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Patience Recap

In Omaha, Nebraska, a woman named Dede looks at a photo of her and Missouri Moseley. A man comes into her psychic shop and Dede figures that something is on his mind. She explains that she reads auras, and tells the man to close his yes. When Dede looks at his aura, she sees horrifying. He stabs her in the hand, pinning it to the table, and says that now he knows that she's the real deal. The man exudes a spike from his wrist and inserts it into her brain.

At the bunker, Sam visits Jack in his room. He gives him a laptop and a flash drive, and explains that Kelly left Jack a message before he was born. Sam hopes that it will answer some of Jack's questions. Jack thanks him and starts Kelly's video message. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from Missouri. She admits that it's been a long time, and says that she could use some help as she looks at the police taking Dede's body out of the shop.

In the video, Kelly tells Jack that he is who he chooses to be and she knows that he's going to be amazing. She says that he has an angel watching over him.

Sam is talking to Jody when Dean comes in. His brother says that Missouri called and she got out of the life for a while, but something happened and he put Jody on it. Sam says that they need to stay there and deal with Jack, but Dean figures that they need to focus on cases rather than babysitting Jack. When Sam that they need Jack to rescue Sam, Dean tells him that he's going to go to work and leaves.

Missouri meets with Jody and says that Dede was her protégé. Dean pulls up and when Missouri hugs him, she offers her condolences for his losses. They go into the shop and Jody explains that Dede's brains were removed. Missouri and Dean figure that it was a wraith, and Missouri tries to get a psychic reading from the doorknob. She catches a glimpse of the wraith and tells Dean and Jody that he pretended to be a customer needing help. Missouri warns that the wraith has picked up a taste for psychics, and catches a psychic glimpse of dean and a black man named Dean.

Sam tells Jack that he has to learn how to control his powers. He has him concentrate on moving a pencil with his mind, and Jack concentrates.

Missouri calls her son James Turner and tells him that she had a vision. She begs him to believe her that something bad is coming for him and Patience, but he hangs up on her. Missouri then asks Dean to go to Buckhead, Georgia where James lives with her granddaughter Patience. She explains that she saw that the wraith is going for them, and explains that James won't have anything to do with her. Missouri refuses to explain further, and orders Dean to save her family. He agrees and Missouri thanks him.

Jack can't move the pencil and says that he's useless. Sam asks what it was like when he used his powers, and Jack says that it just happens. When Asmodeus had him open the gate, Asmodeus was in his head making him. Sam suggests that Jack imagine that, but jack refuses and complains that Sam is staring at him waiting. When Sam suggests that they take a break, Jack is surprised and looks at the pencil.

That night, Missouri is going through Dede's belongings when the wraith comes in. She says that she knows that he's there to kill him, and that she's seen that she dies whether she runs or stays. But this way her people will kill him. The wraith holds up his hand with the spike, and says that it would be more fun if she screamed. With that, he kills her.

Patience is walking down the hallway and bumps into her friend Ronson coming out of the gym. Ronson says that they could use Patience on the team, but Patience tells her that she's too busy. Ronson throws the ball at Patience, who instinctively catches it and says that it's a waste. Patience tosses the ball back and Ronson goes to the showers. The lights flicker, and Patience walks down the hallway and sees Missouri's corpse talking to her. Someone grabs her from behind... and Patience wakes up from her nightmare.

As Patience goes downstairs, she finds James working from home. She tells him about her nightmare and that Missouri was in it, and James tells her that it was just a dream.

Dean is getting gas when he sees a news report about Missouri's death. He goes out and tells Jody what happened, and figures that they should continue on and save Missouri's family. When they arrive in Buckhead, Dean and Jody go to the Turner house and tell him that Missouri died the night before. Shocked, James says that he hung up on her. Jody explains that the thing that killed her is coming for him and patience.

At the school, Ronson is talking to Patience about a boy. She goes to take a shower, just like she did in the nightmare. The wraith arrives and slams her against the wall, and she knees him in the groin and breaks the spine off of his arm. When Patience runs, the wraith grabs her and says that the pine will grow back. Dean arrives and shoots the wraith, and it runs off. He goes through a door and bars it, and then runs off. Dean circles around and gets outside, and the wraith almost runs him down as it drives off.

Back inside, Jody and Dean tell Patience that the wraith stalks psychics. She insists that she's not a psychic, and Missouri was a fraud. Patience says that Missouri ditched her and James after James' mother died, and realizes that they're describing Missouri in the past tense.

