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Zari Recap

Seattle, 2042

ARGUS patrols declare an anti-meta curfew and patrol the streets. A transport is heading to a facility with their prisoner, and Kuasa emerges from the water puddle ahead of them. the truck slams into her and she splatters into water. Once the truck stops, Kuasa flows into the truck through the vent and takes out the driver and guard. She then opens the back and discovers that the prisoner is gone. Gary is watching nearby and calls the Time Bureau with a Code 99.

Waverider is parked in the time stream and Martin tells Nate to discuss any issues with Amaya with Amaya. He notices that Amaya is on the ceiling dreaming that she's a spider. Nate yells at her to wake up, and Amaya drops to the table. She worries that she might summon a dangerous animal ashe in her sleep, and Nate assures her that they'll figure out what's going on with the Totem. Martin suggests that they apply science and start in the med bay, and leads Amaya off.

Sara picks up Gary's transmission saying that he's seen a female meta of unknown origin. Jax and Mick come in and Sara says that they intercepted a distress call. They wonder why they should help the Bureau, and Sara reminds them that the help people in trouble. The team lands in 2042 and discover that it's under martial laws. They avoid the ARGUS patrols and trace Gary's signal. They find the agent and says that Ava will kill him because she hates the Legends. Mick convinces Gary to tell them what happened, and Gary says that the Bureau got a ping on some unregulated time travel. When he got there, he saw Kuasa and realized that she's a meta.

Back on Waverider, the team review security footage of the truck. Ray remembers fighting someone with similar powers, and Sara figures that Kuasa is an assassin and she failed to kill her target. Gideon scans ARGUS' logs and the AI projects the prisoner's most likely destination.

At an abandoned warehouse, the prisoner--Zari Tomaz--s packing her things when the Legends come in. They tell her to come with them if she wants to live, and Zari says that they'll lead ARGUS to them. An ARGUS drone flies in, identifies the team, and places them for violating the anti-meta-human act. Zari cloaks herself from the drain and walks out, and Atom destroys the drone. ARGUS soldiers come in and order them to surrender, and Sara orders the others to surrender. Once the soldiers move in, Sara attacks them and the others join in. Mick is furious that he doesn't get a clear shot. They head back to Waverider to get a line on Zari, unaware that Kuasa is watching them.

Gideon finds nothing wrong with Amaya, and Martin wants to perform more tests. Amaya insists that it's the Totem, and Nate suggests that they talk to her ancestors. She refuses to mess with the Totem's history and storms off, and Martin suggests that it's a side effect of temporal dysphasia.

Sara joins Amaya in the hallway and Ray wonders why ARGUS is now an authoritarian organization. Ja figures that eventually the Time Bureau will become the Time Gestapo,. Gideon reports that Tari has remained undetected, and determines that she has a major rap sheet. She's Muslim, and religion is illegal in 2042. Sara asks Mick where Zari would go.

Mick takes the team to his former bar in Seattle and discovers that it's changed. They spot Zari at the bar and Mick sits down next to her. Zari insists that she can protect herself, and Mick asks why she's there looking to hire muscle. The others come over and Zari sees Kuasa nearby. They quickly leave and Kuasa turns into water and flows after them. She comes up in front of them, and Sara attacks her. The others take Zari to Waverider, while Sara and Kuasa continue fighting and Mick watches. Mick creates a diversion, starting a fight, and he and Sara soon escape.

Back on Waverider, Zari admits the ship. She says that she has no idea why Kuasa is after her, and Gary says that it's technology she's not allowed to see. He blurts out that they're time travelers, and says that their job is to capture the assassin. Zari wonders why the world still sucks if they've saved it twice, and Sara explains that they need her help to capture Kuasa. Zari figures that they're going to use her as bait, and agrees to cooperate if they break her brother out of the ARGUS facility where he's imprisoned. Gary warns that the brother isn't the priority, but Sara agrees to Zari's terms.

Nate tells Amaya that there's a root in Zambesi known for its spiritual properties. Gideon has synthesized it, and he did a quality test on himself first. He tells Amaya to drink it so they peak at the same time, and she does. They sit down and turn down the lights, and Amaya tells Nate to stop talking, close his eyes, and breath. When he does so, Amaya looks at him and smiles, and then does the same.

The Legends dress as maintenance workers and break into an ARGUS black site. They go to the security console and Zari gets the information on which cell her brother is in. Ray and Jax take out the security guard and start to open the cell. The monitors show ARGUS conducting experiments on metas, and Jax unlocks all of the cells. The prisoners run for the exits, and Ray and Jax join the others. Jax explains what they saw, and they realize that Zari is gone.

Zari removes her uniform, finds an amulet stored at the site, and runs... right into the team. Mick realizes that there is no brother and it's a heist, not a prison break. She says that the amulet was her brothers and is hers now, and taps it. It glows, and on Waverider the Totem glows as well. Amaya tells Nate what's happening.

Zari wanders off as the prisoners rush by, separating her from the Legends.

