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Easy Prey Recap

Wealthy Adam Crown and his college-aged Jason are going through the swamp searching for a rare hawk. Jason is less than thrilled to be along. The hawk lands nearby and takes a photo of it, and sees Adam preparing to shoot it despite the fact that it's protected. Adam shoots but misses, and the hawk flies off.

Will is in his boat and hears a shrieking noise in his head. Swamp Thing hears the same noise. Looking up, Will sees the hawk flying away. He beaches the boat and sees the landscape flicker, and yells to Swamp Thing wondering what's going on.

Adam continues pursuing the hawk and complains that he missed. Jason says that they should go on, but his father tells him that there's more to life than an easy kill.

As night falls, Will finds Swamp Thing and explains that he's heard screams like he's never seen before. Swamp thing explains that it's Nature crying out, and that the swamp has taken Will in to let him see and hear what Swamp Thing hears every day. he admits that it won't be pleasant at first, and asks Will what is in his heart. Will concentrates and sees the injured hawk, Swamp Thing explains that hunters have attacked a rare hawk, and the swamp has opened up so that Will can help Swamp Thing find it. He tells Will to let go of all of his human instincts and the swamp will guide him.

At the complex, Adam and Jason meet with Anton and Graham. Anton knows about the hawk and says that it could be the last. He explains that the hawk resides on mostly what is on his land, and Adam is there to discuss a business deal. Adam says that he's there to teach Jason a lesson, and explains to his son that Anton has made an offer for Adam to fund his new cold fusion project. He asks what Anton is offering, and Adam accepts the hawk. Jason objects and Adam says that it's worth more for its rarity. Anton agrees and is glad to offer it in return for Adam's money.

Will looks at the plants as if for the first time, and Swamp Thing tells him to take a handful of water. It's alive with life, and Will says that the swamp's power is clear to him now. Swamp Thing reminds him that they must find the hawk, and tells Will that only he knows if he's up to it. He tells Will to picture the wind, and when Will does so he senses the hunters and goes on ahead.

Adam and Jason return to the swamp and Adam tells his son that it's about becoming a man. He insists that he's trying to reach him to make up for lost time and tosses Jason a gun. As they go through the swamp, Adam complains that his wife sent Jason to college instead of his son coming to work with him. He says that everything that he's done is survival of the fittest, but Jason tells him that he's pretending and it's just about power. Adam angrily says that no one will care, and Jason tells him that the tragedy is that he doesn't care.

Come morning, Will finds another hawk and realizes that it's searching for its wounded mate.

As they continue, Adam says that his power is what made Jason a big shot on campus. Jason figures that they're wasting their time, just as they see the second hawk. They soon realize that it's a second hawk.

Will finds the wounded hawk and tells it that he's there to help. Adam and Jason arrive and Will tells them to stay away from the hawk. He tells Adam that he doesn't belong in the swamp, and Adam says that he always gets what he goes after. He orders Will to get out of his way, but Will doesn't budge. Adam attacks Will and then shoots him in the shoulder. The wounded hawk flies off, and Jason tells Will to run while he holds Adam back.

Will goes further into the swamp and collapses from blood loss. He calls to Swamp Thing for help.

Jason goes after Will, but Adam says that it's Will's fault and he's not leaving without the swamp. His son tells him that he's a joke, willing to shoot a human being to get his prize. Jason walks off and Adam starts to go after him, but sees the hawk and chases it again.

Graham tells Anton that he's run a background check on Adam. Adam overextended his holdings and he's broke, and Anton storms off.

Swamp Thing finds Will and then moves off as Jason comes over. Jason apologizes to Will, who tells him to stop Adam. Jason goes off and Swamp Thing tells Will that the swamp will take care of him. Will focuses on the swamp and plants cocoon Will, healing his wound. Once he recovers, Swamp Thing tells him that Jason is the key.

Adam continues to track the mate. It flies down and lands on Swamp Thing's arm, and he tells it to go to its mate. It flies to its wounded hawk, and Adam prepares to shoot it. Jason arrives, aiming his gun at his father, and says that he'll shoot him. His father calls his bluff, and Jason sets down the gun and asks if Adam will kill him. Adam knocks him aside and aims, but Jason throws him to the ground. They fight and Jason gets his father's gun and throws it away. He tells Adam to never touch him again and walks off.

When father and son return later that night, Adam says that Jason didn't wimp out of him. He admits that he acted irrationally and he picked the wrong example to set, but he was proud that Jason stood up to him. Jason told him that he failed, and what came out of them was the truth. He figures that if Adam made Jason like him, he would receive affirmation of his own life. Jason came there because he thought there was common ground, and Adam tells him that he's all that he has. When his son says that he still has his business, Anton and Graham arrive and Anton says that he knows Adam is broke. Once they leave, Jason figures that Adam is back to square one. Adam says that he doesn't care and asks if they can start again. Jason doesn't think so and says that he's been set free, and walks off.

The next day, Will and Swamp Thing find the wounded hawk. Swamp Thing heals it and it flies off with its mate.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2017

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