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Two Broken Fingers Recap

In the cavern, a figure continues sketching.

After the Dengdamors burn their farm lands, Jeppum Trost vows revenge. His daughter Litzbitz points out that they don't know it's the Dengdamors or that Panto is dead, but Jeppum isn't convinced. His daughter reminds him that Panto went to fulfill the prophecy, and the Dengdamors think that they're responsible for the missing boy. If they find the missing boy then they'll prove that they're innocent. Knights arrive with a gift from the Mage, and Litzbitz warns that it will tear the world apart. Jeppum takes out a semi-automatic rifle, fires it into the air, and swears death to the Dengamors as he fires the rifle into the air.

Todd, Farah, and Dirk are sleeping in a cell when Tina comes in and wakes them up. Dirk asks if she has any clothes he could wear, and she offers them old uniforms and leftover rock star hippie clothes from the yearly rock festival. As she goes, Tina tosses them the keys to the cell doors.

The trio gets dressed and Farah puts on a police uniform. Todd tells her that it suits her, and she says that she wanted to work in law enforcement like her family ever does. He tries to play along until he ruins it.

Sherlock and the others start chiseling, the petrified man out of the tree, and he invites Farah to do it because of her training. She gives in and starts chiseling, and Dirk lets them handle it and takes off. There's a puncture wound in the dead man's skull, and Farah figures that he was already dead when he got into the tree.

Vogel steals a car and he and Amanda drive to Bergsberg. She suggests that they try and keep a low profile, and suggests that he pose as his girlfriend. Vogel isn't thrilled with the idea. They pass a scarecrow and Amanda recognizes it from her visions.

Priest drives to Bergsberg leading a military convoy.

Sherlock and Tina figure that the dead man is Hector, and Dirk suggests that it was an accident. His theory about how Hector's death is tied to the car in the tree isn't' very convincing, and Todd wonders what's going on with him. Dirk insists that it's nothing, and they hear the desk bell ring. It's Bart, who says hello to Dirk.

At Blackwing, Friedkin goes through the files and complains to his assistant that the information from pre-2005 is missing. His assistant gives him the old floppy disks and warns that they're encrypted, and they'd have to fill out forms to bring in a cyber guy. Friedkin goes to Ken and explains that he doesn't want to let the people know he needs the disks decrypted because then they'd realize he doesn't know what he's doing. Ken says that he might be able to do it with the right equipment, and Friedkin says that it's information on all of the subjects that they used to keep at Blackwing. As long as he can get out of the taxi, Ken is glad to agree.

Sherlock and Tina put Bart in a cell and she tells them that it's pointless because nothing can keep her captive. She asks if they know Ken, and Farah asks what happened to her. Bart will only talk to real policemen, pointing out that Farah stabbed her in the leg. Todd asks whose blood is on Bart, and she says that she was killing people who were attacking Suzan, and didn't kill Suzan. Suzan blasted her with the wand for no reason. Dirk points out that she tried to kill him, and Bart observes that she didn't kill him twice. Sherlock wants to pursue the "killing people" thing, and Bart says that she's trying to be better. When she describes Suzan, Sherlock recognizes Suzan and explains that her husband Bob owns the motel where Todd and Farah were staying. The Cardenas couple owned it in the 60s, and Sherlock figures that it's all connected.

Suzan goes to the home of Jeanette and her friends that are there for book club, and says that she's excited to be there.

Sherlock, Todd, and Dirk drive to the Boreton house and they knock at the door. There's no answer and Sherlock wonders why the dog isn't barking. Dirk has wandered out back and finds Bob standing and staring. Bob turns and stares at him, and then starts walking toward him. He grabs Dirk, throws him into the doghouse, and prepares to shoot him with a shotgun. Todd leaps on Bob's back and Bob finally throws him off, and Sherlock draws his gun and tells Bob to put the gun down. Todd knocks Bob over the head with a plank from the doghouse and then punches him with his brass knuckles, knocking him out.

Priest calls Friedkin and suggests that he kill Amanda. Friedkin points out that she's a civilian and they can use her to control the Rowdy 3. Priest isn't convinced and says that they'll see how it goes.

Farah notices that Maria's corpse has two broken fingers, and Tina asks if she's involved with Todd, or Dirk, or Todd and Dirk are together. The deputy figures that Farah is sad, explaining that she's an empath, and Farah says that she isn't sad. Scott calls and tries to anonymously call in that he hit someone with a car. Tina recognizes his voice, and Scott quickly hangs up. The deputy invites Farah to come along with her.

