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The Gentleman's Name Is Gorgon Recap

In Attilan, the Royal Family appears in front of Maximus. They move in on Maximus, who insists that he wanted it to be a peaceful transition. The Royals circle him and say that Black Bolt knows that Maximus killed their parents. Black Bolt prepares to blast Maximus... and Maximus wakes up from his nightmare.

Audrey comes back to check on Lockjaw, and Dave explains that Lockjaw has been teleporting them around. Crystal insists that he'll be fine, but Audrey tells them that Lockjaw needs rest. She says that they should both go home, and prepares to take a picture of Crystal for the authorities. Crystal destroys it and Audrey storms off. The Inhuman worries that they wore out Lockjaw, and Dave suggests that create a forest fire or water spout to send a signal to her family. Crystal prepares to summon a lightning bolt, and Dave drives her to a mountain.

Black Bolt and the others head through the jungle, and Louise explains that she found them because they left distinctive energy bursts when they teleported to Hawaii. They turn to Karnak for a plan, and he warns that he's not as reliable as he has been in the past. Gorgon wants to attack directly, but Medusa would rather give Karnak a little more time. Black Bolt signs that they need to take down Maximus. Medusa says that they should take Maximus alive, just as Louise arrives and says that there was another energy burst on the northern part of the island.

Locus' comlink goes off and Medusa answers it. It's Auran, who tells them that she has Evan and Sammy. She says that if Black Bolt and Medusa don't come back, she'll kill them. Black Bolt agrees, and Medusa tells Auran that Locus is dead. Auran says that they're still at the lab and signs off.

As the Inhumans head for the lab, Medusa tells Karnak that Crystal is their priority. Gorgon wants to deal with Auran immediately, and Karnak agrees. Black Bolt sends Karnak and Gorgon to go after Auran while he and Medusa find Crystal. Karnak warns that he may not be ready for a big fight, and Medusa assures him that he is Attilan's greatest fighter at even half strength. Louise gives them directions after Karnak agrees, and says that they'll come back for them after they find Crystal and Lockjaw.

In Attilan, Loyolis tells his son Bronaja that he'll come back a free man. He joins the others that Maximus has assembled, and Maximus says that they need their help to capture the Royal Family before they return and send the lower caste back to the mines. He praises Loyolis for his loyalty and has Eldrac teleport them to Hawaii. Tibor questions Maximus, who says that the people love him and will do anything for him. Bronaja listens as Maximus says that if Black Bolt kills them then the citizens will hate them all the more.

Loyolis and the others arrive at the lab and Auran greets them. She orders them to follow her.

Tibor tells the Rebel Leader that they need to catch Maximus alone and kill him.

Louise, Black Bolt, and Medusa come to a barricade across the road. Black Bolt asks why Medusa mentioned his parents earlier, and she says that Black Bolt promised her that he would be more understanding than his parents when they exiled her parents. Medusa insists that they give Maximus a fair trial and let the people decide. She says that she's trying to protect Black Bolt from himself, just as Louise finds an alternate route to Crystal's location.

Tibor approaches Maximus and asks for a word alone. Maximus orders his guards out and Tibor tells him that a rebel group are preparing an attack on his life. The new king doesn't believe him, insisting the people are happy, and Tibor says that a concerned citizen brought the rumors to his attention. He warns against the Royal Guard, noting that there is a conspiracy against Maximus, and suggests that they handle it alone. They find the rebels, force them to say who is involved, and make an example of them. Maximus agrees, tells Tibor to find out what he can, and meet him in the control room.

Gorgon trains Maximus in fighting as Karnak looks on. Maximus doesn't see the point of learning to fight, and Gorgon easily avoids Maximus' next attack. Gorgon knocks Maximus down and says that he has to anticipate need the training. Karnak points out that they are all skilled fighters, and Gorgon calls an end to the training. Maximus grabs a staff and hits Gorgon from behind. Karnak stops Gorgon from retaliating, and points out that a sneak attack is more cunning and smarter.

At the lab, Auran tells the miners that they'll draw in the Royals and then surround them. Mordis and Flora snap at the rivals, and Evan warns Auran that she may not be able to regenerate herself forever.

Dave takes Crystal to the highest point on Oahu and she talks about Earth is nothing like Attilan. he suggests that after they find the Royals, they might take a trip together. Crystal summons lightning,

Louise stops to check the map, and asks why the Inhumans hide on the far side of the moon. Medusa explains that they used to live on Earth, but when humans found them they left for the safety of Inhumans and humans alike. Lightning strikes out of the sky, and Louise points out that most humans aren't bad. The lightning strikes again in the same spot, and Black Bolt realizes that it's Crystal.

