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The Handyman Recap

Professor Theo Bukovski drives into Houma and a police officer pulls him over for speeding. Bukovski pulls over and the office--the Handyman--comes over, grabs Bukovski, and tells him to put on a pair of handcuffs as he draws a gun.

Later, Swamp Thing senses something and comes to a shallow grave. The ground opens and Swamp Thing digs, finally revealing the body of Bukovski in a police officer's uniform.

Anton goes to a hotel where they are hosting an award to him for scientific excellence. Dr. Aldo Rudyard, a former professor of bioengineering at Cambridge, arrives and the hostess Stella introduces him. Anton welcomes everyone and says that the winner can collect their $500,000 reward in whatever currency they want. The Handyman, posing as Bukovski, arrives and an unwitting Anton greets him.

Later, Anton begins his opening remarks and says that they came there as a reprieve from mental pygmies. He says that they are the prosecuted ones because they're too close to the cutting edge, and the time has come for their genius to be recognized, appreciated, and rewarded. With that, Anton unveils his award.

Swamp Thing discovers that the body has no identification. He probes the corpse's memories and sees Bukovski's last moment. He then remembers a man attacking him in an alleyway when he was human, after the man kills his friend Steve. The attacker--the Handyman--runs off when Alec fights back.

Anton introduces "Bukovski", who invites Anton to go first. As the host, Anton says that his presentation will be last and "Bukovski" insists someone else go first. He suggests Rudyard, and Rudyard agrees. As Rudyard speaks, Anton tells Stella that they'll be disappointed when he presents his research and takes the award for himself. Stella sneezes from Anton's military experiments on pollen, and says that she'll copy all of the data.

The waiters and maids, working for Anton, copy all of the data of the attending scientists. They give it to Stella, who tells Anton that they got information from everyone but "Bukovski". Anton figures that Bukovski's data is in the briefcase that the man is clutching.

Swamp Thing finds handcuff marks on the corpse's wrists.

A detective examines the body of Steve, and Alec explains that Steve was his lab assistant. The officer says that Steve was tortured before he was killed, as if the killer wanted information. Alec remembers that a mugger tried to steal his briefcase several weeks ago, and the detective tells him to be careful.

Swamp Thing figures that the Handyman is back.

After the other scientists go, Anton calls "Bukovski" to the podium. The Handyman takes out a bomb and a gun, and tells everyone not to move. Anton realizes that the Handyman isn't Bukovski, and the Handyman says that he's going to steal all of the research data. He orders Stella to bring everything over, and hands out handcuffs for everyone to put on.

Swamp Thing finds Bukovski's carnation and taps into its memories. He sees Bukovski at a tailor putting on the jacket and carnation, and mentions the science conference. Swamp Thing realizes that the Handyman is going after the conference.

As the Handyman checks everyone's handcuffs, Anton dismisses his mental state for using a bomb. The Handyman says that he knows Anton killed Sunderland, his boss, and together they toppled governments and assassinated officials. He figures that he deserved better and walked away with nothing while Anton profited. The Handyman is the one who stole the data that Sunderland gave to Anton. Now he'll sell the information and no one will ever find him. The Handyman explains that the bomb has a motion detector and when they eventually move, it will go off.

Stella starts to sneeze but manages to hold it. Swamp Thing arrives outside the window and taps on the window to get Anton's attention. Anton whispers to him what happened, and Swamp Thing remembers the price.

The Handyman attacks Alec in the lab, and Alec realizes that it's the same man who attacked him in the lobby. The killer gets out just before the lab explodes.

Swamp Thing mentally controls an overhead plant into exuding water. The water shorts out the bomb, and Swamp Thing leaves as Anton frees himself and the others. Anton runs outside with the bomb and finds Swamp Thing, and asks why he saved his life. Swamp Thing tells him that the others don't deserve to die because of Anton's foolishness. When Swamp Thing explains that the Handyman was the one who broke into his lab and set the fire that killed Linda, Anton admits that he ordered it but he delegated the responsibility to Sunderland and he sent the Handyman. He says that he plans to get his stolen research back and goes after the Handyman.

The Handyman removes his disguise and heads off. Anton finds him and prepares to give him the bomb, and then takes cover as the Handyman shoots at him. Swamp Thing approaches and the Handyman shoots him. The impact takes Swamp Thing down, and Swamp Thing tells Anton that he'll have to go after him because evil conquers evil. Once Anton chases after the killer. Swamp Thing heals the wound.

Anton chases after the Handyman, who continues shooting at him. As the killer gets into his escape boat, Anton tosses the bomb to him. Nothing happens, and Anton ducks under cover as the Handyman fires. Swamp Thing grabs the gun from the Handyman and tosses it to Arcane, who shoots the bomb. It explodes, killing the Handyman.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2017

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