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Next of Kin Recap

Green Arrow--Diggle--runs across the rooftops and confirms that the others have eyes on Faust. Faust orders his men to open fire and tucks into the parking structure. Diggle goes after him as Faust and his men reach their car and load a duffle into the trunk. They attack Diggle, who takes Faust' three men out. Faust runs to the stairway and finds Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific blocking his way. Diggle arrives and knocks Faust out.

Back at the bunker, Diggle tells Felicity that eventually someone will figure out that Arrow isn't firing any arrows. Once she leaves, Dinah comes in and tells Diggle that it's about the injury, not the arrows. He says that he was going to tell Oliver, until Oliver asked him to put on the suit. Diggle insists that he isn't compromised and says that the tremor is gone, and Dinah walks off.

The next morning, Oliver is making breakfast when William comes in. William wonders if Oliver is really there, and Oliver assures him that he is. The boy is studying math and worries that he's going to get a C at his new school. Oliver tries to reassure him but William quickly leaves.

Oliver arrives at city hall and tells Quentin that William is stressing over a test. Quentin tells him that he'll figure it out and they go to Oliver's office where Samanda is waiting. She figures that whoever captured Faust is an imposter, and tells Oliver that the new Arrow has to brush up on his arrow. Samanda figures that Oliver is sending a message to Arrow's team and it indicates that Oliver doesn't support the police. Once she leaves, Quentin tells Oliver that she's right, and Oliver asks him to find a solution.

That night, the technicians at Kord Industries discover that a woman is there. They signal for security, and the woman--Onyx Adams--sets flash grenades to blind them so that she can kill them. Once everyone is down, she uses a tech's hand to turn off the security system.

Later, the police secure the lab and Dinah talks to Officer Lopez. Lopez has confirmed that the killer used a vic's palm print to access the internal server. Felicity and Curtis are listening in, and they have Dinah insert their flash drive into a port. Curtis accesses it while Felicity goes to work on their startup.

Quentin calls Oliver and says that Councilwoman Pollard is drafting anti-vigilante legislation. He suggests that Oliver sponsor it and tailor the bill to however he wants it. Oliver warns that Pollard isn't a pushover, and isn't going to make Diggle Arrow and then support legislation branding him a criminal. He then meets with Felicity at her apartment with a snack. Felicity lets Oliver in and she tells him about their startup. She asks how William is doing, and Oliver tells her that Thea has a knack for that kind of thing. He asks Felicity to help William with his math test , and she advises him to ask what William needs and then William will show Oliver what he needs.

Curtis calls and says that Kord invented military grade nerve gas and she downloaded the transport schedule for the gas. It's moving in one hour, and Felicity to alert the team.

Later that night, Diggle and the team get ahead of the transport truck and tell them that it's not safe on the road. Once the team boars the truck, it continues on until the engine gives out. Overwatch scans the area but finds nothing, and Diggle goes out to check the area. There's an ignition blocker on the truck, and Onyx fires on Diggle and then takes out the driver and his partner. Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and Black Canary are in the back waiting, and Mr. Terrific warns that guns and bioweapons don’t mix. Onyx uses her flash weapons, and her men move in to attack the heroes. They soon subdue them and Onyx drives off with the truck while her men head another way with the gas. Wild Dog asks Diggle who they go after, and Diggle can't respond.

Wild Dog goes after the truck but it blows up. The others catch up and Mr. Terrific assures Wild Dog that it wasn't his fault.

Back at the bunker, Rene tells Felicity that Diggle froze. He demands to know why Diggle froze, and Diggle says that it's never happened before. Dinah tells the team that they close ranks, and Diggle assures them that it won't happen again. Felicity has identifies Onyx as the leader of a CIA black ops squad. They disappeared in 2015 with $100 million in Syrian government gold. Curtis wonders why they'd steal nerve gas when they have $100 million, and Diggle tells them to check the intel while he meets with Lyla to see what she can find out.

The next day, at city hall, Oliver watches the newscast about the transport raid. Once he and Quentin are alone, Quentin gets a call from Pollard. She's using the incident to introduce her anti-vigilante legislation to the council, and Oliver asks her to make sure she doesn't have the votes to pass it.

In the bunker, Diggle thanks Dinah for her support earlier. She says that she said it because the team needs a leader, and she's worried about his head rather than his hand. Diggle explains that there was always someone backing his plays when he gave orders. He admits that he's not used to making the hard calls alone, and Dinah tells him that their lives depend on it. Felicity discovers that three of Onyx's original members defected back to the CI. Two of them died of nerve gas and they figure that Onyx is disposing of any witnesses, and the last defector is Rob Reynolds.