Sam is reading and watching Jack on the monitor. When he realizes that Jack is gone, he runs back to the main room and finds Jack sitting nearby. Jack says that he moved the pencil and isn't fun, and it's hard for him because it's evil. Sam insists that he doesn't think Jack is evil, and Jack says that Dean said that he was evil and would kill him, and Kelly is dead because of him. He points out that he's already done bad things, and he can't do the one good, stupid thing Sam wants him to do. Sam tells him that none of what has happened is Jack's fault, and figures that Jack is scared to use his power and his pressuring Jack isn't helping. He suggests that they call it off until he figures out a better way, and Jack figures that it sounds good. As Jack gets up, he asks why Sam is being so nice to him. Sam says that he knows what it's like to be scared of the darkness inside. His family helped him through that, and now he's going to help Jack, and insists that Jack isn't evil..

Back at the Turner house, Patience demands to know if Missouri left them. James says that it was and he felt that Missouri was a fake. When his wife got sick, Missouri promised him that she would be all right. James' wife died and James couldn't forgive Missouri so he cut her off. Missouri spent her life hunting and James didn't want her to tell Patience that she had the gift. Patience tells her father that she saw what happened in her dream, and James wants to run. His daughter refuses and goes to her room. She takes a necklace out of a box and concentrates on it.

In the past, a young Patience stands at her mother's grave after the funeral. She listens as James tells Missouri that he doesn't want her poisoning Patience, and Missouri needs to say goodbye. Missouri gives Patience the necklace and promises that no matter where she goes, she will always look after her.

Patience unzips her suitcase and opens the window, and finds the wraith waiting for her. Dean and the others hear Patience scream, and by the time the get to Patience's bedroom, she's gone. Dean checks the traffic cam but is unable to get a clear view of the wraith's van. James opens a suitcase with old photos of Missouri and her lithomantic gems, and takes them and a map to Jody and Dean. He explains that when he was a boy, Missouri showed her how to use them so that they could always find each other.

Patience wakes up tied to a chair. The wraith explains that the first psychic he had was an accident. Once he got the taste, he realized that everything becomes clearer for him. The wraith says that Missouri was the best he ever had, and figures that since Patience is Missouri's blood, he can keep her alive and stretch out his feeding forever. Patience insists that she's not psychic and he's wasting her time, and the wraith says that Missouri thought she was and he's going to make sure.

Dean, James, and Jody run in and the wraith runs off. The psychic comes up behind James and kills him, and Jody arrives. The wraith stabs her in the stomach, and Dean arrives and the wraith kills him as well... and Patience's psychic vision ends.

Dean and the others run in, and Patience tells James to move. He ducks out of the way and the wraith only catches him in the shoulder. When Jody comes back, Patience shouts a warning and she manages to hold the wraith off. He manages to knock her way, and Patience yells a warning to Dean as he arrives. He manages to stop the wraith and the two fight. Dean manages to finally drive his knife into the wraith's chest, killing it. Jody gets up and tells Dean that she's okay, and Patience tells them that she's psychic.

The next day, Jody assures Dean that he's still got it. Patience joins them and Dean congratulates her. She thanks them for everything and figures that she's heading back to school. Patience talked to James, who thinks that she should put her gift away and they should get back to normal. Dean tells her that James is right, and says that there's no joy in hunting and if she gets a chance at normal, she should take it. Jody goes after Patience and tells her that she doesn't have to listen to James or Dean. She explains about that when she tried to protect Claire, it didn't work. Jody says that if Patience tries to force her gift down to make someone else happy, it will make her miserable. She gives Patience her card if she ever needs someone to talk to, and leaves with Dean.

When Dean returns to the bunker, Sam asks Dean how it was. Dean says that it was just a normal day at the office, and Sam tells him that Jack is pretty messed up because of Dean. When Dean says that he told Jack the truth and he knows that it ends bad, Sam points out that it didn't end bad for him. He reminds Dean that he saved him rather than put a bullet in him, and asks Dean to help him. Dean says that Jack doesn't deserve to be shared, and tells Sam that he only cares about what Jack can do. He tells Sam that Jack manipulated Castiel into protecting him, and he can't forget that. Jack, listening remembers Castiel and his eyes glow.

Somewhere in a black void, Castiel hears Jack's voice and wakes up.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2017

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