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Lovely Recap

As Robin becomes integrated into Wisteria Lane, she gradually begins to affect the lives of several of her new neighbors.

Lynette Scavo, who is in the middle of celebrating her wedding anniversary with Tom, grows angry when she learns her son Parker is spying on Robin while she showers next door. Lynette rudely confronts Robin, who tells Lynette that Parker offered her money to have sex with him. Later, Parker tells his parents he is the only one of his friends who have not had sex. Tom assures him it will happen when the time is right, and Lynette apologizes to Robin.

Later, Robin learns Bree has had trouble connecting with Orson due to her recent affair. Robin suggests Bree restart their sex life, prompting Bree to later try giving Orson a lap-dance. The dance proves awkward, especially when Bree falls over and Orson runs over her foot with the wheelchair. Bree explains she wants to become intimate with her husband again, and the two share a romantic moment.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Carlos plot to break up Ana and Danny. Gabrielle arranges for an old photographer friend in New York City to help Ana with her modeling career, but she turns down the offer because of her relationship with Danny. After Robin tells Gabrielle that she gave up a career in ballet for a boy in her youth, only for the boy to break up with her two months later, and that she then got in a car crash ruining her chances of a future in ballet, Gabrielle convinces Robin to tell the story to Ana. Ana breaks up with Danny and leaves for New York, but after Robin realizes she has been used, she speaks to Danny, who secretly leaves town in a taxi to chase after Ana.

Susan grows jealous when Robin starts giving Mike massages to ease his sore back. Susan tries to give Mike a massage, but being the klutz that Susan is, ends up putting him in the hospital. Susan confesses her jealousy to Robin, who decides to preserve their friendship by moving out.

Robin becomes a roommate to Katherine, who is still feeling depressed after her recent stint in a mental hospital. Robin encourages Katherine to go out to a bar, and the two have a great time. When two men hit on Robin and show no interest in Katherine, Robin shows them up by kissing Katherine on the lips. Katherine initially laughs at the funny moment, but later learns Robin really is a lesbian. Katherine insists she is not interested in women when Robin suggests she explores the possibility, but later it appears that Katherine may be intrigued by the idea.

Written by IngridPatriota on Oct 30, 2017

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