William is studying in his room when Oliver comes in and asks if there's anything he can do to help. He knows nothing about math, and William says that he shouldn't be talking to anyone who can't help him. Rene arrives and tells Oliver that Diggle isn't working out. The nerve gas could kill thousands, and Rene figures that Diggle is in over his head. The team needs Oliver to come back.

Back at the bunker, Felicity is trying to track Reynolds when Oliver comes in. She glances over at Diggle and figures that's where Oliver is there. Oliver asks Felicity to serve as William's tutor, and Felicity is glad to help. Once she leaves, Oliver finds Diggle brooding. He tells Diggle that brooding comes with the hood, and assures his friend that he didn't make a mistake choosing Diggle as Arrow. Oliver wonders if he asked too much of him since he has a family. Diggle tells him that he doesn't know how Oliver made the calls, and Oliver tells him that he never was that sure. He assures Diggle that he'll work past it, but he'll make mistakes and lose some people. Oliver reminds Diggle that he was the first person to discover that the Hood needed to be more than just a killer, and now Diggle has to have the same kind of faith in himself. If Diggle does then he'll be a better hero than Oliver ever was.

Onyx tells her squad that they're going after their brothers in arms, and needs their resolve. They assure her that they do, and Onyx asks if they consider Arrow a threat now that they've seen him. They don't, and they head out.

Felicity tutors William and tells him that the fact he's frustrated mean that he can see how useful math is. She says that school changed her life, and that William will love school once again. Oliver comes in and asks how it's going, and Felicity tells him that they're making progress. William asks her to tutors him some more, and Oliver and Felicity agree. Oliver gives them Monte Cristos, and Curtis calls to tell Felicity that they have a location on Reynolds. She tells William that she's awesome and heads out. William says that she's cool, and Oliver agrees.

At the banks, Curtis tells the team that he's found a hotel that Reynolds is heading to. Diggle says that the squad won't disperse the game, and says that they're moving out. Dinah asks Rene if he can handle it. He says that he asked Oliver to come back, and says that if Diggle doesn't straighten himself out then it's going to be another rough night.

Reynolds arrives at the hotel and Onyx spots him. She leaves a canister of the nerve gas in a garbage can.

The team head for the hotel, and Overwatch reports that there are 165 potential casualties inside. Mr. Terrific has prepared glasses against the squad's flashbangs.

Reynolds gets a bag of money he stashed and discovers that the exterior doors are locked. The team moves in and Diggle sends Black Canary and Mr. Terrific to find the gas while he and Wild Dog run evac. Flash grenades go off and the team put on their protective glasses. They take on the squad and Onyx attacks Arrow. She activates a remote setting off the nerve gas canister, and sees Reynolds running. Wild Dog asks Diggle what they should do, and Diggle tells them to handle the gas while he gets Reynolds.

Black Canary drives the gas back with her sonic scream. Meanwhile, Wild takes out another squad member and Diggle goes after Reynolds. Meanwhile, Mr. Terrific says that they're going to make the breaches bigger to evacuate the guests.

Reynolds runs out to his car, and Onyx finds him. She prepares to shoot him, but Diggle attacks her and the two of them fight first outside the car and then inside it. Diggle finally knocks her out and tells Reynolds that he's green Arrow.

Mr. Terrific uses one of the flashbangs to ignite the gas, blasting open the doors. Black Canary reports that the gas is dispersed, and Diggle congratulates Wild Dog. Wild Dog says that he was just following his lead.

Back at the bunker, the team celebrates their win with champagne. Diggle assures them that things won't be changing much, and Rene admits that he went to Oliver. The leader says that he knows all of them because it's the leader's job, and Curtis and Felicity give Diggle a crossbow that shoots arrows instead of crossbow bolts. Diggle tries it out and nails the targets. Afterward, Dinah approaches Diggle and congratulates him... and says that he can make the hard calls on his own.

The next day, Quentin meets with Oliver and says that the legislation is going to pass. He warns that the council has enough votes for an override. At the council meeting, Oliver arrives and says that he never intended to support vigilantes by undermining the SCPD. He says that he opposes the bill because it will take the SCPD away from fighting crimes to hunt down vigilantes, and invokes Chapter 9 of the city charter to make it a citywide referendum. Oliver notes that a group of vigilantes saved hundreds of lives, and they're not going to stop them until the people of Star City have spoken. Quentin tells Rene that it was a stay of execution.

Samanda is watching news about the referendum, and wonders who Oliver is protecting. She puts a photo of Diggle up on the board with Oliver and his known associates.

Oliver goes to Felicity's apartment and tells her that William got an A on his test. He gives her a gift: the key to his apartment. Oliver explains that when he saw Felicity with William, he realized that William's life will be better with her in it, just like his life is. They kiss and head for the bedroom.

Diggle meets a man and buys a drug, and then injects it into his arm to stop his tremors.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2017

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