Maximus meets with Bronaja and asks him to try and "see" who started the rebellion. Bronaja "sees" Maximus and Tibor together, talking. The teenager says that Maximus didn't seem angry in the vision, and after a moment Maximus apologizes for pushing Bronaja so hard. He assures Bronaja that Loyolis will open the gates of paradise for the rest of them, and asks if there was anything in the vision that led him to suspect Tibor. Bronaja says that Maximus can trust him, and Maximus says that he wants Bronaja with him when he meets with Tibor.

Karnak and Gorgon approach the lab and Gorgon figures that they can handle the four Inhumans that they know about. Karnak can't see the flaw in the lab's security, but Gorgon does. He points out that their opponents don't know that Karnak has lost his powers. Gorgon runs to the power shed and shorts out the lights.

Auran realizes that the Royals are there, and tells Mordis to keep an eye on Evan. Karnak steps out and Auran sees him, but refuses to shoot him. She figures that Karnak wants to shoot him and it's a trick, and has Flora notify Mordis.

Karnak approaches the lab and greets Auran. She ducks back and he walks out of sight.

Loyolis goes to find Karnak.

When Flora warns Mordis, Mordis tells her to go after him.

A tied-up Sammy calls to Karnak. He takes out Flora, and Mordis finds her a few seconds later. Karnak calls to him from the shadows, and Mordis invites him to tell him all the ways that he can defeat him. The Royal describes how Mordis came out of Terragenesis with the face of death, and the Genetic Council wanted to put him down. Karnak pleaded for Mordis' life, and Mordis says that he was locked away while Black Bolt was allowed free. Gorgon draws Mordis' attention, and Karnak knocks Mordis out with a sleeper hold.

Gorgon unties Sammy and Karnak tells him to leave so that they don't have to worry about him. They tell him that they all have powers and assure Sammy that he's not a freak. Sammy tells them to thank Black Bolt for him, and Gorgon asks Karnak if the story he told him was true. Karnak says that he wanted to put Mordis down after Terragenesis, and Gorgon tells him that he'll handle Auran.

Karnak finds Loyolis and gets close enough to render him unconscious.

Gorgon confronts Auran and attacks her before she can shoot. He disarms her and they fight, and he pins her to the floor. He prepares to stomp her and she surrenders.

Karnak finds Evan and says that Maximus is the traitor brother of Black Bolt. Evan explains that Maximus paid for his research, grabs his briefcase with the research, and heads out with Karnak.

Crystal and Dave wait, and Dave asks if she'll be happy to get home. She admits that it's great to be on Earth, and wonders if her family saw her signal. Dave tells her that she's like a God of Thunder and kisses her. As she kisses him back, Black Bolt, Medusa, and Louise arrive. Dave introduces himself and Crystal says that he's a good person. She tells them that Lockjaw is resting at Dave's barn, and Black Bolt says that they need Lockjaw to get Gorgon and Karnak and then they can get home.

As Gorgon starts to tie up Mordis, Auran warns that when they get back to Attilan they'll see that the people love Maximus. Mordis for his face mask and Gorgon grabs him, and yells at everyone to get out. he stumps down, bring the building down on himself and Mordis before Mordis can unleash his face blast.

The others arrive at the barn and go to Lockjaw. When Louise says that she can't wait to go to the moon, Medusa tells Black Bolt that she'll talk to her. The police arrive and Dave tells them to stay inside. He goes out and finds Audrey with the officers. Audrey says that it might be some kind of danger, and one of the officers says that they need to see inside of the barn.

Medusa tells Crystal that they have to go, and asks Louise to handle the police. Louise agrees, and Lockjaw teleports Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal way.

Audrey opens the door to reveal Louise and no one else. Louise claims that Audrey her in there because of jealousy. Dave plays along, and tells Audrey to back away. The police officers believe Louise and leave, and Louise and Dave look at the empty barn.

Lockjaw teleports the Royals to the lab and Black Bolt goes inside. He finds Mordis' cracked helmet, and Karnak kneeling by Gorgon's body. They take the body outside and mourn.

On the Moon, the rebels enter the control room. Maximus is waiting with Bronaja, Tibor, and his Royal Guard. The new king says that they have their friends and will kill them if they don't surrender. Tibor tells Maximus that he will fail, and Maximus cuts his throat. Furious, Maximus says that he's not stupid and nothing will stop him. The guards take the rebels away, and Bronaja asks Maximus what will happen to them. Maximus asks if Tibor had a knife in his hand when Bronaja saw him talking to Maximus, and says that he lied because he was scared. The new king says that fear is a great motivator, and he's trying to lead the Inhumans to something great. He smears some of Tibor's blood on Bronaja's face and tells him to trust in him. Maximus tells Bronaja to say "Long live King Maximus", and Bronaja does so.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2017

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