The trio takes Bob inside and put him to bed, and Sherlock figures that Bob was high on wine and pills. As he and Todd argue about whether to arrest Bob, Dirk says that it's connected, and points out that things have gone weird in Bergsberg in the last three days. He storms off and Tina calls Sherlock on the radio to say that they're going on a call and left Bart alone. Sherlock heads back to the station with Todd.

Tina offers Farah a gummy and has her hold her gun while she's driving. Farah points out that the holster isn't suited to Tina's body type when she's driving, and explains that her father taught her about police things when she was a child. They arrive at the mile marker where Scott called and find the tire skid marks. There's blood nearby, and Farah realizes that they're the same shoeprints that led out of the Cardenas farmhouse. They follow the prints into the nearby field.

At the book club, the women talk about TV. Suzan sighs dramatically and then tells them to look at her. Jeanette says that they don't know what to say, and another woman Carol points out that Suzan isn't invited to book club. They figure that she's having a breakdown, and Suzan complains that they just made fun of her behind her back. She talks about how her family needs two incomes and tells them to put her down to make themselves feel better. One of them, Karen, points out that Suzan screwed her boyfriend, and Suzan tells her that was high school. They remind her that she was prom queen and she abandoned them, and she was driving car pool on Xanax when she had her accident. She's been avoiding all of them for four years, and Suzan yanks out the wand and blasts them.

Farah and Tina follow the footprints to a farm, and Panto steps out, brandishes his scissor sword, and demands to know who they are. Tina draws her gun and tells him to put down the scissors, and Panto does so. However, he then attacks the two women anyway. Panto easily takes down Tina, but Farah knocks him out and Tina briefly cheers.

At the station, Bart pounds on the bell until Sherlock comes in. Meanwhile, Todd points out that Todd is acting weirder than usual and asks what's up. Dirk asks why Todd has Parabulitis and walks off.

Suzan returns home and Scott wonders where she's been. He complains that there's nothing to eat, and says that Bob is sleeping in his room and can't find the dog. Scott asks for his phone back, and Suzan remembers that Dan took it from her and it's with his corpse.

Amanda and Vogel drive into Bergsberg and go to the motor inn from Amanda's vision. She remembers Room 18 and they go inside. Amanda finds a duffel with Todd's empty pill bottle inside of it along with a Mexican Funeral t-shirt. The Rowdy 3 van pulls up outside and runs outside to greet his friends. Priest gets out with his men, and Amanda drags Vogel back inside.

That night at the station, Todd tells Dirk that he can talk to him. Dirk point out that Panto has pink hair, and finally says that he was in Blackwing, he had a fantasy that he'd escape, join up with Todd and Farah, and they'd start a detective agency. He thought it would be better, but it isn't and figures that it always will be. Todd tells Dirk that he has to take control of his life, Tina comes in and tells them that Panto is awake.

Suzan drives back to the quarry and opens the trunk. She gets Scott's phone from the corpse's jacket pocket and hides as the Mage comes out of the office trailer. He uses a wand to cast a spell, and then calls out saying that he knows Suzan is there and has his wand. The Mage tells her to give it back, and uses his wand to draw it back to him. Suzan clings to it, saying that it's hers, gets in her car, and drives off.

Panto tells Sherlock and the others who he is, and says that the Witch sent him to their world to fulfill the prophecy. To reunite the families of Wendimoor, the Great Weapon must be retrieved and the boy must be found. Dirk asks for more details, including who is the boy, and Panto admits that he doesn't know. He says that the man who can save his family and his world is Dirk Gently. Everyone stares at Dirk, as Bart asks if Panto knows Ken.

Priest and his men surround Room 18 and Priest calls on the loudspeaker, asking what their plan is. He says that he has the rest of the Rowdy 3 and he can reunite them, while Friedkin watches on the monitors. Amanda tells Vogel that it isn't how it ends, and she's supposed to do something. She tells Vogel that Priest is lying, but Vogel wants to get back with his "family". Amanda begs him not to go out, and they stay in. Priest tosses a gas grenade inside ad Vogel runs out, screaming. He fights the soldiers but Priest sprays him down and breaks his fingers. Amanda throws a rock at him, and Vogel feeds briefly on Priest before Amanda leads him off.

Priest tells Friedkin that he's switching to lethal, ignoring Friedkin's orders not to take the shot, and opens fire on the motel room. Amanda and Vogel take cover in the bath tub, and Priest heads in. Amanda figures that she has to do something, just as all the water pipes break. She remembers more of her vision.

Friedkin looks on as Priest and his men enter the motel room. They hear Vogel screaming in the bathroom, and the bathroom lights go out. Priest shoots through the door and then opens it. The lights come back on... and Amanda and Vogel are gone. Priest tells Friedkin that they vanished, and Friedkin smiles in relief.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2017

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