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What Would Lucifer Do? Recap

Lucifer is in bed with a woman, Lexy, having her tell him he deepest darkest fancy. As they start to have sex, Lexy's husband arrives. She tells Lucifer to hide, but Lucifer says that he'll handle it. He goes downstairs to where the husband, a judge, is. The judge grabs a golf club and prepares to hit Lucifer, and Lucifer asks what his real desire is. The husband says that he just wants a nap, and married his yoga instructor. There was tons of sex and partying, but then it became exhausting. He just wants to chill with his ex, Marsha, because she engaged his mind. Lucifer sympathizes and says that he's embraced the Devil he used to be, and offers to keep Lexy satisfied while the husband reconnects with his ex. The judge agrees and Lucifer tells him that now he owes him a favor. He then heads upstairs to fulfill his end of the bargain.

At the station, Chloe tells Marcus that she wants to be put up for the open union rep position. He refuses to allow it and to explain. As Chloe goes, Marcus gives her a case. Outside, Ella asks what happened. She figures that Marcus is in to Chloe, and grabs her kit to go with her to the crime scene.

Lucifer returns to the penthouse and finds Amenadiel there. Amenadiel says that he's finally figured out that Lucifer is his task to get his powers back. He admits that he has no idea what he's supposed to do, and Lucifer tells him that he has to walk a mile in his shoes... starting with a makeover. Lucifer gives him access to all of his social media accounts and tells him to do what he wants but ask himself what would Lucifer do.

Chloe and Ella go to Firehawk Ranch Transformational Center where a girl's corpse has been dumped in a trough. The vic is Emily Goddard, a counsellor at the center. Lucifer arrives and Chloe explains that it's a high-end reform program for juvenile drug offenders and addicts. Emily was stabbed in her office then fell out the window into the trough. There's no murder weapon, but Ella figures that it's either a knife or a tool with a serrated blade. Lucifer is intrigued by the idea that the center turns bad kids into ones.

Jerry Blackcrow comes over and explains that he's the founder. He says that Emily was one of his best counselors and everyone adored her. Lucifer figures that the killer is one of the clients,, but Jerry insists that all of his kids walk the Firehawk Path. Despite that, Lucifer says that people can't change but Jerry says that people can with the proper motivation. Ella finds tool belt in Emily's office and a pruning tool is missing. The belt belongs to one of the residents, and Lucifer figures that the owner is the killer.

Jerry shows them the records of the gear they give to the children, and try to identify the number on the belt. Jerry's assistant is wearing a badge with wings, and Jerry says that the badge is part of a reward system. The wings are only given to those who are truly reformed. Lucifer figures that it's manipulation and unoriginal. The assistant determines that the belt belongs to Tyson Chase. They go to Tyson's apartment and discover that he's gone.

Amendiel goes down to Lux, earing one of Lucifer's suits, and asks a woman what she desires. She tells Amenadiel to move so that she can talk to her boyfriend. The angel quickly excuses himself and approaches another woman and says that she gets to have sex with him. She throws her drink in Amenadiel's face and walks off. Another woman, Www, approaches Amendiel and asks him to buy her a drink.

At the station, Chloe runs a check on Tyson and discovers that his record is sealed. Dan gives her MTA security footage of Tyson leaving a station in Hollywood. Marcus asks Chloe for an update on the case, and is disappointed that she isn't further along. Once Marcus leaves, Chloe asks why Marcus is such a dick to her. Dan points out that he's a dick to everyone, and suggests that she isn't the problem as he glances over at Lucifer. Chloe tells him to focus on the case and Lucifer says that Tyson is back at what he did before because people don't change. She says that she'll call a judge to get Tyson's record released, and Lucifer tells her that he knows a shortcut.

Lucifer goes to see the judge and his ex, and ask the judge to pay off his favor by opening Tyson's record. Soon, Lucifer has an address and finds Tyson hotwiring a car. The record showed where Tyson used to steal car, and Lucifer says that he needs to prove to Jerry that Tyson hasn't changed. When Tyson says that he'd rather die than go back, Lucifer starts up the car and races down the hill at speed. He brakes at a cliff and prepares to toss Tyson out, and Tyson hastily agrees to tell him anything.

At the station, Chloe and Lucifer interrogate Tyson. They explain that they found Tyson's tool belt, and Tyson is surprised that Emily is dead. He insists that he loved Emily and would never hurt her, and they fought because she wouldn't talk to him. Tyson explains that he turned 18 and wanted Emily to come with him, but she said that them being together was a mistake and wouldn't leave. He blames himself, figuring that if he hadn't left then would still be alive. She was worried about expelling a resident, and that's why they fought.

Chloe calls Marcus and Dan in, and Chloe says that she believes Tyson. Lucifer figures that Tyson is guilty. Dan gets a text and says that he has a friend who is in trouble, and says that he'll send over Emily's files. Marcus points out that they have nothing, and Chloe notes that without a murder weapon they don't have any evidence. Meanwhile, Lucifer goes in and tells Tyson that he's a bad seed, and demands the truth. Chloe yells through the intercom for Lucifer to let him go, but Marcus says that if Tyson isn't the killer then Lucifer just scared him straight. He congratulates Lucifer on being a good influence, much to Lucifer's disgust.

Lucifer goes to the ranch and calls the residents over. He takes a drink from his flask, and says that he's there to teach them pure deviance. Lucifer then asks them what they desire, and learns that they want to get back to their true selves. He teaches them how to deal drugs and one girl, Carly Glantz, says that all they need to grow drugs is irrigation and a south-facing slope. She takes Lucifer to the marijuana field that she's set up,

When Chloe arrives, she discovers that Lucifer has the residents manufacturing marijuana. He insists that it was a valuable teaching moment, and Chloe reminds him that they need to find the resident that Emily was going to expel. According to her files, she busted a resident for running a drug operation. Lucifer brings over Carly and tells Chloe that she's running a drug operation. Chloe promptly arrests her.

