. Bob starts yipping, and Suzan realizes that she can command him to do anything she wants. She tells him to get rid of the dog, and Bob walks out. The dog stops barking after a minute, and Suzan enjoys the silence.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2017

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