The Totem fades out, and she has a vision of the jungle. She starts chanting.

Soldiers find the legends, and Sara lets Mick open fire on them. Ray calls Nate and tells him to bring Waverider to them. He tells Amaya to stay and slowly heads out despite the hallucinations. Nate gets to the bridge and takes Waverider to the battle site.

The Legends get outside and tell Zari to stop. She uses the amulet to turn into a sandstorm and flies off, and Atom goes after her. Jax tells Gideon to take command of the ship and the team runs as the prisoners storm out.

Back on Waverider, Gideon tells the team that Martin is checking on Amaya. Atom is following Zari, and Sara figures that she'll kill Zari when they find her. Gary objects, and Sara tells him that they've got it.

In the study, Sara tells Jax that they have to lock Zari back up. Jax points out that AGUS was experimenting on metas, and figures that Zari acted the same way that Sara would have in the same situation. Nate comes in, still hallucinating, and Gideon says that Nate is under a hallucinogenic compound. He explains that he's trying to help Amaya, and Gideon says that Martin is with Amaya in the med bay.

Sara goes to the med bay and finds Amaya unconscious. Meanwhile, Amaya hallucinates that she's in a forest. She walks around and hears a woman calling to her. The woman says that Amaya is in the world between worlds, and she is all that have come before. She can feel Amaya's fear, and Amaya explains that she's losing control over the totem. The woman tells her that she can't stop the forces of nature, and must learn to run besides them. She explains that the Totem's strength grows when the threats that she faces become more powerful. The woman tells Amaya to find the girl and to not fear the new totem-bearer,. She tells Amaya to trust in her new power.

Zari goes to the site in the forest where a camp was before it was torn up. Atom approaches her, and Zari says that it was supposed to be their sanctuary. She explains that her brother had powers so he fought ARGUS. The night they were leaving, ARGUS raided their house, killed her brother, and took the amulet. Zari needed the amulet to protect her parents. Kuasa arrives and Atom notifies Sara that she's there, and the team head there.

An unidentified ship approaches Waverider, and Gideon identifies it as the Time Bureau. Sara realizes that Gary told the Time Bureau where they are, and he quickly leaves. Ava calls over and says that they should stop interfering. Sara insists that they don't need backup, just as Atom calls for backup. Ava says that they'll save him if the Legends give them Atom's coordinates, and fires a warning shot to make her point. Sara says that she'll send the coordinates, but flies off instead. Ava orders her team to follow them.

Atom fires at Kuasa, who dissolves into water, comes up behind him, rips off his helmet, and starts pumping water into his lungs. Zari steps forward with the amulet, and Kuasa releases Atom and asks if Zari can use the Totem. She offers Zari revenge on ARGUS, and reminds her of what they've done to Zari and her family. Kuasa warns that Zari can't control the power.

The Time Bureau ship pursues Waverider and fires , and warns that they'll sustain critical damage in four minutes.

Zari blasts Kuasa with Totem and tells Ray that they have to go.

Amaya joins the team on the bridge and admits that Nate's plan was beneficial. Sara and Martin stay on the bridge while the others take the jumpship to head for Ray's position. Nate straps himself in, and Gideon reports that they've lost their rear deflectors. Martin suggests that they compromise, but Sara refuses to compromise and tells the others to hold on. She diverts power to the forward shields and flies at the Time Bureau ship. Sara tells ava that she's not going to let the Bureau put Zari behind bars. The Bureau ship jumps at the last minute, and Gideon confirms that they're not following Waverider.

Zari and Atom run, and Kuasa appears in front of them. The others arrive and Amaya remembers what her ancestor said. She steps forward and uses her power to block Kuasa's water blasts. She then summons an elephant's ashe and smashes Kuasa away, and Kuasa says that she could kill Amaya but then she'd kill herself. She takes out a mystical artifact, activates it, and disappears.

Ava contacts Sara and says that Sara could have destroyed them all. She promises that if she ever tracks them down again, she'll exile them to the dawn of time. Ava signs off and Gideon plots a course for 2042.

Nate talks to Amaya and she thanks him for getting a handle on the Totem. He wishes that she was staying on the ship but figures that she's leaving now that she can control the Totem. Amaya says that she can't go because her fate is intertwined with Zari's. When she learns that they're dropping Zari off in 2042, Amaya heads off.

Zari has Mick take her back to the warehouse, and thanks Mick for his help. Amaya joins them and says that it isn't safe there. When Zari notes that she doesn't other options, Amaya tells her that the amulet is a Totem like hers and they're somehow bound together. She invites Zari to come with them, and suggests that Zari's Totem guided them to her. When Zari says that she's not a superhero, Mick points out that he isn't either. Zari agrees and she and Amaya shake.

In Ivy Town in 1988, a young boy is riding along the beach. Bullies chase him, and they he hides in a sewer pipe as they ride past. Something growls at him in the darkness, and Ray extends his hand in greeting.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2017

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