Dan finds Amenadiel in jail, and Amenadiel explains that the woman demanded money after sex. Her "cousin" showed up and demanded money, and they got into a fight and he beat them up. Dan explains that the woman is a prostitute, and Amenadiel admits that he didn't know the woman was one. Dan says that he's pulled some strings and Amenadiel is cut loose, and he hasn't said anything to Lucifer.

Chloe tells Marcus that Carly was the resident Emily was going to expel. However, they still don't have any evidence to tie Carly to the murder. Marcus asks Lucifer for advice, and Lucifer says that they should think out of the box. The lieutenant agrees, and Chloe insists that Carly won't talk... just as Carly comes in with her father and says that she's going to talk. She tells them that she saw Tyson digging by the sundial burying something her father says that Carly has an alibi: She was in a shared room video-chatting with her boyfriend.

Lucifer and Chloe go back to the ranch with Ella. As they dig, Chloe asks Ella what Marcus' problem is with her. Lucifer and Ella both figure that Marcus has excellent judgment. Ella tells Chloe to pay attention to Marcus' actions, not his words. Chloe finds the pruning shears with Tyson's numbers on it, and they figure that Tyson is the killer.

Back at the station, Marcus points out that the blood on the shears matches Emily's blood. Chloe says that if Lucifer is right, Carly is still bad. She wonders how Carly earned computer privileges, and wants to question Jerry more. Lucifer gets a text and says that he got a call from Lexy. He figures that the case is already solved, and Marcus tells him that he's earned some private time. Marcus then tells Chloe that he's going to ride with her, despite her objections.

At Lux, Amenadiel tells Dan that he doesn't know what his "father" wants to tech him a lesson about Lucifer. The angel says that he's been trying to learn more about Lucifer, and Dan tells him that Lucifer says and does what he wants, and has sex with a different girl every night. Amenadiel thanks Dan for bailing him out, and Dan says that they all need someone to have their backs every now and then.

Chloe and Marcus go to the ranch and Chloe says that she's a badass. She points out that he doesn't trust her and praises Lucifer. Marcus chuckles and says that the union rep job is for has-beens. He came there to see Chloe in action first-hand. Jerry comes out with a gun and opens fire, hitting Marcus when he shoves Chloe out of the way. Chloe returns fire and the man ducks back inside. He gets to a truck and drives off, and Chloe calls in an officer down.

As the police secure the ranch and the EMTs take Marcus to the hospital, Lucifer arrives and is surprised that Jerry tried to kill her. Then he remembers that Jerry is an ex-con and figures that proves his point. Chloe goes to the hospital, and Dan tells Lucifer that they have an APB out on Jerry. He says that Chloe is fine, and Lucifer blames himself for not being there to protect Chloe. Lucifer then figures that Jerry has money stashed away somewhere so he can make his getaway.

The next morning, Jerry goes to the docks, and gets some money from a bag hanging off the docks. Lucifer arrives and explains that Carly said that she used her father's beach condo as a stash house... and that Jerry was her partner. The Devil wants Jerry to admit that it was all a ploy, and Jerry insists that he did a lot of good for the residents. He warned Emily but she wouldn't listen to reason, and Chloe was in his way. Jerry grabs his shotgun and prepares to shoot Lucifer, but Lucifer easily disarms him and grabs him by the throat, and then throws him across the dock. He starts punching Jerry, just as Amenadiel arrives and tells him to stop. Amenadiel says that Lucifer isn't evil but punishes evil, and Lucifer slowly releases Jerry.

Chloe brings flowers to Marcus' hospital room and thanks him for what he did. He says that it's part of the job, and she saved his life so they're even. Chloe asks if he's been injured on the job before, and Marcus admits that he has but the possibility of death never felt so close before. She says that when she was shot, she went back to work and kept at it, and then heads back to work. Chloe explains that they found Jerry beaten up and tied up in Malibu, and Marcus tells her that he couldn't let anything happen to his best detectives. He says that he can tell why Lucifer is so affected by her, and says that she's special.

Dan comes in and offers his best wishes to Marcus. He also thanks him for putting him up for the union rep position, and says that he won't let him down. Once Dan leaves, Chloe looks at Marcus, who looks back at her.

Lucifer and Amenadiel go the penthouse and Amenadiel says that he found him because the locating service on one of his dating apps. He figures that God wanted him there, and Lucifer figures that Amenadiel proved that he hadn't changed. Lucifer is still a punisher and thanks Amenadiel for reminding him of that. Amenadiel says that Lucifer was trying to punish himself for not being there for Chloe, and if he cares then he's changed from being the old Lord of Hell. The angel figures that God wants him to have Lucifer's back now that he's evolving.

Lucifer says that he used to torture a soul back in Hell, and he'd call the shots because he was a masochist. It went on for centuries until he missed his daily punishment. He told Lucifer not to forget him, and promised to be good. That was when Lucifer realized that the masochist was so filled of self-loathing that Lucifer's attention gave meaning to his pointless existence. He's telling Amenadiel the story because the masochist reminds him of Amenadiel. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he's with him to remind him of a time when he first mattered. Amenadiel figures that he's trying to dismiss the messenger, and says that he is there for Lucifer no matter what. He walks out and Lucifer throws his glass into the mirror, furious, and stares at his cracked reflection.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 24, 2017

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